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A St Louis Holiday

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Summary: Cordelia is having a bad day. (One shot)

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Anita Blake > Cordelia-CenteredSeakFR1311,957033,25626 Jul 0326 Jul 03Yes
Author: Seak


Title: A St Louis Holiday

Rating: PG

Pairing: No pairing, just Cordelia

Summary: Cordelia is having a bad day.

Distribution: Cauldron Chronicles, Witches love fanfic, Fanfiction.Net, Twisting the Hellmouth and if you want it just email me and ask.

Disclaimer: I do not in anyway own Anita Blake or any of the characters created by Josh Whedon.

Author’s Note: Okay another one shot, you guys know how it is.

A St Louis Holiday.

Cordelia was furious, why in the world was she even here? Oh that was right, she was on holiday. Yeah right. There was never going to be a holiday for her, stupid TPB why couldn’t they stop sending her visions for two week where she could have a relaxing time filled with shopping? Wishful thinking is what it is. And why did she pick St Louis of all places? Because there was fashion show that was going to feature all the new season line of clothing and she wanted to be there when it happened.

Dumb thinking more like.

Now here she was bending over with her head clutched in her head unable to stop the painful imageries from slamming into her mind like sledgehammer. Usually she would have accept it and let it be but it was one of those days where she’d wake up in the morning feeling like shit.

Cordelia moaned as the images came faster.

She could feel panic rising in her. The visions were of a boy barely six years old with big blue eyes and blond hair. “Mummy!” He screamed clutching his teddy bear as if it would keep him safe.

A shadow moved growling towards him, it was hungry so very hungry.

“No!” Cordelia gasped.

The shadow seemed to get further excited, its whole being turning into a frenzy, as it smelled the boy’s fear in the air. She could feel its hunger, feel its need to taste the boy’s blood, the urge to sink its claws into the boy’s small soft body and tear it to bits. She sobbed smelling the blood in the air where it had just killed the boy’s parents. How that beast hungered for more.

Cordelia screamed as the shadow leaped into the air and landed on top of the boy. He barely made a sound as its claws ripped his body apart, his eyes wide with terror, the boy so obviously dead.

She fell back as her body arched with an all-consuming pain, her mouth opened wide with a blood-curdling scream. And the one thought pounded into her mind, the boy must be saved with his family. He was special.

And then the visions abruptly stopped.

Cordelia sagged, her body still trembling, she could still feel its claws dig into her body, feel it’s hot breath against her cheek as its sharp teeth grazed her cheek. For a moment it had been her that was in the boy’s body and now she realized she could still feel the pain.

She closed her eyes and listened to her breathing hoping for a quiet moment where she could gather herself around her and get up. It suddenly occurred to her that she was warm and comfortable. She was not sitting in the hard seats she had been sitting on when she was watching the fashion show – no; she was on a couch, a soft couch.

Cordelia’s eyes shot opened and her mouth dropped wide in disbelief.

She was surrounded by warm naked people.

A funny sound escaped her throat that sounded more like a gurgle as she realized that they were all draped over her. Her eyes darted around her, her body so incredibly still afraid that she might get their attention. She tried to comprehend what had happened and found a lone, clothed man standing across the room. His whole being seemed to scream out vampire and a powerful one at that.

What had she gotten herself into?

“Your visions have stopped ma` chare. I was afraid you would not be able to handle them.”

Cordelia blinked not sure how to make of the situation and the fact that his voice with its French accent had sent shivers of something that could almost be called lust down her spine. She could barely make out his face but she definitely loved his fashion sense. A shirt that had ruffles and tight leather pants with knee high boots that molded his legs revealing long smooth limps.

Yikes! Cordelia had no problem guessing that he probably looked as good as his body did.

Suddenly she couldn’t take the naked bodies around her anymore, especially when they began to shift around her. “Off!” She yelled pushing them away from her. “I don’t know why you needed to get down and naked around me but please, I don’t do orgies.”

That and the fact that she just didn’t feel comfortable with naked strangers pressed up against her but whoever said she couldn’t look? And she had to admit that she had never seen so many beautiful naked people in her life.

As long as they weren’t pressed up against her she found that she was okay. WOW, this was much better then a fashion show she’d ever seen.

A slow smile of appreciation grew on her lips.

Suddenly she heard a chuckle and she knew from her reaction to the laughter that it was the French vampire. Her head snapped to him as she quickly got up.

“Err. . . I don’t know what’s going on around here but I don’t want to be apart of it, so I’m leaving now.” She stated bluntly as she inched towards the door, hoping she could make her exit. Whilst mentally wishing that they were not the bad guys, she hated when these things happened.

