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If it's Tuesday it must be Ecuador.

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Willow and Kennedy; The Untold Story.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Non-Song Songfic; The story behind the song. While on their journey around South America Willow and Kennedy take a trip into the Ecuadorian jungle to find a ‘City of Gold’.

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Chapter Three.

Chapter Three.

You could cut the silence with a blunt axe after Faustino had dropped his bombshell, each person considered what this news would mean to them…and the world.

Alberto wondered at all the technological advances this obviously ancient and advanced race would be able to pass on to mankind. Then there were the historical records these creatures must have. Faustino had mentioned something about exploring like his people had done in the past. They must have records going back hundreds…if not thousands of years. Who knew what historical mysteries that might be solved?

Willow wondered at the power that Faustino’s people must be able to wield. To be able to hide an entire city! Of course it depended on the size of the city; she started to babble in her mind, if it was only a small city…say the size of a small town, that wouldn’t need so much power. But, if it was a big city…wow! The power needed for that would be…would be…just…WOW!

Kennedy was still standing there wondering if she should hit the thing. It had let Willow go and everyone, including her girlfriend, had relaxed and seemed to be lost in their own thoughts. Kennedy caught Faustino’s eye for a moment, the creature seemed as puzzled as she was, they exchanged shrugs. Kennedy relaxed and sat down on a lab stool, she picked up a note book and ideally flicked through it. The technical Spanish was beyond her ability to read so she put the book down again and waited for everyone to come to their senses.

Only one thought went through Professor Agulla’s mind.


Willow had little experience in organising expeditions, but she was sure it was supposed to be done with a lot more care and planning than this one was having put into it. Professor Agulla organised a group of young postgrads, while Alberto collected together all the gear that would be needed. Willow got the feeling that the Professor didn’t want either herself or Kennedy to go on the expedition with them. But, as he couldn’t stop ‘Doctor’ Rosenberg from shouting the news about the strange creature and the rumoured ‘El Dorado’ from the roof tops. Plus there was the rather forceful Senorita DeSilver from the Culture Ministry; there wasn’t much he could do about it…so he decided to make a virtue of necessary. This was how Willow found herself back at their hotel room whipping up some magically generated official looking permits to allow the Professor to take his expedition into the jungle.

Everything was proceeding reasonably smoothly until Professor Corleto found out what was going on. He, of course, demanded that he and a team from his department be allowed to go on the expedition. After nearly coming to blows (both Willow and Kennedy got the distinct feeling that the two Professors didn’t like each other for some reason) it was agreed that Corleto and six of his fittest post-grads could join them. This put back the departure date for the expedition by a week as more equipment and supplies had to be found and Willow had to ‘magic’ up even more permits and documentation.

In comparison to the infighting and disorganisation at the university, getting clearance from Faith to go into the jungle (Kennedy really didn’t think they needed Faith’s permission to do anything) was simplicity itself. But Willow persuaded her by saying it was only sensible to tell someone where they were going and how long they were expecting to be gone so that when they didn’t come back slayers could be dispatched to find their shrunken heads.

Kennedy tried to reassure her that the local Indians didn’t shrink heads any more, and anyway Willow was a powerful witch (which Willow often seemed to forget) who had her very own slayer bodyguard; and as Willow had a very nice body she had no problems about guarding it.

Having always been the sort of girl that had enjoyed sports, and while Kennedy wouldn’t go camping in the jungle by choice, she was confident that she could deal with the rigours of the proposed trek. She was finding it hard to understand Willow’s…not exactly reluctance because she seemed really excited about the whole ‘City of Gold’ thing, maybe apprehension was the right word? Kennedy was the sort of person who saw the ‘silver lining’ while Willow only saw the cloud. It was something Kennedy felt she’d have to learn to live with if she was going to stay with Willow…but sometimes it did get a little frustrating.


The day of the expedition’s departure dawned with a fine misty rain from low grey clouds that blocked out the sun but did little to reduce the heat, it was a little like being in a warm shower. Kennedy and Willow pulled up outside the Zoology Department and unloaded their equipment from the back of their cab before walking over to greet Alberto and the other post-grads who were going on he expedition.

Already people had split up into factions, which didn’t bode well for the future. The biggest faction was the post-grads who drew together for mutual protection from the two Professors and their lackeys. The post-grads reminded Kennedy of the peasants in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. They did all the work and muttered darkly about how things would change when they were in charge. Next there was the two factions belonging to the Professors, they appeared to spend all their time bossing the post-grads about and spying on each other.

Willow and Kennedy were their own little faction; well it was really Willow’s faction, Kennedy just went along out of loyalty, she felt she had more in common with the post-grads than the Professors.

