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Family Ties

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Family". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: 2007 Holiday fic-a-thon response for heathenseyes. Daniel and Faith finally find what they had been searching for

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Stargate > Faith-Centered(Past Donor)kayleyFR1314,6592133,57214 Dec 0714 Dec 07Yes
Holiday Fic-A-Thon response for heathenseyes

Disclaimer: I don’t own either the Buffy franchise or the Stargate franchise; therefore I am not making any money from this story.

Author’s Note: This fic is based loosely on heathenseyes’ challenge “Wait, You're Telling Me I Have A Sister? And I'm Adopted?!? BtVS/ SG1”, I figured that as a happy ending was wanted, plus Daniel and Faith figured in both the Fic-A-Thon requests and the challenge, it was a good place to start!

This fic takes place after Stargate season 3 episode 21 “Crystal Skull” and after the series finale “Chosen” of Buffy.




Daniel was upset… no it was more than just mere sadness, he was anguished. His Grandfather, Nick Ballard, had decided to stay with the giant floating aliens that he had first met during a dig in Belize; but before he departed, he admitted something to Daniel that really shocked him to the core. He was adopted. His parents that he had mourned for so long over were not his parents. Well, not in the blood line way.

His issues with abandonment increased ten-fold with that news. Not only had he lost one set of parents, those who watched him grow to be not more than a young boy; but those who gave him up before he even remembered them. Add to that, the abandonment by Nick Ballard and Sha’re (although he knew that the only ones who willingly abandoned him were Nick and his birth parents), it was no wonder he was so deeply sorrowful that it took more than Jack’s joking, Teal’c’s strong presence and Sam’s understanding tones to get through to him.

Sighing, Daniel shook his head and decided that it was time to finally get back to dealing with Nick’s belongings. Not that there was much left to go through, but maybe he’d get lucky with some further information about his adoption. Nick had gotten all the legal papers after Melburn and Claire Jackson had died; as was fair considering he was only 8 at the time.

Everytime he reached a new pile of papers, Daniel felt the anxious need to find out what they said; only to end up in disappointment as each pile mentioned either finances or health care details. Finally he reached the bottom of the pile, and there it was… the certificate of birth of one Daniel Ryan Lehane. There was little else to work with on there as the writing was shocking but the location of his birth, Boston, was clear as day.


Daniel hesitatingly approached Sam a few days after seeing his birth certificate. He had been trying to think of the best way to deal with the information he had received from both Nick and the birth certificate but couldn’t decide how to proceed. He had no information as to which agency had dealt with the adoption, nor could he work out the writing which would have given him his mother’s name. There was no father listed at all, not even in bad scrawl like the rest of the information.

“Oh, hey Daniel,” Sam greeted him as she looked up from her recent project that was currently dismantled all over her bench.

“You busy?” Daniel asked even as he grimaced, of course she was busy considering the dismantled project.

“Not too busy, I could use the break before the Colonel comes down to drag me off when I actually need to concentrate,” she responded with a grin.

“I know the feeling,” Daniel agreed thinking of several times he had almost worked out a paragraph of Goa’uld language and Jack had appeared and dragged him off.

“You wanna talk in here or go get something to eat?” Sam asked as she put away the most important parts.

“Can you come to my quarters?” he hesitantly asked. “I want to talk about some stuff to do with Nick’s confession to me.”

“If coffee is involved, anywhere is good,” Sam agreed as they walked out of her office and headed to the quarters given to those on base.

Daniel quickly opened the door and let Sam in, before grabbing the folder he was using to contain the information in. He handed her the birth certificate and his attempts at working out the writing.

“It’s kinda embarrassing, I can work out several foreign and alien languages but I can’t for the life of me decipher what is written on the birth certificate. The writing is way too small. I was considering using a scanned image but then figured it may not take to being resized in that manner too well,” he told her.

Sam nodded and realised the main reason he had turned to her, was not only for her help but to keep the Colonel from joking about Daniel being unable to decipher something in English.

“I’ve been working on a program to help with the rescaling of images containing writing to use when off world teams photograph something from a distance when unable to get too close to the source, I could try it in that if you want?” she offered.

“Could you?” Daniel asked.

“For you Daniel, certainly,” she replied with a grin. They had developed a good relationship, acting almost as siblings at times.

“Thanks Sam,” Daniel said with a sigh of relief.

