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I Think i'm Roaming

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This story is No. 2 in the series "XanderScape". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Seconds part to my 'Xanderscape' verse. Xander is definitely NOT within his local calling zone.

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Please check the Number and Dial Again...

(A/N) Continuation to ‘Not in Kansas Anymore.’
Hope you all enjoy this.


The small Hynerian floated down the hall as quickly as his chair would allow him to as he tried to ignore the words of his fellow shipmates. Looking back over his shoulder he scowled at the crowd that followed. “I won’t do it!” the small monarch said seriously as the others tried to argue with him.

The blue skinned Zhaan moved up to pace him as she pleaded her case. “But Rigel please, the Diagnosan said that of the crew you where the only one with...”

“I don’t care.” Rigel interrupted as he tried to get his chair to move faster. “My blood is staying exactly where it is, I owe no debt to this Ooman and he has nothing worth bartering for.”

“He injured Durka,” Zhaan said as Rigel continued on.

“While I applaud the removal of that monster’s arm, the Ooman did that for his own reasons. Should he have killed him, I would be forced to reconsider.” Rigel said as the blue skinned priestess gave a disgusted sigh before letting Crichton move up.

“He’ll owe you.” John tried as the small amphibian continued on his course. “I’ll owe you.”

“Not that much. Nothing you, your friend, or your entire mudball of a planet could offer would convince me to do this, now leave me alone.” The Dominar of the once mighty Hynerian Empire said before he was spun around savagely by the second smallest member of the crew.

“Why won’t you help?” Chiana asked as she maintained her grip on the small throne, well away from the small being’s teeth.

Snarling in frustration, Rigel finally sighed. “I am Rigel the thirteenth, Dominar of the Hynerian Empire. My title is passed down through the oldest male blood relative, if I save this Ert Man, when I regain my throne he will be first in the line of succession, even over my own children.” The small ruler explained before glaring at the gathered beings. “And I have spent far too long keeping my people free from the PeaceKeepers and others to willingly hand my planet over to some un-evolved subspecies just to save one person’s life.”

With a pulse of his chair’s gravity system, Rigel broke free of the Nebari’s grip and floated off towards his room.


“Why can’t Crichton or Aryn donate? Why must it be Rigel?” Zhaan demanded as she entered the small room they had turned into a medical chamber for the injured human.

Listening to the Diagnosan warble away, the alien doctor’s partner turned toward the priestess.

“Doc says your boy has a strange ‘Fish’ DNA, In-Com-Patable with your two friends.” The greasy man they had found to help said with a smile before turning back as the alien spoke again. “Says the Hynerian has the closest genetics, lowers the chance of the patient having complications.”

“Complications?” The Holy woman said before looking at their guests closely. “What complications?”

Turning to his partner, the pasty skinned man nodded as the tall being droned on and on for several minutes before turning back to Zhaan. “Doc says the best odds would be paralysis from the waist down, no hope of recovery. 60% for that one. Next comes death, total and unavoidable, no hope of recovery from that one either. That sits at about 20% odds. Neural failure and mnemonic burnout both sit at 8% each.”

“That’s only 96%, what about the other four?” the plant based being asked as the man shrugged.

“Toss up really. Could work, could end up with stewed brasha root for brains.” The man said with a grin before shrugging. “Either way, doc doesn’t like the odds all that much.”

“What is the problem? It’s blood, every species in the galaxy knows what it is and how to replace it, why is this so hard?”

Smiling, the man stepped around the unconscious human and faced the Delvian.

“It’s hard because this little sprog has a serious amount of unknown energy in him that not even the doc is able to identify. Looks something like a Starburst got started somewhere around inside his chest and just never went anywhere.” He explained before looking back at the dark haired human. “We have figured out that the energy is being carried by the blood, kinda like it should be carrying oxygen. We figure if we can get some compatible blood inside, we can siphon out the energy from the oxygen without the bubbles or lack of oxygen to the brain that causes so much trouble with most species.” He said before looking back at the Diagnosan “But Doc says it’s going to be hard enough without having the body trying to reject the blood as well, so unless you can get your little friend to help I’d give him… round six weekens before he bellies up.”

“Goddess” the plant woman whispered before looking at the unconscious form.


“Are you sure you wanna do this?” the Diagnosian’s partner asked with the same slimy smile he usually maintained as the patient just glared at him.

“Get on with it already.”

After a moment’s pause, the device connecting itself to Xander purred to life, transferring the blood slowly from one patient to another.

“Right, that should do it. Doc’s already started the energy removal process.”

“Good.” The patient confirmed as he removed himself from the machine and turned towards the interpreter. “No one finds out about this, right?”

Grinning, the pasty skinned man rubbed his hands together. “Well now, silence is an expensive asset to buy friend…” he started before he was cut off.

“No, I can assure you, silence is quite inexpensive. It’s the assassins that ensure your silence that are expensive.” Rigel assured the man before turning towards the door. “Make sure I have no need of spending that money.”


(A/N) AAK! I can’t believe I’m continuing this… but here it is and I hope you all enjoy it.

I do not own BtVS or Farscape.

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