“What about natives with blow pipes?” wailed Willow as she helped Kennedy with their packs, “And there’s the spiders…they’ve got too many legs to be natural and-and they crawl across your face in the night, and then there’s snakes and stuff that fall on you from the trees and crush you…”

“Anaconda’s live in the rivers,” Kennedy pointed out helpfully as she checked the load distribution of their packs, “and we’re going up into the mountains…You should be more worried about Pumas!”

“PUMAS?” squeaked Willow loudly making everyone turn to look at her.

“Yeah,” agreed Kennedy mischievously, “big black ones with huge teeth and claws that drag you off into the jungle and eat you!”

“Oooooh!” cried Willow looking around herself nervously expecting to see whole packs of Pumas waiting for her under the ornamental bushes of the university gardens.

“Of course you’ve got nothing to worry about,” added Kennedy finally taking pity on her anxious girlfriend.

“I haven’t?” Willow didn’t sound convinced as she populated the surrounding gardens with the wild animals and savage natives of her imagination.

“Of course not,” Kennedy managed to sound both surprised and a little hurt, “the Soldier Ants will get you first…and you’ve got me to protect you…no overgrown pussy cat’s going to get their claws on you while I’m around…now stop worrying and come on.”

“You sure?” asked Willow unconvinced as they joined the rest of the expedition.

“Sure I’m sure,” smiled Kennedy, “I’ve got to look after you…how would I explain it to Buffy and Faith if you got eaten? Then there’s all the paper work I’d…Ow!” Kennedy rubbed her arm where Willow had punched her, “You hit hard, you know that?”

Good, thought Kennedy, now she’s angry she won’t have time to be frightened.


After loading all the gear into a rag-tag collection of pickup trucks and an old school bus, the council representatives and the post-grads had to stand through a long winded speech given by the two Professors. They both pointed out how arduous the expedition was going to be and if anyone felt that they wouldn’t be able to keep up they should leave now; and how no allowances could be made between the sexes. Kennedy looked around and noticed that she and Willow were the only women on the expedition…how nice it was to me wanted. Kennedy favoured the two professors with her very best ‘predator’s grin’.

By the time the professors had finished with their speech making and everyone had climbed aboard the bus they were all soaked to the skin with a mixture of perspiration and rain. The little convoy left the university campus and headed out onto the highway. After only an hour or so they turned off the highway on to a secondary road that got progressively narrower and rougher as they went along. By the time they got to Alberto’s home town of Pinguili everyone was hot, damp, grubby and tired.

Alberto took Faustino and a couple of his friends off to stay at his home overnight after pointing Willow and Kennedy towards the only hotel in the little town. Getting there before anyone else the two women managed to grab the only room with a bathroom and shower.

Standing in the shower together later that night Willow rested her head on Kennedy’s shoulder, they let the warm clean water cascade down their bodies in silence before she spoke.

“You shouldn’t worry about me,” she slipped her arms around Kennedy’s back and ran her hands over her girlfriend’s smooth skin.

“What me? Worry?” Kennedy smiled into Willow’s wet hair.

“I know I get all…you know?”

“Anxious?” supplied Kennedy.

“Yeah…anxious,” Willow melted into the warmth of her lover’s body, “I’m alright as long as I’ve got someone to be strong for me…I’d never run out on you in a fight.”

“I should hope not!” Kennedy laughed quietly, “Look, you be anxious for both of us and I’ll be strong for us…and aren’t we wasting time in here while there’s a big comfy bed out there?”


Professor Corleto was kept awake late into the night by all the moaning and cries of pleasure coming from the room next to his. The following morning he gave Willow and Kennedy a very hard look over the breakfast table.


After breakfast the next day the expedition’s equipment and supplies were loaded on to mules and they moved out into the jungle. At first they followed tracks then game trails, but as they moved deeper into the jungle even these faded away and they were left to cut their own trail through the underbrush. Eventually as they climbed up out of one valley and into another the vegetation under the trees thinned out making the going easier and allowing the party to move a little faster.

At the end of the forth day the two women sat down and removed their packs, they’d had to send the pack animals back the previous day. Kennedy rubbed her aching shoulders where the straps had dug into them.

“The heat, the flies, the warm Champaign,” she sighed half jokingly, watching Willow for any sign of fatigue she noticed that her girlfriend didn’t look much more tired than she was. “Okay, what have you done?”

Willow grinned conspiratorially.

“Oh nothing much,” she smirked, “just a little spell to keep the insects off and another to make my pack lighter.”

Kennedy watched closely and saw an insect come into land on Willow’s arm, it flashed into a tiny burst of magical fire before it even touched her skin. Kennedy wasn’t too bothered by insects, those she failed to intercept with her super fast slayer reactions, appeared to die after one sip of slayer blood. Whatever it was in a slayer’s blood that made her a slayer seemed to overload the tiny bloodsuckers system and they self-destructed. Kennedy was however jealous of the light pack spell, but she was a slayer, she was tough, she could take it. She shook her head sadly, it was going to take days for the redness to fade, so it was no off the shoulder blouses or dresses for her for a while.