“I’ll let you know when I’ve got something, but how are you coping?” she asked in genuine concern for her friend.

She sat back on his bed while he spoke of his feelings and his worries about finding out about his real family before moving on to wondering about why he was given up. Sam just let him talk it through while giving him encouragement when he stumbled over his thoughts.


Faith Lehane was bored out of her mind. She had been volunteered to go search out any information about the rumors that were going around, rumors of a secret underground military operation. When she had agreed to it, she figured that there would be at least some tasty guys in uniform she could work her way through after being surrounded by too many females in Cleveland. But alas, the secret underground military operation was either really secret or non existent; and so was the demon life in Colorado Springs.

From the information she had gathered before leaving, someone from the Initiative was keeping watch over the operation which was why Buffy, Willow, Xander and Spike were definitely not eligible to go on the fact finding mission. If they were spotted it would be over before it even began. She knew that there was some basis to the rumors because Riley had mentioned something to Buffy about one of the brightest military scientists being sent from the Pentagon to Colorado Springs about two years prior. Why would they have sent someone like that to a dive like Colorado Springs?

The best information she had to work with was the fact that there was a NORAD base just on the outskirts of town. So maybe the facility was either operating under that title to throw people off or maybe they were based somewhere near by. But after several motorbike rides around town, NORAD seemed to be the only facility there.

It was at the quiet points during her Slaying Life, like this, that Faith almost wished she had turned herself back into the police after the destruction of Sunnydale all those years ago. But when things got exciting, like during apocalypse season, she knew she wouldn’t have been able to go through with it. It helped that Buffy had shown belief in her, not only to lead the Potentials when they had kicked her out all those years ago; but again when she asked her to stay out of jail to help them relocate and redevelop the Watchers’ Council.

Returning from a small bar in town, in which she had discovered a whole two vampires that were slain only moments later; she worked her way through the letters that had been forwarded to her from Cleveland to her address in Colorado Springs. Most were junk mail, bills and things she had no intention of reading any time soon, but there was one there with familiar writing; writing she hadn’t seen in years. How on earth had her mother tracked her down? Tossing it next to her bed, Faith decided she would deal with it later in the morning. For now, all she wanted to do was sleep.


Faith awoke in the late afternoon after a weird dream. She figured it would be Slayer related and called Buffy to check in with her. The two oldest Slayers talked over the dream; which Faith had discovered only she had had. Buffy was asking her whether it was her subconscious picking up on vibes from the area or whether it was actually a Slayer dream. To which she had no answer. The two then touched base on how the fact finding mission was proceeding.

“At this stage, it’s a complete bust B,” Faith admitted. “Barely any vamps let alone anyone who could give me info on the base.”

“Damn, it seemed so on the level with the information we got off Riley.”

“Yeah I know B, which was why I didn’t mind you guys picking me for the job, but now… thanks a million,” she said with a touch of sarcasm.

“Keep that up and I’ll convince Giles to keep you there,” Buffy joked before becoming serious once more. “Stay there a bit longer and see if you can work out what was behind that dream. But keep in touch; I don’t want to be worrying about you as well as Dawn.”

“Little D still in the land of tweed?”

“Yeah, she’s organizing to take over the head of the British office while Giles goes travelling.”

“Damn, if Little D’s in charge, the rest of us are screwed,” Faith chuckled.

“I’ll tell her that Faith. Call me if you need help or anything,” Buffy said in response.

“Will do B; see ya on the flip side.”

With that, Faith hung up the phone and wrote down what she had told Buffy. Maybe B was right and she had picked something up without realizing it. Tossing down the notepad, her eyes glanced at the envelope with her mom’s writing on it. Picking it up, she walked to the fridge and grabbed a beer. There was no way that reading it without something to help numb her feelings was ever going to happen. They hadn’t parted on good terms when she was younger, and that was never going to occur now.


The following day found Daniel in the room that housed Sam’s office and lab waiting patiently for her to come back from the Science Department’s briefing. She had told him that she had gotten a clearer look at the name and had taken the liberty to start seeking her out. The fact that Sam knew that it would be his next step, wasn’t too far out there. But still, it did nothing to help Daniel’s emotions when she wasn’t there to tell him what she found. He was trying to think of a way to repay Sam for all her help when Jack looked into the lab. Daniel smirked as he did a double take at the figure sitting at the bench.

