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Permanent American Vacation

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Summary: HPxAB (Sequel to UnexpectedAmericanVacation) For Harry and friends time has moved forward and even years later there is little hope of being able to help and Anita and friends. Time has also started to work its own brand of magic on "FullSummaryInside"

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Anita BlakeEmmaLoveFR15724,96752913,24917 Dec 0726 Mar 08Yes

Chapter One

Note: And so here begins the sequel... But before we really get back into it, I've given some detail about what happens to who in the WW, mainly cause I figured some of you guys would be curious. I don't do everyone, obviously, just a few of the more popular characters outside of Harry, Neville, Luna, Ron, and Hermione.

This fanfic is the sequel to Unexpected American Vacation if you try to read this without reading UAV first you may be lost.

Full Summary:
HPxAB (Sequel to UnexpectedAmericanVacation) For Harry and friends time has moved forward and even years later there is little hope of being able to help and Anita and friends. Time has also started to work its own brand of magic on Harry, Luna, and Neville - other more immediate concerns have overshadowed their search for a way back.
However, when Luna and Hermione put their minds together there really isn't anything they can't do. But as with all things, there is catch. After so much time are they still willing to sacrifice comfort and home to help Anita and friends?

Disclaimer: You know the drill - I own not Harry Potter, nor do I own Anita Blake. This is not an authorized work, and I am not making any profit with this story.

Permanent American Vacation
~Chapter One~

Three years later, and Harry was almost ashamed to admit that he'd practically forgotten the horrifying vision of the other world. Not completely, but early on Harry and Neville had agreed to wait until Luna graduated Hogwarts before going back. Though that had been a forced decision since they hadn't been able to find an immediate solution.

So Luna happily returned to Hogwarts for her last year, and while her letters at first included lines which indicated she was looking through the library, after awhile she like Harry and Neville before her had gotten caught up in studying for her NEWTs. During that time she sent almost no letters, and the ones she did send no longer mentioned her search.

Before Luna graduated, Harry got an offer from and joined the Ministry as an Auror. Death Eaters were still out there, though most were doing as they'd done before and weren't being easily found. As a matter of fact, there wasn't much to do, and Harry was considering leaving the department and taking a job with one of the Quidditch teams. There had been many offers, but at the time Harry had wanted to do something more important with his life.

Neville worked with his plants, and while they didn't need the money, he would sell some from time to time. Neville had a talent for growing rare items that were in demand. Even time seemed to finally work its magic with Neville, or at least Neville was no longer mentioning the other place. Harry suspected, though that Neville had not forgotten. He'd probably just lost hope of finding a way back and was just trying not to think about it. After all this time it really seemed as though they were never going to be able to return.

However, sixth months ago, Hermione and Luna had gotten really excited about something. Of course, the girls still hadn't seen fit to share, and Ron surprisingly was getting annoyed with them. But Harry knew there was likely only one thing which could get both Hermione and Luna excited. So internally Harry was already preparing himself to return to the other world.

Harry suspected he was crazy, because he was actually looking forward to going back. With the almost total lack of problems in the wizarding world, Harry was bored, and found that he was eager to get back and jump into a good fight. That and he was getting a bit tired of being under the publics glare. Harry had hoped that eventually the wizarding world would get tired of him and move on to someone else. So far that had yet to happen, almost every move Harry made was watched by someone.

Granted other things would distract them for a short time. Things like the fact, according to the papers, that shameful hussy (Hermione) refused to get married and was instead insisting on living in sin with Ron Weasley.

There were even more less than flattering things said about Hermione these days, but Hermione and surprisingly Ron were standing their ground. What had surprised Harry most was the fact that Molly Weasley had disowned Ron when he'd refused to either marry or leave Hermione.

Harry believed Molly was just as offended by the fact that Hermione started work in the Ministry in the Department for Magical Creatures instead of staying home and starting a family like Molly believed a proper female should. So the only contact Ron had with his family were the twins and Ginny; the latter had come very close to getting disowned herself when she'd run off and married Draco Malfoy.

Harry could admit even he'd been shocked about that, and suspected Draco only married her so he could somewhat restore his family name. On the other hand, Ginny was perfectly happy, so Harry knew that Draco was treating her well. Because if he wasn't Ginny's friends and family wouldn't need to step in - Ginny would leave him laying in a ditch somewhere.

Besides, under pressure, Harry could admit that Draco wasn't any longer the annoying prick he'd been at Hogwarts. The one time they'd all had Christmas dinner together, Draco hadn't once looked down on Hermione or even attempted to call her a mudblood.

Hermione was concerned about Ginny, but not because of her husband. To Harry's surprise Hermione hadn't once said a bad word about the pairing. However, she was anything but positive about Molly Weasley these days. According to Hermione, Ginny was really starting to feel her mothers wrath over her career. So much so, that Hermione believed Ginny would soon end her Quidditch career. Hermione seemed to think the only reason Molly hadn't really forced the issue with Ginny yet was because she didn't entirely approve of Ginny's husband so it didn't matter to Molly that Ginny wasn't exactly being a proper wife to him.

