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This Shadow

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Summary: Spike has found that forever is a long time to be in the dark.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Dark > Spike-Centered(Past Donor)lucidityFR1321,211151,41216 Dec 0720 Jan 08Yes


A/N: I wrote it, but I didn't create Spike or anybody. I claim no rights to copyrighted material.


Forty-six years after Angel died, I lost the last of the Scoobies. Willow was flying back to America. She'd been visiting me. Her plane crashed into the Ocean and she was gone. I could not attend her funeral.

Two hundred and fifteen years after Dawn's last descendant died with no heir, I had to start finding reasons to get up each evening. No one else had ever compared to the humans I met in California that decade, so long ago. I had tried. I kept up with some for decades, but I never felt like someone's ... family again.

Three hundred and forty-seven years later, I have one thing left to do. The only thing left that I can think of to do here, and I won't really enjoy it. It'll be cold and dark.

The walk across India and into Tibet gave me time to reflect. I chose the slow path for that very reason. It was just as lonely as the past centuries were.

God! I'm sick of stars.

I met a vamp in Kathmandu. She said I should join her. Wants me to share her territory and her bed. Blonde hair, petite. She said she'd make me forgot my worries. Ha! Like a blonde could ever make me forget. Don't want to forget anyway. No, not forget. But maybe an end.

Full moon. Blasted full moon's just a tease, ain't? It gets bloody bright on full moon nights, but it ain't the sun. Can't never see the sun.

I live in the night, hide in the day. Living on the dark side of the earth.

It's almost sun up. I found this cave just in time. Cold, but safe. Shaded. In shadow. Tomorrow'll get me near the top of this mountain. But now, it's the sun's turn.

It's been so long. All I want is to see the sun. It's all I want.
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