“Hey Jack,” Daniel said feigning happiness.

“Danny,” Jack replied, carefully studying him. He could tell that the emotion in his voice was fake but if he didn’t want to tell him what was going on, then Jack was happy to pretend not to notice. “Where’s Carter?”

“At a meeting,” Daniel replied.

“And you’re in her office because…”

Daniel smirked again as he heard the underlying jealousy in Jack’s voice.

“I’d asked her help on something and she told me that she had found the answer. But her meeting is running overtime.”

“Ah, okay. Feel like getting some coffee while you’re waiting. I could really use some Jell-O.”

“Sure Jack.”

He scribbled a quick note for Sam, letting her know where he was and who was with him before following Jack.


Faith was unsure whether she could follow through with her mother’s request that was in the letter. Firstly, she hadn’t gotten on with her since the woman was too wrapped up in her pimp, her drugs and her alcohol to notice what was happening to Faith. Secondly, if the woman was truly dying, then Faith didn’t want that to be her last image of her. She would prefer to remember her as the cold hearted bitch that was fiery in her request to get out of the effing house and away from her man.

Several times during her childhood, she had wondered what it would have been like if she had been adopted out to a loving family. Like the Summers’ had been. How different would her life have been then? Hell, she would probably have screwed it up, like she did when Buffy and Joyce had first welcomed her into their home.

But now her only living relative that she knew of, who knew if Daddy dearest was still alive, was close to dying. She reached for the phone before she had fully admitted to herself what her answer would be.

“B, its Faith…”


Daniel looked at the information that Sam had been able to get and grimaced. From what little information there was, it was pretty bad and he realised he may have been better off being adopted. It was something that hadn’t crossed his mind since he found out. According to the details; the woman who was on his birth certificate as his mother had been arrested several times for alleged drug dealing as well as drunken disorderly.

Now that Daniel had a name though, he was still curious about where he had come from. He needed to know a bit more about his family and to do that, he was going to have to try to contact her. He brought up the white pages website and typed in her details and selected Boston. He thought it would be a long shot but luckily there was one entry matching his search criteria. Reaching for the phone, he tried to decide how to broach the subject before pulling his hand back quickly. He was too nervous to call.


The next day found Faith heading back to the house she had known for so long. The dead garden bed looked the same as it did all those years ago when her mom had stopped her from watering it because the bills got too high. She hopped the fence and head to the door. Trying the knob, she found it unlocked as normal.

“Yo! Mom?” she called out as she walked inside. Hearing a wracking cough coming from down the hall, Faith headed to her mother’s room.

“Faithie?” she heard her mother call out weakly.

“Yeah mom, I’m here,” she replied. “What’s so important?”

Before her mother managed to even begin to tell Faith anything, the phone rang. Faith raised an eyebrow at her mom before turning around to answer it. After hearing a hesitant male voice on the phone, Faith wondered whether it was a ‘client’ who wanted to speak to her mother.

“Sorry, what did you want again?” she asked after the phone was silent for a long moment.

“Does Patrice Lehane live there?” the male asked again.

“Why do you wanna know?” Faith shot back.

“My name’s Daniel Jackson, I was researching my family history and found out I was related to a Patrice Lehane who lived in Boston. I was trying to find out if the Patrice Lehane listed in the phone book was actually my relative.”

Faith thought about it for a moment and decided he seemed pretty on the level.

“Patrice does live here but I can’t recall her ever mentioning a relative by the name of Daniel Jackson,” Faith admitted.

“Umm, is it possible to speak to Patrice?”


Daniel was becoming more and more nervous as the conversation took place. He mentally thanked Sam for the idea she had come up with in regards to introducing himself. But he was stunned when he heard the muffled voice of the girl he was just speaking to.

“Yo, mom, someone called Daniel Jackson wants to speak to you… apparently we’re related to him.”

Was it possible that he had a sister too? He listened to the coughing happening in the background before a weak voice came on the line.


“Patrice?” Daniel asked to confirm.


“My name’s Daniel…”

“Daniel?” she whispered. “Oh my…”

“Patrice, I’m sorry to be blunt about this, but I recently found my birth certificate and I need to know… did you give a baby up for adoption 30 odd years ago?” he asked, the waiting was becoming unbearable to be so close to the truth and yet not knowing.