They walked on for another two days, always heading upslope with Faustino and Alberto leading the way. At least up in the mountains it was cooler and as they got higher the insects tinned out a little. However, at night it got quite cold, this didn’t bother Kennedy and Willow too much as it gave them an excuse to snuggle up together. Evan so some nights they found it hard to sleep what with all the Platyrrhini having wild platyrrhini sex in the trees above them.

The further they climbed the more excited Faustino became, he would rush on ahead of the straggling column pointing to the next ridgeline and shouting that it wasn’t much further now and how they’d soon be there!

It was early evening of the seventh day and the expedition climbed wearily to the top of yet another ridgeline. They found themselves on a peak bare of trees and covered only by grass and stunted bushes. They looked out over the jungle as the sun started to set behind the higher peaks of the Andes. They stopped and rested for a moment before plunging down into the next valley, they would have to make camp soon.

It was Willow who noticed it first; she nudged Kennedy with her elbow and pointed. Faustino seemed to be mesmerised by something he could see in the distance.

“There!” he cried out and pointed down across the valley.

Everyone turned to look; Kennedy’s eyes swiftly sort out whatever it was that Faustino was looking at. For a moment she thought that maybe she caught a flash of light from a tower that glowed gold in the light from the rapidly setting sun. Her slayer’s ears picked out the sound of bushes being moved as something ran rapidly away from the party. It only took a moment before the spell was broken, someone cried out that the beast was gone and the mountain top dissolved into a crowd of people rushing around trying to find the ‘beast’.


Thephec plunged through the bush leaving the humans behind on the mountain top he almost stumbled into one of his own kind who stood waiting for him. Thephec sighed with relief and decided he was never going to leave the city again.

“Hello friend,” said the Sentinel softly, “welcome home.”

Without a backward glance Thephec and the Sentinel walked into the jungle and vanished.


“Did you see it?” whispered Kennedy as she stood next to Willow who still looked out over the jungle.

“I think so,” nodded Willow, “a sort of gold tower thing down there in the valley…just for an instant but now…now it’s gone.”

“Not there?” Kennedy scanned the bushes for any sign of Faustino; it didn’t surprise her when she couldn’t see anything.

“Nothing,” Willow turned to face Kennedy, “no magic, no technology not a trance, it’s like…”

“Like there’s nothing there?” Kennedy finished for her.

“Yeah,” breathed Willow thinking hard and fast, “maybe its one of those portals through to another plain of existence?”

The two women walked over to a boulder that stuck out of the grass and sat down side by side.

“Or maybe its,” Kennedy took Willow’s hand in hers, “that they’re just a little out of phase with us time wise…that would hide them.”

“Yeah could be,” sighed Willow sadly, “whatever it is I’ll never find it with all these people rushing around,” she watched in amusement as the two Professors yelled and screamed at the post-grads as they ‘directed’ the search.

“You could find it?” Kennedy asked impressed.

“Sure,” Willow nodded her head as she gazed across the tree tops, “I think there’s not much I can’t do now…once I put my mind to it, but I don’t think I should.”

“No.” agreed Kennedy, “leave them hidden out here…Let’s get off this peak and make camp, eh?”

“Yeah let’s,” Willow got up and started to head down slope towards the trees with Kennedy following close behind her, “Start out for home tomorrow?”

“Oh yes please,” Kennedy agreed whole heartedly, “lets go home soon hmm?”

“Why not now?” Willow took hold of Kennedy’s hand and moments later they stood on the outskirts of Pinguili, Willow looked at Kennedy’s rather shocked face, “I wouldn’t be much of a witch if we’d had to walk all the way back now would I?”


They spent the night in the same room as they had before heading into the jungle. In the morning they settled their bill before Willow wiped the memories of the hotel owner and her husband, she had said that it would be easier than having to explain how they’d got back from the jungle so quickly. Reluctantly Kennedy agreed, and anyway Willow was getting very precise with her ‘Tabula Rasa’ spells…she hardly ever made a mistake nowadays.

It took them most of the day to get back to Quito by more conventional means. They spent one more night in their hotel in the capital. The next morning they headed for the airport and left the hotel staff with memories of the two American women who had spent nearly four weeks at the hotel while they conducted some business in the city. In fact by the time Willow had finished no one was too sure what either of them had looked like or what they had done during their stay.


Kennedy sat in the window seat of the small airliner as it made its way across the Andes on their way to Guayaquil. She felt Willow relax after take off and had watched out of the window while Willow stuck her nose in a book. She’d would never get tired of flying, looking down at the world as it slowly rolled by it made her feel like a goddess or something.