As near as Harry could tell, Draco was working much like his father had done. He wasn't in the Ministry, but did extend an influence, and unlike his father, as far as Harry was able to determine that influence was not a negative one.

Ginny, on the other hand, didn't have anything to do with the Ministry and had joined a Quidditch team. At the time, Harry had almost hoped Draco would object to having a wife who worked, but as far as Harry could tell Draco was proud of her. So much so that even Ron had finally grudgingly accepted that Ginny was with Draco, and had stopped trying to change that. Though since Ron still worked with the twins he was relying on Harry and Hermione's word, but Ron knew Hermione and especially Harry wouldn't lie - if Draco was behaving badly, Harry would be the first one to tell Ron.

During Lunas last year at Hogwarts, Dumbledore had finally passed away in his sleep. Harry still missed him, but McGonagall was a capable Headmistress. She was actually a breath of fresh air, she was making changes that seemed as though they might bring the houses together. It would be slow going, of that everyone was sure, but because of her changes everything at Hogwarts no longer revolved around your house.

Of course, there were still houses, but the first night after the sorting students were encouraged to sit where ever they wanted to. At first that hadn't gone over very well, until one evening the students come to the Great Hall to find all the tables missing. After eating on the floor one night, students had started sitting at other tables. Harry wished he knew someone who'd been at Hogwarts for that so he could get the memory in a Pensive. House tables had finally been officially banished.

McGonagall was also forcing fairness on everyone, students no matter what house were being treated fairly under her. So much so that Gryffindors were starting to claim they were being treated unfairly, but Harry knew better. McGonagall had never been inclined to favor one house over the other even her own. And according to Draco, who had managed to get himself on the Board of Governors, she wasn't allowing any of the teachers to show house bias either.

Harry smiled, it was probably good that Severus Snape hadn't returned to Hogwarts after the war, because he wouldn't do well under McGonagall's new rule at all. Actually no one knew exactly what happened to Snape. After Harry, Luna, and Neville had returned from the other world, Snape practically vanished. Dumbledore alone seemed to know what had become of Snape and he'd taken that secret to his grave.

Thankfully not everything had changed, she still allowed Quidditch and so each house still had their own team. But the new Headmistress was slowly nudging things in a much more positive direction, and yet keeping enough of the old to keep most people happy.

The twins were currently dating females, but didn't seem in any bigger rush than Ron to get married. Harry could plainly see the double standard, the twins and Ron were considered playboys for living with females outside of marriage, while Hermione and the other two were being painted as vapid whores because they were living with men outside of marriage. While Harry didn't always agree with Hermione's rants, this was one he could fully support, and was starting to suspect that was the very reason she was refusing to marry Ron.

"Honeys," Luna's voice rang out from downstairs. "I'm home!"

"I'm upstairs," Harry called back, and realized he'd been staring at the same report for over an hour. "Neville's outside working with his plants."

Luna rushed into the room smiling brightly, and put her hands inside his pulling him to his feet.

"We've finally got it figured out."


"Well, about six months ago, Hermione managed to get her hands on some time-turner dust," Luna said. "That was the first step. Dumbledore was right, you see, we can't get back without a gate, and opening another would be extremely foolish."

When Luna paused for a breath, Harry realized he knew where this was heading.

"We have to go back and go through the original gate before it closes."

Luna let go of his hands and twirled around before speaking again.

"At first we thought we could just open another gate, but that wasn't possible, and also would be too late. What we want to do is help our friends, not go back to bury them."

Harry agreed, over his short life he'd already burried too many people.

"It's probably for the best," Harry finally said.

Luna nodded. "As a matter of fact, after this much time there would be little point in going back," Luna waved her hand in the air.

"Unless we could go back to that night."

"You and Hermione have figured out a way?"

"Yes," now Luna looked guilty. "But there's a catch," she said then took a deep breath. "It's a one-way trip. We can go, but we won't be able to ever come home again."

That stopped Harry cold. "Never?"

Luna nodded. "We can safetly open another gate from our side, but as we learned, a gate cannot safetly be opened on their side."

Harry felt as though he'd been punched in the gut. It was one thing to go back and help, then return home for the remainder of their lives. Quite another to go back and help then be stuck there forever. Harry quite liked his world, despite some of the glitches that made things less than pleasant sometimes.

"It's up to you guys," Luna finally said, and Harry's heart sank, because he knew Neville wouldn't care about the price, but Harry couldn't help himself, he cared.

"But we both know that Neville will go back with or without us. Hermione has also decided that she's also going back with or without us. She's discussing things with Ron as we speak."

"You're right," Neville said from the door shocking Harry.

How long had he been standing there? Harry wondered.

"I love you and Harry, but I can't leave things like that. I'm sorry, but I can't. If there is a way, I simply can't just sit back and not do something to help."

Harry understood. He really hated it, but he understood.

Luna rushed forward and wrapped her arms around Neville. Harry could tell she wasn't entirely sure she wanted to go back either. But neither of them were willing to let Neville go back alone.