“Daniel Ryan… my boy. My baby boy,” the woman was crying now but he finally had his answer. He had found his mother.


“What did you say to my mom?” Faith demanded with a growl. She had left the room to grab a drink and when she came back, her mom was in tears.

“Faithie… it’s your brother,” her mother explained to her before the man known as Daniel could reply.


“A few years before you were born, I had given my baby up for adoption. My Daniel…” her mother explained.

“I have a brother?” Faith asked in shock. Turning back to the phone she asked. “Daniel?”


After hearing the conversation taking place at the other end of the phone, Daniel was in shock. He had a younger sister. He’d found his mother and he had a younger sister? It was more than he could hope for.

“Yes?” he replied when he heard his sister talk into the phone.

“Can… can I meet you?” she asked him with uncertainty in her voice.

Daniel was feeling even more shocked. He had never thought that he would actually be able to meet them, he had just wanted confirmation as to why he was given up. But if his sister wanted to meet, then he was certainly going to meet her.

“I’d love to, but I’m just not sure when,” he admitted. “I’m based in Colorado at the moment…”

He heard a snort over the phone but he wasn’t sure if it was because he couldn’t commit as yet or maybe it was because he was in Colorado.

“Sorry?” he asked to try to confirm why she had snorted.

“Oh man, that’s priceless. I’ve been living in Colorado Springs for the last month or so, just happen to be in Boston cause mom’s sick.”

He looked at the handset. Was it really possible that he’d been living so close to his sister?

“Will she be okay?” he asked in concern.

“Probably not, doctors’ are predicting within a month. Her hard life is catching up on her.”



“Hey listen, how about you give me your number and I’ll call once I’m back in Colorado?” Faith asked. She was eager to meet him and figured that would be the best way. She scribbled down his number and handed the phone back to her mom who wanted to speak to Daniel again.

She headed out of her mom’s room and reached for her cell phone. No matter how on the level he was, she needed to check him out to make sure. Quickly she dialed Willow.

“Hey Red, need a favor,” she said once the phone was answered. “I need you to see what you can track down about a Daniel Jackson who lives in Colorado.”

She answered a few more questions based on information from her mom and gave Willow the two phone numbers that Daniel had supplied her with.

“I’ll email you an update and then let you know definitely in the next few days.”

“Thanks Red, I appreciate it.”

She grinned a little at the thought of how the Scoobies now accepted her, but it took Buffy to make it happen. After Spike’s death, the blonde was distraught for several months and during that time, needed someone to beat upon to vent her frustrations. The newer Slayers couldn’t keep up, so Faith was the usual target. Together they would fight, train and finally build up the friendship that both had been craving so many years before. After a while, Buffy began to also invite Faith out with Xander and Willow for nights on the town to get the other two to realize that Faith had changed. Sure, she had hurt both of them in the past but Faith had begun to realize that the two were actually pretty good people to be friends with.

After a while, she couldn’t hear her mother talking anymore and headed back into the room. Her mother was lying on the bed with her eyes shut but Faith could see the slight rise and fall of her chest. Grasped in the woman’s hand was a photo, one that Faith had seen many a times but in the past it was always told to her that the baby her mother was holding was her, now she wondered if it was really Daniel.


Later that night found Faith reading through some of the information that may relate to her new found brother which Willow had forwarded to her. Articles from academic journals about his theories and comments made about them. There was a small article about his parents’ death and how he ended up in Foster care. She read the small email that followed the information.

‘Hey Faith,
Buffy filled me in as to why you are searching for the information.
Based on his home phone number he’s been in Colorado for a couple of years now… but here’s where it gets interesting. His work number, I can’t find evidence of except that it’s somewhere in NORAD. What is an archeologist doing working for NORAD?
Be careful if (or should I say when) you meet him, Buffy reckons she got a weird feeling that your dream the other night fits in with Daniel.
I’ll let you know if I find out anything more,

She agreed with Willow’s question about why an archeologist would be working with NORAD and thought back to the dream she had told Buffy about. It seemed like there was a good reason for Buffy to worry about the dream. Now if only she could see a more recent photo of Daniel to know for sure.


Daniel sat in his office just staring at the phone in complete shock. He had sister who had been living in Colorado Springs. He’d gone from being alone, to having family. It was more than he could have hoped for.

