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The Witch

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Summary: Sheila decides to move to New York after the Hanzel and Gretel ordeal. Willow is transformed into a new character, and meets Dade at school. She is a wonderful hacker, and is very well known in New York.

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Part 3

Part 3I

It was an event. Her date and her having a hacker contest was an event to them. Probably because he was Crash Override, and she was The Witch.

Phreak, Burn, Cereal, Nikon, they were all there. They were going to direct the hacking contest. Burn doubted the newbie, even though she was The Witch, could beat Crash. Crash was at his best right now, and he was at his best as was she when they had a hacking contest.

Willow found out she was more popular among hackers than she thought. At least, the hackers in NYC. The Witch was practically feared here, and she was right below Crash. Amazing, huh? Well, as it was, the countdown began, and…They’re off!

They both were trying to penetrate the FBI files. Willow played the keyboard like a professional pianist. Clicking, code breaking, the works. Within three minutes and 38 seconds, Willow had the FBI files pulled up, with an example included at that.

Crash had just started to break the last of the codes, but Willow was faster because she used all of her abilities…meaning magic was included on the net. (***Hehehe, I got that from Serena too. Finish your story Serena! I like it lots!***)

But, Willow had hidden that magic well. She had improved greatly on the plane trip to New York and in the time period she had stayed in the apartment. Willow had read books about improving magic abilities and how to control them. Being the total study, straight-A student Willow was, she had read and reread the magic books until she understood every word and sentence to the last vowel and consonant. She controlled her magic and her magic was strong.

There was an uncomfortable silence through the Cyberdelia before everyone broke out in cheers. Willow blushed as everyone congratulated her. She heard bits and pieces of conversation passed around.

“THE Witch?” “She beat Crash!” “They said she came from California?” “That redhead is The Witch. I don’t believe it!”

Willow smiled at Crash as he stared disbelieving at her. He shook his head once more and smiled back. "You're good Willow."

"Not too shabby yourself Crash," Willow replied, standing up and linking arms with him.

Phreak, Burn, Cereal and Nikon walked over, and all of them except for Kate were smiling. Phreak spoke up.

"So, you're The Witch?" he asked, and Willow nodded. His tiger-striped shirt and black leather pants earned a raised eyebrow from Willow. Phreak looked at his comrades, who nodded, even Burn. "Well, you've been initiated into our group, so to speak. Wanna join? It's a hacker group."

Willow seemed to think this over for about twenty-five seconds before nodding and grinning. "Sure."

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Witch" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 Jul 03.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking