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A Second Chance

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Cooperation 'Verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The second case the Jeffersonian and the BAU work together will hopefully go smoother than the first. A serial killer is in Seattle. (Criminal Minds/Bones/Grey's Anatomy/minor Jossverse, minor slash, character death)

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Chapter Seven

Day Fourteen

“Spencer! Spencer!” screamed Mackey. Reid turned around and caught the distraught woman in his arms. “Ben is gone!” she managed to get out between sobs.

“Wait, take a breath,” said Reid, “What happened?”

“I was coming to hospital to talk to Dr. Brennan. I turned around in the parking lot, I had my back to him for less then a minute, and when I turned back he was gone.”

Reid flipped open his phone and explained the situation to Hotch. He closed the phone and explained to Mackey, “Hotch is alerting security and they’re searching the area. It’s going to be okay, they’ll find him.”


Hotch handed a cup of coffee to Mackey. “Anything you could tell us might be helpful,” he said in his best sympathetic voice, internally cursing himself for wishing for another victim. “Do you want us to call anyone? Ben’s father?”

“Ben, well, he wasn’t exactly planned. I was finishing up my B.A. at UNLV, and I got pregnant. He was born premature and he had a hole in his heart. It was fixable, the doctors, they fixed his heart.” Mackey scrubbed at her face, “We made it through my Ph.D. and I got a great job up here. I though the worst was over.”

“I hate to ask this, but is Reid the father?”

“No,” she replied, taking a sip of coffee. “I was young, and I though I was the smartest person in the universe, and I slept with my Topology professor. He was Spence’s adviser, and he was just this guy, and it happened.”

Hodgins rubbed his eyes. They had been working on this case for two weeks now, and nothing seemed to be going their way. It was late, almost midnight, and he wanted to go to sleep. Just one more sample to process, so he took a swig of his coffee and set about analyzing a dirt sample from the first victim.

Twenty minutes later, Hodgins looked up from his equipment and smiled. “Dr. Brennan!” called Hodgins. “You need to see this. Our first victim, the one we don’t have a clear ID on yet, her remains have traces of moderately thick loess over loamy glacial till soil. She was moved, probably from the Indianapolis area.”

“Wait. Indianapolis?”

“Yes,” said Hodgins, nodding.

“I think,” said Brennan, grabbing a file and flipping through it, “She’s Marlene Corbin, our seventeenth victim’s, Charles Corbin, mother,” said Brennan.

“Charles Corbin has an older brother, Henry. He lives in Seattle, and he fits Gideon’s profile,” said Booth. He grabbed the file from Brennan, “And he’s employed as a paramedic. He’s in and out of Seattle Grace everyday. I met him, he transported bodies from the graveyard!”

“He was one of the paramedics who brought Meredith Grey’s body in too,” said Brennan.

“That’s good enough for me,” said Hotch. “Round up the gang and let’s get out there.”

Reid grabbed his bag and moved to join the team when Gideon stopped him, “Stay here.”

“Damn it, Gideon. I was there when Ben was born, when he had heart surgery, for every birthday. You can’t force me out!” yelled Reid angrily.

“That’s exactly why I’m not letting you do anything. The boy might as well be your family,” said Gideon, “So you’re going to sit here with Dr. Addy, and if you think of anything, you can let us know.”

Reid sat back down in the hard plastic hospital chair and Zack grabbed his hand. Waiting was always the hardest part.


Day Sixteen

423 Ann Arbor Ave. was a quiet brick house, especially at four in the morning. Not for long. Six black suburban pulled up to the house and agents piled out of the cars. Hotch sent half the team around back, making sure all the exits were covered. He silently counted to three, and then let Booth knock down the front door. “This is the FBI!” yelled Booth. “We have a warrant.”

“Clear,” called Hotch and then Gideon.

Morgan started up the stairs with Gideon right behind him. They knocked down the door to the first bedroom. Henry Corbin was standing in the middle of the room, arms out stretched.

“Henry Corbin! Put your arms behind you back,” yelled Morgan as Hotch held his gun on the man. Corbin just ignored them and kept mumbling, “May the Lord who frees you from sin, save you and raise you up.” Morgan grabbed the man’s arms and shoved them into cuffs. Hotch escorted the agent and his captive downstairs.

Hotch was half way done the stairs when he heard both Gideon and Booth shouting that they had found the child, but didn’t want to move him. Morgan hurried the unsub out of the house and Hotch made way for the paramedic team. He turned and followed the paramedics back up the stairs. The child was in the third bedroom, and Booth was crouched beside him.

“He’s unconscious, but seems to be uninjured. There is some bruising around the neck,” stated Booth and then made way for the three paramedics. The paramedics quickly checked the boy over then strapped him to a gurney and loaded him into the ambulance, Booth on their heels the entire time.

By the time Hotch made it out of the house, the front yard was in chaos. Police cars with their lights flashing, FBI officers milling around, and the press had shown up. Gideon was sitting on front step. “Good job,” Hotch said, giving Gideon a hand up. They stood in front of the house together as Morgan and Prentiss spoke with the locals.


“He’s okay,” repeated Spencer.

“He’s fine,” said Zack, closing his cell phone, “Booth says they’re taking him to the hospital as a precaution, but he wasn’t injured and he’s been sedated the entire time, so he may not even remember anything.”

“Oh,” said Spencer, his body deflating, “He’s okay.”

“Why don’t we go back to the hotel? His mom is with him at the hospital and they are not going to allow visitors until tomorrow morning,” Zack held Spencer’s hand and led him to the parking lot.


Gideon sat across from Henry Corbin in the interrogation room as the man recited his crimes. Once they’d gotten him in the room, he’d burst like a dam, every detail flooding out of his mouth.

“My mother was first. The doctors killed her; I just took her away from them. I buried her in our backyard,” he said, rocking back and forth slowly in his chair. “She was my mother and those doctors; they tried to keep her from God when He asked for her to come to Him.”

Gideon did not interrupt; just let the man tell his story.

“I realized that God was asking for me to help Him, to save His people from those doctors who would keep them when it was time for His children to come home,” Corbin said. For a moment, the interrogation room was silent except for their breathing.
“I sent them home, all of them.”

On the other side of the mirror, Prentiss shivered. It was over. This time.

The End

You have reached the end of "A Second Chance". This story is complete.

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