“Danny, you still here?” Jack asked as he popped into the office. After looking at his friend he continued. “You okay Space Monkey?”

“Wha? Oh hi Jack.”

“What’s on your mind?” Jack asked.

“I… I have a younger sister. She wants to meet me…” he answered without realizing he was confusing Jack even more.


Daniel looked at his friend and decided to explain the situation from the start. He filled Jack in on the search that Sam had done (without saying he couldn’t work out the words in English) and the phone call that had just happened.

“So you gonna meet her?” Jack finally asked.

“Yeah, I think I am.”


A week later found Faith returning to her place in Colorado Springs. Her mother’s affairs were in order and she had passed away only a day after speaking to Daniel. Unfortunately, when Faith had tried to contact him to let him know, he was out of town. She decided to spend another night searching around town to see if anything had happened since she had been gone.

When that was a bust, she decided to head into one of the local restaurants that she remembered hearing about since they had pool tables, beer and steak. She walked in and noticed most tables were full and decided to see if she could hustle up a game while waiting for a table to clear.

She noticed a pool table which had four people playing who were obviously good friends considering the amount of good humored ribbing that was going on between them. Her eyes swept over all of them, and she could tell that at least two, if not three of the people were military. The fourth one though made her gasp. She knew him. It was the man from her dream, the one she saw glowing and turning into a squid like shape. It was impossible but at the same time, she knew it was true. After getting a better look, she realised he looked older than he did now, so maybe it was something to happen in the future.

“Are you okay miss?” the man asked her.

“What? Oh sorry, you just looked like someone I know…” she answered figuring it was close enough to the truth.

“Daniel, it’s your turn!” the only woman in the group called out.


Daniel smiled politely as he turned away to take his shot. When he turned back the girl was gone. Shrugging he shook his head at Jack’s ribbing of all the girls falling for him.

He was watching as Teal’c lined up the next shot when he felt his cell phone vibrate. Looking at the display, he didn’t recognise the number so he motioned to Jack that he was heading outside where it was quieter. Jack nodded just as Daniel took the call.


“Daniel, its Faith.”

“Hey Faith, are you back in town?” he asked as he stepped outside. There was one other person outside on the phone, the same girl who had looked at him strangely earlier. As Faith answered his question, he heard it in stereo. Stepping up to the girl, he stepped in front of her and hung up his phone. She stared at him for a moment before smiling brightly.

“So you’re Daniel?”

“And you’re Faith. It’s nice to meet you,” he said with a smile. After an awkward moment, the two Lehane siblings hugged.

“Am I interrupting?” Jack’s voice cut in.

Daniel saw Faith looking him up and down like a piece of meat. She smirked at him before looking at Daniel.

“So, Gramps is your keeper huh?” she asked as a joke, winking at Daniel as she spoke.

“Nah, just thinks he’s my boss,” Daniel replied to her before turning to Jack. “Jack, I’d like you to meet my sister Faith. Faith, Jack and I work together.”


“Are you coming back in?” Jack asked and watched Daniel turn to Faith.

“Did you want to?” Daniel asked.

“Nah, too noisy in there. Is there somewhere we can go to talk?” Faith said. Daniel peered a little closer at her and then slumped a little.


“Day after you called. I tried to reach you but your cell was off and your workplace had no idea when you would be back,” she confirmed.

“Jack, I’m going back to my apartment so Faith and I can talk. Can you let the others know?” Daniel asked.

“Sure Danny, you two have a lot to catch up on… I’ll talk to you in the morning.”

“Thanks Jack,” he replied and as Jack walked back inside, he turned to Faith. “Is that okay? Going to my place?”

“Yeah, that’s fine bro,” she replied hearing his nervous tone and her equally nervous response.

“Do you need a lift? Or did you drive here?”

“A lift would be great thanks.”


The car ride was in silence as both tried to sneak peaks at each other, trying to see if there was a resemblance at all. Faith could see a slight one between them and it made her feel like it was more real; before it could have been passed off as a bad prank. Daniel pulled up to his apartment and let Faith in, as he quickly glanced around to make sure nothing from the SGC was visible.

It took a moment longer before the two began to talk, stiltedly at first before becoming easy banter between the two. And for the first time, the two felt apart of something more than just friends; they felt apart of a family. They were a family.

The End

You have reached the end of "Family Ties". This story is complete.

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