Another chuckle came from the Vampire and Cordelia mentally grimaced. She had enough hormones going around when it came to a certain vampire and she really didn’t want to add this guy to her list as well.

“I apologies if I am making you nervous, when you had your vision ma chare, you could say that you scared a lot of people at the fashion show. I only thought to make you more comfortable.”

Cordelia’s lips stretched into a smile that was a little too bright. “Thanks but I really need to go now.” And shot out of the door. She sighed with relief when she realized that no one was following her but that didn’t mean she was going to slow down. She wanted to get out of here as fast as possible. She had a family to save.

She quickly made it out of the building and into her car. Her brain running back and forward as she tried to determine where she was supposed to find the family and rescue them. Her mind clicked as she remembered a street sign hanging out the window of the house. She quickly pulled out a map from the glove compartment and began searching. She found it.

Cordelia wasn’t sure how she was going to save the family but she was determined to save them even if it meant risking her own life. It was her responsibility to protect the innocents and she would do everything in her power to do it.

Her car screeched as she tried to keep with in the speed limit but succeeding very little and felt an overwhelming relief that she had reached the street. She found the house she thought and quickly parked her car before getting out. The door was wide opened and she prayed that she had made it in time. A female scream vibrated through the house and Cordelia moved faster as she bounded into the house hoping that her footsteps approaching would distract whatever it was. She was in the living room when a blur appeared at the corner of her eye. Another scream came telling her that the woman was still alive as she ducked, the shadow streaked past her. She spun around to see what it was and almost sighed with relief. It was werewolf, she could deal with werewolves, after all she knew how to take care of them, and she’d been experiencing the werewolf thing since she was in high school. And she knew for a fact that Oz was far scarier then this werewolf.

“Get everyone out!” She yelled to the family who was huddling against the corner. “I’ll distract it!” The werewolf growled and leaped, she quickly grabbed the glass lamp from the side table and threw it at the shape-shifter hitting it right in the head and shattering glass all over the were. The lycanthrope howled in pain but Cordelia knew that it wouldn’t slow it down much. “Run!” She shrieked at the family. “My car is in the driveway and so are the keys are in the ignition.” The werewolf shook it self, dislodging glass from its fur. “RUN!”

The family took off and Cordelia was left alone with the wolf. Its mouth was frothing and its teeth were barred. The wild eyes watched her with a predatory hunger but Cordelia was determined not to feel fear knowing it would only further excite the werewolf. It moved slowly towards her, stalking her and Cordelia slowly moved backwards, her eyes darting for a weapon, any makeshift weapon that she could use. And found none.

Suddenly it leaped towards and a scream tore past her lips. Somehow she knew she would not survive this rescue. And then a shot rang out and the lycanthrope jerked in mid flight before falling limply to ground – dead.

Cordelia stared as the shape-shifter shifted back into its human form of that of a male. She found that she couldn’t speak and turned to the direction where the shot came from. She found two people standing there both with guns in their hands. One male, average height, blond hair and blue eyes, the other female with curly black hair and pale skin - they had one thing in common though and that was the eyes. They were the dead eyes of a killer.

A rage seemed to fill her. “How could you!” Cordelia yelled at them uncaring that they were pointing their guns at her. They had killed an innocent man just because he could not control his beast.

“That we saved your life?” The woman asked coldly.

A hiss escaped her lips at the woman’s sarcasm. “If it meant that the man would still be alive then YES!” Cordelia shouted her fists clenching and unclenching in her rage. She was so angry; she could barely contain herself from striking out at the woman.

She never noticed the people coming up behind the couple in front of her, her attention so focused on them. “The man was a werewolf, it’s not his fault that his beast had slipped his control!”

But she knew that her words were not taking effect on the woman or her partner, it was as if they had heard it all before. She needed to get out of here she realized, she couldn’t stand the people around her, especially the woman and her dead eyes. She took in a deep breath hoping to calm herself and forced her body to relax.

Cordelia flashed her a cold glare at the woman as if she was something that had crawled from the ground and was incredibly dirty. The woman seemed to bristle at that look and her finger inched on the trigger.

“I’ve got to go. You know how it is, surrounded by killers never really got to me as fun.” Cordelia said sticking her nose in the air as if she smelt something dirty - that being the woman.

The woman growled. “I saved your life, is this how you treat people who saved your life?”

“No just you.” Cordelia replied flippantly and flicked her hair over her shoulder as she passed the woman.

Silence met her exit but she barely cared, all she wanted to do was get back to her hotel room and forget today had ever happened. This was getting to be one of her worse holidays.


The End

You have reached the end of "A St Louis Holiday". This story is complete.

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