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A Second Chance

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Cooperation 'Verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The second case the Jeffersonian and the BAU work together will hopefully go smoother than the first. A serial killer is in Seattle. (Criminal Minds/Bones/Grey's Anatomy/minor Jossverse, minor slash, character death)

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Chapter Four

Disclaimer: Still not mine
Author's Note: Sorry for the delay, holidays take up so much time :)

Meredith pulled Izzie into the storage closet. “I can’t take it anymore. You’d think Derek was a stalker. He’s everywhere!”

“Seriously?” asked Izzie.

“Seriously. It’s like he thinks I’m going to jump off something any second, and Cristina has gone crazy about all this wedding planning, or not-planning or whatever!” replied Meredith.

“Calm down before you hyperventilate,” said Izzie.

Day Five
Meredith walked out of the ER doors into the ambulance bay. It was just starting to get dark, but she needed a break from the five sets of sutures she had just done. Things around the hospital had finally gotten back to normal, at least whatever consisted of normal around here. The routine of surgery and rounds felt comfortable, and people had finally stopped looking at her as if she was going to fall back in the bay at any second. Dr. Burke had even requested her on an angioplasty this morning. She took a deep breath and start to turn, intending to go back inside. Derek had asked for her on a hemispherecotomy. Instead, everything went dark.
Brennan walked among the laid out bones in the morgue. Dr. Kalimar had taken the corpses to the back of the morgue, and Dr. Nguyen was working on the historic remains, which left her with the potential murder victims and a mystery.

Hodgins shoved his way into the morgue. “Dr. Brennan!” he called excitedly.

“What do you have?”

Hodgins held up a soil sample triumphantly, “The soil sample from victim three, it’s definitely not from around here. In fact, I would say that the victim was previous interred somewhere in western Illinois.”

“That’ll narrow it down enough for a missing person’s search,” replied Reid, and flipped open his phone, dialing Garcia.

It had gotten dark, and Bailey had paged Grey five times, each time the feeling of dread growing stronger. She’d asked O’Malley, then Yang and Karev, even Dr. Torres. No one had seen her in hours. With the Chief’s permission, Bailey organized the search for Meredith Grey. Herding her panicking interns and attendings; trying to make sure all the bases were covered. “Sloan,” she said quietly, “Go with Sheppard. If we don’t find her, he’s going to need you.” Then Bailey went back to ordering her search teams to their designated units.
Two interns barged into the cafeteria and started searching the place. Reid looked up from the donut he had been eating in line, “Excuse me,” he said to the blond woman who was looking a bit frantic. “Can I help you?”

“You’re one of the FBI guys, from the morgue?” she asked.
“Yes, Dr. Spencer Reid.”

“Izzie Stevens. One of our interns is missing. Meredith Grey. She’s short, light brown hair; she was wearing light blue scrubs. We’ve paged her five times. She was supposed to scrub in on a hemispherectomy. No one would miss that on purpose,” said Izzie.

“When was she last seen?”

“Lunch time. Maybe 12:30? We ate in the coma guy’s room, she was paged and left. No one’s seen her since. People are saying all of those dead people, the ones in the morgue, were taken from here. What if the same guy got Meredith?”

Reid flipped open his cell and dialed Hotch, “Hotch, an intern from Seattle Grace, Meredith Grey, just disappeared. No one has seen her since lunch.”

Reid listened for a moment, and then flipped the phone shut. By this time, other intern joined them. “I’ve let my boss know, so they’ll keep an eye out for her. You’re sure she’s not just not answering her pager?”

“She had surgery with McDreamy, er… Dr. Derek Sheppard?” said Izzie, like Reid would know what it implied.

The other intern said, “Wait, the hemispherectomy? You think he’d let me scrub in?”

“Cristina! No. Also, he pushed the surgery; he went to our house to look for her.”

“Oh, well, she’s not in the hospital. Alex even checked Joe’s, she not there either,” said Cristina.

Reid turned as Hotch pushed his way into the cafeteria, cell phone still in hand.
Hotch replied, “I’ve heard, Chief Webber caught me just before Reid called. I’ve called in the local field office to provide extra security for the hospital. In the meanwhile, we’re going to organize a search.”

“Thank you,” replied Izzie as her pager went off.

“Still haven’t found her?” asked Reid.

“No sign of her,” replied Hotch, “One of the nurse’s in the ER saw her step out to the ambulance bay. She drove in this morning with her boyfriend. His car is still here, and none of her friends drove her anywhere today. I have them pulling all the security tapes from the last ten hours and having them sent to Garcia.”
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