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Life of Tin

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Summary: The road that led to Cain's imprisonment was a long and winding one. (Pre-miniseries)

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Television > Tin Man(Moderator)MalanaFR1521,567081,1477 Dec 079 Dec 07No


Disclaimer: "Tin Man", its characters and its settings do not belong to me.

Author's Notes: I'm taking a lot of liberties here. We don't have much background for Cain, so my imagination is running overboard. The timeline of events is also my own, and may or may not cleanly line up with canon, because what little of a timeline we were given in the series makes my head hurt.


He had always wanted to be a tin man.

Now, stuck in this damned suit, the irony of that wasn’t lost on him.

Tin man.

That’s exactly what he was now.

A man in a tin box.

A man in a tin box forced to watch the worst moment of his life played back in a never-ending loop.

He should be insane by now.

At least, he thought he should be. He wasn’t shrink or anything. But he was pretty sure that watching the abduction of your wife and child replayed endlessly should probably drive a person insane.

He had heard stories of people who had been imprisoned like he was now. When they finally got out, they were never the same. Something inside of them simply snapped. They were never able to fully reclaim the lives they had once lived.

He didn’t feel insane. There was, of course, the possibility that he just didn’t know he was insane. He had no idea if those who lost their minds were able to tell that they had lost them. But there was something deep inside of him telling him that his mind was still intact.

The hate probably played a part in it. He refused to go insane. Because one day he might just get out of here. And when he did, he’d need ever bit of his mind in order to exact revenge on the man who was to blame for all of this.


A man he had once trusted with his life was the very one responsible for destroying it.

But in the end, he believed it was his memories keeping him together. Memories of Adora. Of Jed. Memories of an existence filled with friendship and love. Memories of a life worth living, of causes worth fighting for.

It had been a good life. The life of a tin man.

But then everything had gone to hell.
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