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Dark Huntress

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Fan Art

Summary: A collection of Buffy/Dark Hunter crossovers. *Requests welcome*

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Literature > Dark Hunter SeriesKalikaFR1382711148,70611 Dec 0731 May 08No

Dark Huntress - Buffy/Acheron

Disclaimer: I own nothing! Characters belong to Joss And Sherrilyn.

A/N 25/06/08: I have re-edited a couple of the pics, I hope you like.

I'm going to do a collection of Buffy/Dark Hunter crossovers because there is a major lack of Dark Hunter action of this site.

Sorry about the dodgy quality :(


These are the Crossovers I plan to do in the future.

Buffy/Kyrian & Amanda
Buffy/Val & Tabby
Buffy/Alexion & Danger
Buffy/Zarek & Astrid

If there are any requests I will gladly try my hand at them

Feedback is
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