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The Witch

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Summary: Sheila decides to move to New York after the Hanzel and Gretel ordeal. Willow is transformed into a new character, and meets Dade at school. She is a wonderful hacker, and is very well known in New York.

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Part 2

Part 2
Willow made her way into the computer store after school, and took a look around the small electronics shop. A man from the back came up front and cleared his throat. Willow looked up. “How may I help you young miss?” the man asked.
“Yeah, I’m looking for a laptop, with a fast dial-up Internet connection, good graphics, and it’s gotta be speedy,” Willow explained, putting her innocent face on. “Ya got one?”
The man seemed to think a second, and then nodded slowly. “Yeah, we got one. 1299, though. Ya got the money?” he asked.
“Do ya take credit cards?” Willow replied with a question. The man nodded, pulling a box out of the back of the store. Willow drew out her visa, which had a ten grand limit. It was brand new, a gift from her parents for moving, and had never been used before. She paid for the computer, carrying that and the needed requirements for what she wanted to do in a bag out the store and into the bust NYC streets, on her skates once again.
Willow had learned how to skate very well before school had started. Not professional well, but damn near close. So, she skated to the penthouse apartment her small family lived in, well, that SHE lived in anyway. Her parents were always out of town, and just plain out.
As she clambered into her room, skates still on; she opened the box for the laptop. Now she could get some hacking in. And with NYC? More challenging hacking, but her Wicca powers could take care of that. That is why she chose as her alias “The Witch”. Willow hooked the computer up, and listened to the dial-up sound. “Like music to my ears!” she whispered. “And now I can email the Scoobies, and do some quality hacking.”
Willow put on a black tank top and a pair of black sweats that said “DANGER” on the back in silver. She applied black lipstick to her lips and black eyeliner too. After about ten minutes, she was ready to go. But she remembered to hide some stakes in her pants incase of unwanted vampire attacks. With fifteen minutes to get to the club. She looked at the address card, and it took about ten minutes to get there by walking, so walk she did. When she got there, Willow saw skating ramps and computers, so she hurried over to the computers. After logging on, she quickly set to work on hacking. After about ten minutes, Willow felt a tapping on her shoulder, and she quickly worked the keyboard with a code that made her searches on the screen disappear, but still are there. Willow turned and looked up into the face of her date, and saw him smiling. She smiled sheepishly back.
“Couldn’t help myself,” Willow explained, quietly. Dade just smiled and shook his head.
“I know the feeling,” Dade answered, helping her up. “So, what do you wanna do? You certainly can’t hack on a computer all night, can you?”
He saw Willow get paler at his words, and then she collected herself and shook her head. “Just let me log off, kay?”
He was a little confused, but let her log off, which she did very fast. Like super-hacker fast. As fast as he would. Maybe even faster. ‘Nah, she’s not a hacker,’ Dade thought. ‘…Or is she?’
When Willow turned around, her date seemed to be caught up in thoughts. She waved a hand in front of Dade’s eyes, and he shook his head. “Sorry,” he said, walking towards an unoccupied booth. “Just thinking.”
“I could see that,” Willow answered.
“Willow, how much do you like computers?” Dade asked.
“A lot,” Willow answered.
“I’ve got this silly notion,” Dade tried to explain. “That you’re somehow a hacker. Are you?”
“A hacker?” Willow asked in a small, slightly scared voice. He nodded and noticed she gulped. “And if I was?”
“Well, I’m a hacker,” Dade said cautiously. “So, are you one?”
“Well, yeah,” Willow said. She looked at him, leaning back into the booth seat. “You probably don’t know me because I’m not really a popular hacker. Who are you?”
“I, am Crash Override,” Dade said, seeing recognition on Willow’s face as her eyes widened. She gasped and smiled. “I was known as Zero Cool.”
“Wow,” Willow whispered. She smiled widely. “You’re Crash Override? I’ve had a bit of trouble with you, mister.”
“So, tell me, who are you?” Crash asked. He saw Willow smirk.
“You probably don’t know me,” Willow repeated. She locked eyes with him and said, “I’m The Witch.”
Crash gaped. ‘She’s The Witch?’ he asked himself. Then, he too smirked. “I do know you. You’ve been really pesky, you know?”
Willow smiled evilly. “That’s me.”
Crash smiled at her. “So, would you like to go hack?”
“Would I ever!” Willow exclaimed quietly. She flashed him an evil smile again. “Wanna have a contest, Crash?”
“I’ll beat you, Little Tree,” Crash answered, smirking as she glared at the name he used.
“We’ll see.”
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