When Harry looked up Neville was looking at him. Harry finally nodded, and saw Neville relax slightly, which told Harry that Neville would have indeed gone back without them.

~ * ~ * ~

A year later, and Harry was amazed that they still hadn't made the trip back. However, within the month they would leave this world for the other forever.

Harry supposed he'd jumped the gun in quitting his job shortly after that night, but he was bored and had thought that within a month they'd be leaving. Of course, he'd been even more bored this past year without the job. However, Hermione and Luna were delaying things, Harry wasn't sure why Hermione was delaying, because he knew she was even more eager than he and Luna to go, but he knew why Luna was delaying.

Luna was in the process of gathering up all kinds of things - things that she planned to pack and take with them when they left. Harry suspected Hermione was doing much the same thing, but with books instead of knick-knacks. Harry didn't know how, but knew that Hermione and Luna were planning to bring all kinds of things with them.

Even Neville was doing his share of gathering things up. He was bringing most of his rare plants, along with all the materials to take care of them. They were going to be so weighted down that Harry didn't see how they were going to be able to get through the gate, but Luna kept reassuring him that it would be fine. According to her, it was getting back to the past with all their things that would be more trouble than getting said things through the gate itself.

Harry suspected Hermione was also delaying because Ron kept changing his mind. One day he was all ready to pack and go, the next he was thinking he'd rather stay here. Harry could certainly understand that, he actually wanted to stay here himself, but there was no way he was willing to let Neville and Hermione go back and face everything alone.

Harry knew Hermione would go without Ron, but she really seemed to want Ron to make the trip with her. Thankfully, at the beginning of the week Ron resolved himself to go and in the three days since had not changed his mind.

Harry sighed, currently he was home alone waiting for Luna to return from her latest gathering excursion, or Neville to come in from tending his plants. Hopefully, after they helped Anita and friends win the battle things would finally settle down and he'd get some time with his lovers. They'd shared stolen moments this past year, but more often than not one or the other of them were busy getting ready for the trip.

Harry jumped when he heard someone knock on the door. He wasn't expecting anyone, and Ron and Hermione didn't knock anymore. Quickly he made his way downstairs and found himself completely shocked when he opened the door.

The missing Severus Snape was standing there sneering at him. Harry couldn't do anything but gape.

"Well, Potter," Harry felt himself stand straighter at the sound of his voice. "Aren't you going to invite me in?"

Harry finally and slowly nodded. He was very close to pinching himself to make sure he was still awake.

Snape walked in as though he owned the place, which raised Harry's hackles. Harry took a deep breath and resolved to wait and find out what Snape wanted before throwing a fit.

Snape looked around their humble living room, then spun around to face Harry.

"Before he died, the Headmaster informed me," Snape began. "That it was most likely you three fools would manage to find a way back. He insisted that I go with you. No doubt to keep you out of trouble."

Harry knew standing here with his jaw hanging open wasn't helping, but his mind couldn't quite wrap itself around the fact that Severus Snape was intending to go with them when they left. This development wasn't entirely welcome, but Harry didn't see any way around it. It wasn't like he could tell Snape he couldn't go. Well, Harry reasoned, he could, but Snape wasn't likely to listen.

"Well, Potter?"

Harry shook himself. "We aren't quite ready yet," Harry was pleased when his voice came out normal and clear.

"And how long do you believe it will take before you are ready?"

"I can answer that," Luna said from the door. "We'll be leaving tomorrow. Just an hour ago Hermione and myself managed to finally get everything together, and light enough to take with us."

Snape didn't lose his sneer, but nodded.

"I assume," Luna said, "that you will be staying with us tonight."

Again Snape nodded, and Harry thought of Neville. Even after all this time, Neville might still be prone to falling to pieces in the presence of Severus Snape. Harry hoped not. Harry hoped he was being unduly harsh, but all he could do was wait and see.

Then Harry almost smiled. It seemed no matter how much time passed, Snape might forever be able to reduce him to an eleven year old. Harry suspected only Luna and Hermione might be immune. Luna only seemed to fall to pieces when she was in danger of losing he or Neville, and over the years Hermione had become one tough witch. It would be interesting to see if Snape could rattle her cage.

~ * ~ * ~

Note: I had not originally planned for Snape to be in this sequel. *sigh* I also kept going back and forth with Ron, which is the main cause of delay in getting this posted, until I could decide for certain what to do with Ron I couldn't actually move forward. Well, I finally settled that before typing up the handwritten version, and that is when Snape snuck up on me and informed me (in that nice little special way he has) that Dumbledore would be smart enough to realize that eventually these dunderheads would attempt to do this and that the insane Headmaster would (of course) order Snape to return with them to watch over them.

I really don't know what will happen with Snape, because this was something that truly did sneak up on me - I mean I have a few ideas, but not a real plan. I even considered going Hermione/Snape, but given something that happens between Ron and Hermione in Chapter Two... Well, after that there's simply no way it could be anything other than Ron/Hermione.
*grumbles* I don't even like the Ron/Hermione pairing anymore, but after that ittle bitty scene I couldn't go anywhere else with them.
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