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The Witch

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Summary: Sheila decides to move to New York after the Hanzel and Gretel ordeal. Willow is transformed into a new character, and meets Dade at school. She is a wonderful hacker, and is very well known in New York.

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The Witch

Pairing: Willow/Dade

Disclaimer: Me? Nah, but Dade is cute *BG* Also, I got the idea off of Serena's story "Hackers". Finish your story Serena! *G*

~ * ~* ~

Part 1

When Willow heard that her parents were moving her to New York City, she was surprised, angered, sad, and another handful of emotions. But she had no choice. So, after saying goodbye to her friends, her boyfriend, and her surrogate father, Giles. Of course, he let her take some of the magic books so she could continue her studying.

By Saturday, she was ready to go to the Big Apple. Packed, the good-byes were said, and her parents had the tickets to New York. Willow sighed on the plane. Even though her parents could afford first class tickets, the hot towels the flight attendants were passing out didn’t look very promising. She looked down at the endless nothing of the plains in North America, thinking that New York wasn’t looking very good right now.


Willow left the house that morning for her school totally different than what she was like back in Sunnydale. She wore baggy black pants with ripped knees and a baggy black shirt that had to blood red eyes on the front, and on the back it said “EVIL AT HEART.” Willow completed the outfit with black roller blades, black combat boots, blood red lipstick and black eyeliner. No one here would figure out she was The Witch, not like she was renown in the hacker world. But, The Witch was known.

So, skating to school, Willow jumped inside the school hallways, taking a look around before discarding her skates for the combat boots. At entering the school, she searched for the principal’s office, but seemed she couldn’t find it. So, she tapped a woman with short dark hair on the shoulder.

“And how may I help you?” the woman asked.

“I’m new. Care to tell where the principal’s office is?” Willow asked him in a teasing voice.

“Oh, yeah. Go up the staircase, it’s on the roof,” she explained, pointing to the stairway that was next to her. “There’s also an Olympic size swimming pool up there.”

“Thank you,” Willow told her.

Kate sniggered as the Goth looking redhead followed her directions. “Well, there goes another gullible newbie,” Kate said to her friend Dade as she watched the redhead disappear behind the door. They had broken up during the summer, claiming that they had too much hostility in their relationship to continue.

Willow opened the door and walked out, letting it close behind her. She looked around; noticing not only was there no office, but no swimming pool. She turned back to open the door and found it locked tight. Willow smiled. “We’ll fix that, won’t we?” She asked herself. Willow placed her hands above the lock, and whispered, “Open.”

Th door swung open and the handle popped off, thus making it impossible for anyone else to be stuck on the roof. She walked down the stairs and passed a grin at the dark haired woman that had her on the roof. “Now, which way is the principal again?” Willow asked in a sweet, taunting voice.

Kate looked at the redhead with wide eyes. So, Dade spoke up. “I’m Dade, this astonished one is Kate, and the principal’s office is down that hall, and the take a right after passing room 427,” Dade told the redhead, quite taken with her. “Can’t miss it. First door on the left.”

Willow looked at the hot blonde, raising a manicured eyebrow, and nodding. “Thank you Dade. I’m Willow,” Willow replied in a kind voice. She smiled her flattering smile, which had him grinning back. She had turned, but she heard him say “wait”.

“Um, would you meet me at the Cyberdelia tonight?” Dade asked anxiously. Then he thought about what he had just said. “Do you like computers?”

Willow smiled brightly. “Love ‘em,” she answered. He gave her a card with the address of the Cyberdelia on it. “Meet you there at eight?”

“Yeah, meet you there. Oh, wear normal clothes,” Dade added as an after thought.

“Okay,” Willow turned with a satisfied smile on her face, heading to the principal’s office. ‘First day of school, and I gotta date.’
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