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Art for Changing The Death Toll

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Fan Art

Summary: Art created for PaBurke's series - Changing The Death Toll. Buffy/ Sg-1 / SW crossover.

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Star Wars > Buffy-Centered
Stargate > Buffy-Centered
anoukFR7174430710,35814 Dec 077 May 08No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own anything ;) All pictures found on the internet.

This is a collection of fan art for PaBurke's stories: Changing The Death Toll and Live in This World, Year Zero. It features Buffy, mini Jack (aka Jack's clone) from SG-1 and a bunch of jedi younglings. Takes place in Star Wars universe, during and after Episode III. As you will notice I used the same picture of Buffy in the first 10 pictures. It just fit so well...

The first few manips presented here have the same basic pictures in them. I wanted to use photos that actually showed things that are mentioned or described in PaBurke' stories. So there you have the planet Yavin IV - or at least what I found on the google search to be Yavin IV, Vader on his way to kill the younglings, said younglings, Anakin and Vader fighting - which kind of takes place during the time of the first story (off screen), there's also a picture of the jedi temple corridor with the bodies lying around etc.


OK, so it's similar to the old one in that it's keeping with the style of a pseudo poster, but other than that it's pretty much new.

A/N: After a couple of months without working on this collection I came back and I cringed. So changing some of the pictures here: chapters 1-3.

Old picture here.
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