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Watching over me

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Summary: Oliver Queen, in his attempts to stop Lex Luthor's 33.1 searches the globe for people who can help but then he comes across a sleepy town called Sunnydale where the resident do-gooder isn't all she seems.

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Smallville > Buffy-CenteredBobbieRaeFR721,217053,55010 Dec 0721 Dec 07No

Chapter One : Watching over me

Title: Watching over me
Series: Hidden Heroes
Author: Bobbie-Rae
Rating: U (Nothing happening in the prologue :P)
Pairing: None so far but I like to keep things secret
Summary: Answer to the Buffy meets the Justice League challenge…also there is a summary at the top etc. But love to you all.
A/N: This isn’t so much a chapter as an introduction but we will see how this goes. This is my first fic of this genre so be kind…review. This is also unbeta’d so bear with.

Sorry to the moderaters never until now have I forgotten a disclaimer *Hangs her head in shame* So therefore it is very clear that I do not own any characters of the BTVS/Smallville even JLA verses. I own nothing and dream everything.


Pursed lips and sad eyes watched the monitor screens. So many lives destroyed by one man’s ignorance and greed. Oliver Queen sat gripping the remote control, his trained body winding itself up by the second over the injustice of the actions he watched on the screen.

Victor or ‘Cyborg’ sat the other side of him on his desk, “Say Oli you maybe wanna let up on that thing?”

But in his quite descending rage, he pushed himself up out of his chair. “You what Victor…as much as we have it will never be enough? Will it?”

Victor knew what this was about, although Oliver could do things no man could think of, he didn’t have powers. Not like Clark…nobody was like Clark. Without turning back from his conversation with Victor, Oliver turned the monitors to the several stakeout points he’d been watching for signs of the 33.1 facility. All of them had strangely been cemeteries, this place, Sunnydale had a lot of them. He slowly eased himself back into his chair to watch.

Watching Restfields, Oliver frowned there was a blonde woman in the middle of the night sitting on a bench as if she was waiting for something. When the woman didn’t move, Oliver studied her, she was petite he guessed around 5’3 but lithe as he watched even as she sat the balls of her feet bounced. His eyes traced the curve of her neck where her long blonde hair fell to her face which held shining green eyes and full lips.

As if suddenly what she was waiting for appear and she threw herself into the oncoming man, who’s face was distorted and unfocused by unseeing yellow eyes. The man threw a hard right hook to her face to which Oliver knew should have knocked her out but she kept coming, jabbing at his sides forcing him back before roundhouse kicking his jaw. In the moment that the man fell back she pulled out a wooden stake and forced it into his chest.

Oliver bolted up in his chair, “What the-…”

The figure turned into dust before his eyes, but the woman remained calm as if it was an everyday occurrence. She stood up and brushed off the dust from her clothing picked up her stake and turned back from where she came from.

Victor smiled at Oliver’s reaction, he’d being having the same one, “So your girl’s got some moves?” Oliver turned around again, “So I’m guessing we need to be on this…etc…etc I get ya Chief” Victor’s smiled continued to grow when Oliver stopped what he was about to say when he realised Victor had said it.

Oliver ran his fingers threw his blonde hair, confused by what he’d seen, Victor, now gone to find Bart and A.C., left him alone in the solitude of his thoughts. Maybe she was what they needed to push again Lex’s regime. From what he’d seen she wasn’t ordinary so maybe it was time to see how extraordinary she was.
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