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Women Xander Never Dated

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Summary: a wild look at women Xander never dated, but should have!

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredNerdgirlFR1573,66604017,45814 Dec 0722 Dec 07Yes

chapter 7

Chapter 7

It felt so good to be a free man again. With the Watcher's Council backing him, and possibly a little Jedi/Wicca 'this is not the Demon Magnet you are looking for,' Xander had even managed to get an apology out of the police. Not that it had salvaged the evening. Amanda had called, wanting to see if he was up for another date, but he was just tired of all the crazy excitement. He just wanted someone NORMAL for once. At the rate he was going, he would have dated the entire female demon and human criminal populations by the time he was thirty.

Still, best to keep trying, get back on the horse, or have another hair of the dog that bit, whatever idiom fit best. He still had three phone numbers from speed dating. The situation would be dealt with in the utmost scientific method possible: randomly drawn numbers. Let Lady Luck take over and maybe for once in his life she wouldn't kick him where it hurt. Maybe someone up there was trying to tell him something. Or maybe he had been evil in a past life. He thought about that one some more. REALLY evil. Like, the guy that invented the IRS evil. Had to be something like that.

So let's see, who's the lucky girl to be then? He fumbled around with the slips of paper, and grabbed one. And now, the moment of truth, who would it be? It was....oh. Of course. Radish girl. Luna. Maybe he should choose again? No. Bad Xander. That way lies evil dates, pain and misery. This way might also lead to death, but at least he would have given luck a try. She couldn't be any stranger than Anya now could she? Oops, that was probably a jinx.

. . .

Well, at least he had plenty of experience with strange women. He was able to take her comments about hunting Feathered Snorkaks or something without even blinking, which seemed to surprise and please her. Yes, Luna was a strange girl. Not too hard on the wallet either; she had wanted to go out for fish and chips (french fries to Non-Brits), and seemed to be having a good time. To be honest, so was he. The mix of strangeness and the ordinary was comfortable, but surprisingly, did not bring up sad memories of Anya. Luna was unique, and Xander was coming to appreciate her. So, of course, he was wondering when she was going to kill him.

The moment came, or so he thought, when she suggested they take a walk in the park. It was evening, and the shadows would be perfect for hiding ritual murders. Of course, it was also the perfect time for vampires, something Xander had almost forgotten about, due to his impending doom. So he was slightly surprised when a trio of vampires jumped out of the bushes at them. He reacted quickly, despite his surprise, and, pulling out a stake, quickly dusted one vamp. When he turned to try and save his date from the other two, he saw his date also holding a stick, this one a bit too thin and fragile to stake a vampire with.

“Incendio!” cried Luna, and the remaining two vampires burst into flames. Xander was surprised that he wasn't surprised. A witch. Well, that was better than a demon, and she seemed to be on his side, unlike most of his dates. As long as she didn't turn to the Dark Side, they could still have a chance. Smiling at her, Xander tucked his stake back into his pocket, as she did the same with her wand. He offered her his arm, and they walked off into the night, swapping stories of weird monsters and impossible rescues. Yes, this could be the start of something wonderful. Or terrible. There was still the chance of death.

The End

You have reached the end of "Women Xander Never Dated". This story is complete.

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