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Ilfirin Meleth II- The Test of Ties

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Summary: Sequel to Ilfirin Meleth (duh!). A century later, Dawn is thrown right back into hell. Songfic/Angst.

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Lord of the Rings > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: LegolasAnoronFR181732,8431012126,57825 Jul 0312 Jan 04Yes


A/N I know I didn’t have a prologue, but just humour me! It’s tiny anyway. Don’t own Buffy or Spike either. And still not Dawn.


Spike lay on his cot in the Summers’ basement, nursing the cuts and bruises Buffy had given him. One eye was black and partially closed, but at the creak on the stairs above him, he forced it open wide enough to study his visitor. When he recognised the figure moving over to stand before him, he heaved himself to his feet with some effort.

“Come back for another go, luv? Or perhaps you’ve come back for another go at something else?” he sneered.

Buffy’s face remained stony, her eyes cold and her voice clipped. “You know where my sister went,” she stated more than asked.

“Yeah,” Spike drawled lazily.

“Good. You’re gonna take me to her.”

//And don’t you cry

Don’t you ever cry

Don’t you cry-



A/N. Well, there you have it. The pain is finally over. For this story, anyway. There may be another, creating an Ilfirin Meleth trilogy, but don’t hold your breath because I make no promises and I don’t want anybody passing out and hitting their heads on my account. I hope you liked this, or at least appreciated it in some way, but I know it was a controversial topic and I really don’t mind if you hated every word I wrote, so long as you give me good reason why. That being said, thank you to everyone who reviewed, no matter what you said. Your support and your input were what kept me inspired to finally churn this ending out. Biggest thanks go to my regular and always faithful reviewers, particularly Sonofgloin, as usual, and all you guys from ‘The Key and the Elf’, you’re really an inspiration. Um, a lot of you had questions about certain things, and I’d like to thank you for taking the time to think so much about my work, but hopefully if you have a quick look at my other A/Ns at the beginnings and endings of earlier chapters, it should answer any questions you have. If not, review and tell me to get off my lazy butt and make it clear for you. Thanks again, I do hope you enjoyed.

The End

You have reached the end of "Ilfirin Meleth II- The Test of Ties". This story is complete.

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