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Frost on the Windows

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Summary: Takes place two years after You Say That Every Time. Spoilers for DH

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Harry Potter > Buffy-CenteredbuffyandspikeFR714630293016 Dec 0716 Dec 07Yes
Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy or any of the Harry Potter Characters.

I just wanted to write something so here it is hope you like.

Warning: Spoilers for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!

Looking up from the book she was reading, a smile graced her lips. How could she have even thought of leaving this? How would she have survived without Molly’s cooking and Author’s questions? How could she have lived on without Ginny’s kind words and Hermione’s knowledge?

As she looked around the room she didn’t know what she would have done four years ago if George had not walked by that alley in which she lay dieing.

No one liked to talk about it the day George had found her. There was sadness still there always would be. But the love this family had, it could save anyone.

It was Christmas Eve. Only their third since Voldemort had been defeated.

When she had first come it had only been three months since all the people had died and all the family’s had been destroyed. There was such sadness in every one. Such a sense of lose.

She had felt at home here and so when they offered to let her stay. She had of course agreed. Ron had often times joked around about the family picking up a stray. She was after all an adult.

Now looking around at the happy faces and hearing the laughter you could never guess that there was tragedy among these people. Every now and then however someone would say something that would send the family into a sad spell. But always there was one person who would bring them all back.

The tree sparkled in the middle of the room with an immense pill of presents all around it. She had put many presents under that tree for everyone. And she knew that this year just like last year was going to be the best Christmas ever.

Though she and George no longer lived in the house with his mother and father they were staying the night just like most of the other family members.

Suddenly George stood up walking over to her he held out his hand. “Dance with me?”

Buffy looked up to see a smirk on George’s lips. “There’s no music.” Buffy frowned as music started to play and the living room doubled in size to fit the dancing.

Buffy thought about it for one more moment before nodding her head and taking a hold of his hand.

Buffy laughed as George lifted her feet of the ground and begin to twirl her round and round.

So this was what having a big family felt like. There was frost on the windows and snow fell out side. There was laughter and love in the cozy room. This was what family was all about.

The End

You have reached the end of "Frost on the Windows". This story is complete.

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