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Lost Son Returned

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Summary: Three years ago CSI Timothy Speedle was killed in the line of duty. Two years ago....he came back. *on hiatus sorry*

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CSI > CSI Miami
Movies > Crow, The
JaderoseFR181229,62332420,0258 Dec 0723 Jan 09No

Lost Son Returned

Disclaimer: If you recognize it then I probably don’t own it. Damn the bad luck. No money is being made.
Fandoms: CSI: Miami/Crow: Stairway To Heaven/slight BTVS
Rating: PG-13/FR18
Pairings: Speed/Eric/Horatio
Summary: Three years ago, Timothy Speedle died in the line of duty. Two years ago….. he came back.
Author’s Note: This is what I get for obsessing over Crow while writing CSI: Miami. A Fix it for Lost Son.
Author’s Note Two: ‘sdfs’ means telepathy.
Author’s Note Three: All Spanish is thanks to iGoogle’s Translator gadget so if something’s not quite right *points at Google* it’s all their fault. *grin*
Author’s Note Four: *eye roll* I promise this is the last one guys……I hope. Apparently Ryan Wolfe has decided to not make an appearance in this fic. So for those that like him *shrug* sorry.
Author’s Note Five: Okay, I apparently lied about four being the last one. Fair warning I took extreme liberties with the Crow mythos. *bows humbly at O’Barr* I apologize but I needed to so it would work right.
Author’s Note Six: Everything I learned about CSIing I learned from the CSI fandoms. I make no claims to any of the science being remotely right.
Author’s Note Seven: The episode Bang, Bang Your Debt happened a little bit earlier in this story than it did on the show. Thought it was going to sync up then my characters threw me a curve ball.

Anyway, Happy Reading.
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