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Ilfirin Meleth II- The Test of Ties

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Summary: Sequel to Ilfirin Meleth (duh!). A century later, Dawn is thrown right back into hell. Songfic/Angst.

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Lord of the Rings > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: LegolasAnoronFR181732,8431012126,58225 Jul 0312 Jan 04Yes

Dark Dreams in Happier Times


DISCLAIMER- I own nothing but the plot. Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy owns all names and places from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and JRR Tolkein/Tolkein Enterprises is the proud owner of the Lord of the Rings and everything within that world. The two songs featured in this fic, Don’t Cry (Alt. lyrics) and Estranged are written by Axl Rose and are the property of Guns N’ Roses/Geffen Records. All I own is a Jeff Hardy action figure and a fish named Pippin and you can’t have them!

RATING- 18, contains violence, suicide themes, some language and sex scenes. You’ve been warned!



Dawn was chained to the wall in a cave. Harmony was pacing back and forth in front of her, prattling about how leading a gang of the most idiotic vampires ever to set foot in Sunnydale was so trying.

Suddenly, the rest of Harmony’s gang appeared at the mouth of the cave and moved in to eat Dawn. Dawn was not worried, this was merely a memory of something that had happened in another world and another lifetime, and Buffy would appear any second to save her.

She heard an immature version of her voice stammer, “Touch me and my sister’s gonna kill you,” and waited for the vampires to start dusting.

But there was no dust. Buffy appeared, Dawn could see her over the shoulder of the nearest vampire. But the Slayer, her sister, simply smirked and lounged against the cave wall. As Dawn looked on in horror, Buffy’s face morphed into a snarling vampire, yellow eyes glowering at her and fangs resting on the lower lip.

Buffy crossed the cave to where Dawn was chained and, with a sinister laugh, sank her fangs deep into her little sister’s neck.


“Buffy,” Dawn panted, bolting upright in her bed. Within half a second, Legolas was sitting up beside her, his hands caressing her face.

“Dawn, melamin? What’s wrong?” he prodded gently. [My love]

“I had another dream, about Sunnydale,” she admitted.

“Another one?”

Dawn had been having nightmares of events in her old world for some weeks now. She always detailed them to Legolas, they were the most painful events of her former life some nights, and others were like tonight. Dreams where her she was stuck in her old body while her family either abandoned her to death or became monsters thirsting for her blood before her very eyes.

“What happened this time?” Legolas wanted to know. He had found from experience that if he wanted a detailed account of his wife’s dreams, he had to ask for it straight away because she wouldn’t want to talk about it in the daylight hours.

“It was Buffy. I was fourteen, she was supposed to save me. But she wasn’t my sister anymore, she was a vampire and she drank from me.” Dawn shuddered a little to herself at the memory. Her dreams were becoming more and more violent and painful.

Legolas drew her head down to cradle against his chest, kissing the top of the rich brown strands. “Do you think it was a warning of some sort?” he asked, already knowing the answer she would give.

“No. My life in Sunnydale is over, there’s no reason for me to be linked to the Hellmouth anymore. I’m just stressed about the next few weeks is all.”

“Yes, it’s not every day a girl from Sunnydale becomes a Queen,” Legolas smiled. In just a fortnight, Thranduil would be sailing for Valinor and the Kingdom of Mirkwood would be left to Legolas and Dawn to rule over. All the preparations had been made, and now they awaited only the arrival of Gimli, now over two and a half centuries old, from the Lonely Mountain. Gimli would witness the coronation of his dearest Elf friend before joining the party sailing to the Undying Lands.

“Uh-huh,” Dawn murmured, already starting to drift back towards blissful sleep. “Except of course for the time I was nearly kidnapped as an Underworld Child Bride.”

“Well, I promise I won’t sing then,” Legolas chuckled as he watched Dawn sink at last into an untroubled slumber. He kissed her cheek softly, marvelling again at her vibrant beauty before settling back into rest himself.

* * * * *

Dawn awoke with a smile on her face and a light in her green eyes. She had not forgotten her nightmare, she never forgot any of them, but in the daylight they could not touch her. Her home was a paradise, a safe haven where nothing could hurt her and she was indestructible. She knew a large part of that feeling came from her faith in the Elf lying beside her on the pillows, indulgently watching as she came into consciousness.

“Mmm- quel amrun,” she murmured, leaning in for a kiss. [Good morning]

“Right back at you,” Legolas replied, already shifting even closer to his wife. After a century, he was becoming more and more accustomed to using Dawn’s language, just as she had mastered Elvish. He had decided long ago, however, that Elvish was a much simpler language to learn than ‘Valley-speak’.

Dawn giggled as Legolas began to nibble on her earlobe, before sliding his mouth down to her neck. She felt him slipping a hand up underneath her nightgown and before she knew it, the garment had been whipped over her head.

She felt for the waistband of his pants, but her hand met with nothing more than warm flesh. He was already naked. “Cheater,” she pouted, taking his face in her hands so she could pull his lips to hers.

She felt his body shake a little against hers as he tried to control his laughter and broke the kiss. “It’s not that funny.”

But Legolas did not bother to respond, he lost the ability to form full words as soon as he felt Dawn’s warm body moving underneath his.

It was some time later when they were interrupted by a loud knocking on the door. “My Lord?” a distinctly embarrassed sounding voice called through the thick oak. “The King calls for your presence in the Counsel Room.”

“Ugh,” Dawn threw her head back on the pillows, wiping the sweat from her brow. Then she snickered at the tone the Elf on the other side of the door had taken when calling out. The tone that definitely said he knew he was interrupting and did not enjoy the prospect of having to be the one to do so. “I think we were too noisy. Again.”

With a smile and a kiss, Legolas got up and dressed with lightning speed. Thranduil still had a lot he wished to speak to Legolas about before he left Middle-Earth, and he knew from the position of the sun that he was over an hour late already, but his father would not be angry with him. All Legolas ever had to do was mention Dawn’s name and Thranduil’s expression brightened and he immediately asked after ‘Mirkwood’s favourite Princess’.

He finished dressing and perched on the edge of the mattress. “Most likely I shall be detained all day with Atar so I will see you tonight. I love you, Dawn.” [Father]

“Love you too, baby. Tell Thranduil I said hi.”

* * * * *
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