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I'll be Home for Christmas

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Summary: Holidays and loved ones should not be mixed. Wesley Wyndham-Pryce and Nymphadora Tonks find that out the hard way. (Fic-a-thon for Kristal).

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Harry Potter > Wesley-Centered > Pairing: Nymphadora TonksdulcineaFR1335,039122,36120 Dec 0720 Dec 07Yes

I'll Be Home for Christmas

Title: I’ll be Home for Christmas
Author: dulcinea
Rating: FR 13
Disclaimer: Tonks and family belong to J.K. Rowling. Wesley and family belong to Joss Whedon.

Summary: Holidays and loved ones should not be mixed. Wesley Wyndham-Pryce and Nymphadora Tonks find that out the hard way. (Fic-a-thon for Kristal).

Author Notes: This is a 2007 Holiday Fic-a-thon entry for Kristal, who asked for: “comedy, drama, lost family, or past/earlier life”, with the characters Anya, Buffy, Dawn, Faith, Spike, or Wesley, and the fandoms Charmed, HP, LotR, Smallville, Supernatural, or X-men.
When I was thinking about potential HP plots, my beta and I did a little online research about Christmas traditions in England, and came up with this interesting tradition. “Christmas pudding is served with custard or brandy sauce. Brandy is often poured over the pudding, which is then set a light as it is carried to the table.” From that point on, the story pretty much wrote itself.

Wesley fidgeted at his desk. In just a few hours, classes would be out for winter holidays, his last winter holidays before starting university. Most winters he was so inundated with midterm exams and special watcher projects that he barely noticed the holidays creeping past him, but this year was different, this year was special. This year, for the first time in his life, he had someone special he wanted to spend the holidays with. Now if only he could convince her to come home with him.

Nymphadora Tonks could feel the hair rising off the back of her neck and possibly turning a lovely shade of lavender. She knew she should be paying attention to Professor McGonagall, but her mind was on a certain Ravenclaw. Her mother had been hinting in her last letter that it might be time to bring a certain someone home to meet the family, and what better opportunity than the winter holidays. Now if only she could convince him to come home with her. She stared out the window, watching the snowflakes fall.

As soon as Professor McGonagall dismissed the class, the seventh years went running for the Great Hall for the last lunch before the break. Letting the crowd pass them, Wesley and Tonks strolled hand in hand, past the archways festooned with mistletoe. “So, are you ready for the holidays?” Wesley started off the conversation.

“I suppose. And you?” Tonks smiled as she glanced up at her beau.

“I don’t know if I’m ready for the holidays, but I’m definitely ready for the exams to be over.” They chuckled, neither knowing how to take the conversation where they wanted it to go. It seemed to be a pattern for this couple; many evenings they could be seen strolling up and down the halls in silence right up until curfew. Both opened their mouths a few times as they passed the hall of portraits, but neither could find the right words for what they were trying to say.
Wesley finally halted just before they reached the Great Hall, not wanting to go inside before having said his piece. Tonks glanced up at him curiously. “I guess what I meant to say was, do you have any plans for the holidays?”

“Plans? Um… Nothing definite? My family generally does the whole decorate the tree, have a big meal, sing carols, you know? Of course, there is one thing I have been considering…. And you?”

“We have a very traditional holiday, too. I did have one thought I wanted to run past you first, though.”

“Oh, me too! I was thinking…”

“Would you come to my house for Christmas dinner?” They both got out at the same time.

“I asked you first!” Tonks insisted.

“Did not.”

“I did, too.”

“Well, it doesn’t matter anyway. I can’t spend the holidays with you because if I do, my parents would be all alone, and that would be sad.”

“True, but my house is so fun for the holidays; I don’t want to miss it, and you shouldn’t either. We can go pick out the largest tree from the tree lot, and spend all Christmas charming ornaments on to the branches, and we can make a gingerbread house, and charm the gingerbread cookies to live in the house and wave out the windows! It’ll be fabulous!” Wesley shot her a look. “What? Don’t look at me like that. It’s tradition!”

“If we’re talking about tradition, my family wins hands down. For Christmas Eve, we have this huge banquet dinner, with braised goose and Christmas pudding…” Wesley was getting hungry just thinking about it.

“I’m sure my mum’s cooking is better than yours.”

“And if my mother was actually the one doing the cooking, that might be a valid argument. The point is you should visit my house for the holidays.”

“No, the point is you should visit my house for the holidays.” Tonks poked Wesley’s side at a spot she knew was ticklish. Seeing his small grin, she moved in for a massive tickle attack.

“Hey! That’s dirty pool. Let’s compromise.” Wesley tried to peel Tonks’ fingers from his side.

“I don’t know. It looks like I’m winning this argument. What kind of compromise are you thinking of?”

“If you come to my house for Christmas Eve dinner, I’ll go to your place for Christmas Day.”


“Great.” Wesley breathed a sigh of relief as the tickling stopped.

Tonks rested her head on Wesley’s shoulder and sighed. “This will be the best Christmas ever.”
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