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Punishment on the Hellmouth

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Summary: Xander's soldier costume has some punishing results.

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Marvel Universe > Marvel KnightsJediLaSombraFR1866,27613326,98419 Dec 076 Oct 10No


Punishment on the Hellmouth

Ch. 1: Cleaning

Disclaimer: Don‘t own anything recognizable. Marvel owns The Punisher, Joss owns Buffy.

Cross: The Punisher

A/N: The Punisher in this cross is based on the Purgatory mini-series. If you’re unfamiliar with it, Castle has powers to destroy supernatural beings.

How he came into the Buffy verse will be explained in upcoming chapters in flashback.
It will be A/U season 3.

F/B: Yes, thank you. First time writer so be gentle.

"word” means talking, ‘word’ means thought

Summary: Xander dresses as a soldier for Halloween, one with repercussions not immediately felt.

‘The warehouse is burning.’

That was the first thing that went through Dr’akit’s mind when he awoke. That thought was quickly interrupted by the sound of gunfire. He knew it had been too good to be true. He groaned as he moved one of the fallen support beams off of him. He had to move before whoever was attacking found him.


The Slayer had left the hellmouth unguarded. Rumors had flown about as to why. One rumor had her on the east coast, Boston specifically, doing her slayer bit there. A second one was that she had runaway, abandoned her post, and her watcher was desperately trying to find her. Angelus’ childe, Drusilla, had killed one of her group and it had devastated her. Her friends had tried to cover up her lack of presence but they could barely handle a newly risen fledgling. A third had her taking the fight to the Order of Teraka which was being systematically decimated by person or persons unknown. Dr’akit figured it would be a good time to set himself up as the head demon on the hellmouth. He moved his crew in quickly and quietly so as not to attract attention if the Slayer ever returned.

A couple of weeks after Angelus fell, he pretty much had the town wired when it started to fall apart. It started with the lesser demons and newly risen vampires disappearing. Slaughtered would be the more appropriate term since all that was left were remains and ash. The newbie’s weren’t too big a loss since they could have fallen victim to the Slayer’s groupies but the lesser demons was worrisome. For one, they were tougher than the groupies should be able to handle and second, evidence at the scenes indicated that they had been taken out by gunfire. Blast and scorch marks were the only indication of what had befallen them. There wasn’t any known ammo that could take out a demon… at least none he knew about.

Days passed with more demons and vampires disappearing. Once again rumors started flying. The Slayer’s groupies had learned magic and were using it to protect the hellmouth. The was a new hunter in town, one that used guns with a special type of ammo. The same hunter that had taken down the Terakans. With no one left alive after the attacks, there was no way to confirm anything. Not even Willie, the local information broker, had heard anything about any new hunters or the goings on with the Slayer and her group. Whatever it was that was killing his crew, was really good, and it was taking its toll. Dr’akit had issued a network wide order, Find whatever is killing their fellow demons and kill it at all costs. His minions went out in force to find the new hunter or whatever it was and tried to bring it down.

That was a mistake.

They searched the town, avoiding the slayer’s friends quite easily. Willie had finally come through with some info. There was talk of someone stockpiling unusual weapons in a warehouse down at the far end of the docks. A large group of his enforcers and various local thugs stormed the place. As Dr’akit awaited word of the success of the raid, a lone figure approached the demon’s warehouse base of operations.

That was earlier this evening.

At the warehouse at the far end of the docks, things happened quickly. The group of demons and vamps charged in blindly, wanting to be the one to kill the hunter and get in good with the boss. None of them noticed the laser trip beam five feet inside the walls of the building. When the beam is broken, a ten second timer is started. The warehouse went up in a flare of white light leveling everything within a block radius.

Back at Dr'akit's warehouse, several explosions shook the building. The cries of alarm and pain went up immediately following the sounds of gunfire. Smoke quickly started to fill the building as flames erupted from the various chemicals and weapons scattered about. The lone figure walks through the building, the weapon in hand looking like a pulse rifle from the movie “Aliens“, keeping the demons from getting too close with automatic fire while intermittently using the grenade launcher to take out support beams. One such support beam held part of Dr’akit’s office up. When it was destroyed, a good portion of the office came tumbling down with Dr’akit in the middle of the rubble. Moments later Dr’akit awoke.

:::End Flashback:::

Groaning, he pushes the support beam off and tries to stand up. One of his legs can not support him as it has been broken in the fall. Dr’akit grimaced and tried to shamble away from the burning wreck of his warehouse. The gunfire sounds to his left so he goes right to avoid the hunter. He can see the door not too far ahead and doubles his efforts to get out and away from the person that almost destroyed his setup.

‘I gotta get out. Rebuild and start over again. Better though. Stronger and Smarter. Can’t something like this happen again.’

Dr’akit’s thoughts were interrupted when his good leg erupted in a shower of blood and necrotic flesh. The register of a gunshot followed shortly there after. Dr’akit crumpled to the floor in a sprawl as the pain lanced through his leg, forcing a yelp to come from his mouth. Clutching his leg, Dr’akit rolls onto his back, his eyes clenched shut. The pain is clearly etched on his face before it subsides enough to let him open his eyes and look at his attacker.

The light of a raging fire was behind him so he couldn’t make out too many details at first but he could tell he was wearing a long coat that seems to be popular on the hellmouth. The hunter made a motion like he put his initial weapon into his coat and pulled out a smaller pistol looking one. As the hunter got closer he passed by another fire that illuminated him from the front.

‘Boots, dark pants, the long coat, a dark shirt with something printed on it(was that a skull?), a funky looking pistol (a Lawgiver?!?! What in the seven hells?) and… Oh no!’

Dr’akit’s eyes widened as he got a really good look at the hunter. How had he not noticed? As he stared, the hunter got closer making the most striking part stand out in the darkness between fires. It wasn’t the gun that shouldn’t exist out of a comic book, it wasn’t even the glowing red eyes. No, what surprised Dr’akit was the celestial script on the hunter’s forehead. The one that gave meaning to the hunter’s purpose.

‘No, not a hunter, He was…’

“The Punisher.” whispered Dr’akit.

“Got that right.” The Punisher replied before speaking to his gun, “Blessed.”

Dr’akit’s world exploded into white light as the rounds slammed into his chest, shattering bones, destroying flesh, and sending what passed for his soul back to hell.
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