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For the Living

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Summary: Xander dresses as a slightly different soldier.

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Chapter One

For the Living
Disclaimer: EA Games and others own Hellgate: London, Joss Whedon owns BTVS.
Panzer-Rysher Entertainment owns Highlander.

A/N: Now hear this, this fanfiction will be Alternate Universe. Now hear this this faniction is alternate universe.

Xander was on a budget, so when he was roped into taking some runts trick-or-treating; he went to Ethan’s; the new place. After searching through the bin for a gun replica and not finding an M16; he picked up a blocky-looking rifle that looked straight out of a scifi show. Looking at the price tag, it was only a dollar and after all he needed something to go with his fatigues. He paid for it and gleefully carted it home after the owner provided some extras. Namely a funky looking pair of pistols and a gun belt with holsters for them.
One was labeled an XM31 Thermal Bolter on the pistol grip and the other was labeled a SRAC, while the rifle was labeled as an XM220 Automatic Rifle on the butt plate.

Xander headed out the front door while Buffy and Willow were fawning over a dress from the eighteenth century, remembering how airheaded the women were from History in fifth grade. He had no doubt that Angel; who he could almost swear Buffy was wearing it for would hate it. So caring for Buffy; he piped up.
“I prefer my women in spandex.”

Xander went home and hurried past his passed out parents, with a few minutes of fussing he got his fatigues and the gun belt on. In less than half an hour, he had his costume on and was stealthily shutting the door. Xander propped the rifle into a shoulder position that he saw some soldier guys do on TV and walked down the street.

Mrs. Summers saw Xander coming up the walk and flashed back to her boyfriend leaving for Vietnam. Joseph was a little older than Xander but had a similar demeanor, after a minute of flashing back she mentally shook herself. Let bygones be bygones; she got his last letter from 1967, that he ended their relationship because he wasn’t coming back soon. Last she had heard he owned a bar in Washington State; maybe when Buffy was out of high school she’d go see Joe.

Enough woolgathering Halloween was supposed to be fun; only that she dreaded
going to the gallery costume party. She had such a nice costume, but now she had to take care of her brood. Xander trooped up just as Joyce finished daydreaming.

“Hi, Mrs. Summers!” Xander piped up.
Joyce smiled and said hello, still half-caught up remembering her youth. Xander went in and called for Buffy and Willow.

They came parading down the stairs, Joyce heard Xander’s exclamation and his comment about Willow’s Boo. Then Xander rushed them off to escape Snyder’s wrath; Joyce silently vowed to start a letter to the California Board of Education about the troll.

In the back-room of the now closed costume shop, Ethan was kneeling in front of the bust of the Two Faced God Janus, just finishing the spell that would turn all of his costumed costumers into their costumes, an evil look of glee crossed his face as he completes the enchantment, “Chaos. I remain, as ever, thy faithful, degenerate son.” As he sees the busts’ eyes begin to glow he grins madly and whispers, “Show-time!”

Joyce was talking to a snobby short man in a Penguin costume that was concentrating a little too much on her assets that were slightly enhanced by her ill-chosen Wonder Woman costume. The spell washed over her and she was disoriented for a minute before lashing out at the Penguin. The little man sailed up against a column and slid down into a trashcan. Diana wondered where she was for a second before helping a Riding Hood get away from a Werewolf.

Xander almost fell down from the backlash, until the instincts of Carlist, caught up and stopped him. Puzzled as to where he was, he drew his SRAC and Bolter and cleared the area as the former SAS taught him. His rangefinder locked onto one blonde that was moving fast for a zombie. The blonde closed into range and he popped off a pair of thermal rounds, the blonde zigzagged so Carlist opened up with his SRAC. Now, the Demonslayer rounds usually left a corpse; but strangely the blessed 4mm rounds caused this thing to burst into a cloud of dust.

A ghost that pinged all of his fail-safes on ran up to him. She started babbling about a Xander and then Carlist heard a scream. Knowing that it was close he sprinted there.
There was a woman that seemed to have walked out of a history book that Ellen read from before the HellGates opened and spewed forth demons. Carlist checked the area for an ambush and then went to quiet her.

“Thank you for assisting me strange knight. My father will reward you richly.” Lady Elizabeth said.

“We need to go, it is neither safe nor secure here. Let’s follow this red-headed skirt to some place safe; then we’ll contact Sir Lam. For the Living!” Carlist shouted as he downed a red-skinned demon.

A/N: I’m cutting this off here, RL is interfering with my need to write. Can anyone guess what class Carlist is?
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