Kennedy turned to look at Willow.

“Were you sorry that you were never able to get into the jungle?” Willow’s eyes locked onto Kennedy’s as if she was looking for something, “I know you said you wanted to.”

“Not really,” Kennedy settled back in her seat, “but it would have broken up the monotony…Quito isn’t the most exciting place on the planet.”

“No,” Willow continued to study Kennedy’s face as if looking for something.

“What are you looking at? Have I got something between my teeth?” Kennedy grabbed for her purse and compact.

“No!” Willow smiled quickly, “I was just looking into your soul to make sure you were telling the truth…” Willow saw the panic start to rise in her girlfriend’s eyes, “Just joking!” She laughed defusing the situation, “I worry that you don’t get to do stuff you want to do…you’re always looking out for me and doing my stuff.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Kennedy linked her fingers through Willow’s, “there’ll be other jungles…and if there’s something I want to do I’ll be sure to let you know.”


Willow held on to Kennedy’s hand as she got herself comfortable and Kennedy went back to watching the world go by. She was sure now that Kennedy had no recollection of their little trip into the Ecuadorian jungle. The University Expedition would only have memories of the creature, Faustino, and how it had escaped into the jungle. None would remember the flash of gold in the trees; in fact most hadn’t seen it anyway. In all probability Kennedy and herself were the only one’s to have seen anything clearly and then only for a second.

Willow had decided to wipe everyone’s memories to prevent any chance of a search for the City of Gold, not that anyone had a chance of finding it…she just wanted to be sure. No one would remember ‘Doctor’ Rosenberg from UCLA or Senorita DeSilver from the Culture Ministry, and as far as Kennedy was concerned they had spent a rather boring few weeks looking for non-existent slayers and watchers.

Willow smiled a self satisfied smile, everything would be fine now. She’d keep Kennedy busy so she wouldn’t have time to remember. That pesky Slayer resistance to magic was always a problem…as was Faith. The records had already been changed; and a simple denial of ever making a phone call would do the trick. Faith would think it odd but she was far too busy, what with Buffy and Giles being away, to think about it for too long…and anyway she wasn’t that bright so there was really no need to worry.

As the aircraft flew on towards the coast Willow gave herself a silent round of applause for being such a clever little witch. Faustino’s secret was safe with her; after all she wasn’t going to tell anybody.

For a moment a puzzled look crossed Willow’s face.

‘What secret?’ She wondered, ‘There was a secret?’

Nobody had told her any secret. Dismissing the strange thought from her mind she started to look forward to their stay in Guayaquil, she hoped it was going to be more interesting than their stay in Quito.

“Darn boring place,” she muttered before closing her eyes and taking a little nap.



A Trick of the Tail.
By Genesis.

Music Vid here;
Copy and Paste to your Search Engine, or direct to You-Tube search. You may have to delete the ‘http://’ to make it work.

Words here;

Bored of the life on the city of gold
He’d left and let nobody know.
Gone were the towers he had known from a child,
Alone with the dream of a life
He travelled the wide open road,
The blinkered arcade,
In search of another to share in his life.
Everyone looked so strange to him.

They’ve got no horns and they’ve got no tail
They don’t even know of our existence.
Am I wrong to believe in a city of gold
That lies in the deep distance; he cried

And wept as they led him away to a cage
Beast that can talk, read the sign.
The creatures they pushed and they prodded his frame
And questioned his story again.
But soon they grew bored of their prey
Beast that can talk?
More like a freak a publicity stunt.

They’ve got no horns and they’ve got no tail
They don’t even know of our existence.
Am I wrong to believe in a city of gold
That lies in the deep distance, he cried

And broke down the door of the cage and marched on out.
He grabbed a creature by the scruff of his neck, pointing out:
There, beyond the bounds of you weak imagination
Lie the noble towers of my city, bright and gold.
Let me take you there; show you a living story
Let me show you others such as me
Why did I ever leave?

They’ve got no horns and they’ve got no tail
They don’t even know of our existence
Am I wrong to believe in a city of gold
That lies in the deep distance, he cried
And wept.

And so we set out with the beast and his horns
And his crazy description of home.
After many days journey we came to a peak
Where the beast gazed abroad and cried out.
We followed his gaze and we thought that maybe we saw
A spire of gold - no, a trick of the eye that’s all,
But the beast was gone and a voice was heard:

They’ve got no horns and they’ve got no tail
They don’t even know of our existence
Am I wrong to believe in a city of gold
That lies in the deep distance

Hello friend, welcome home.


All the Spanish sounding surnames were taken from members of the 2007 Argentinean Rugby Union World Cup team who came third in the competition, but more importantly beat the French TWICE!

The End

You have reached the end of "If it's Tuesday it must be Ecuador.". This story is complete.

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