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Friends forever

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Summary: Willow makes and wish, and Faith gains a new best friend.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > GeneralThewanderFR152245,120814343,95321 Dec 071 Aug 08No


sorry it has taken so long for this part. but I have been very busy with hosptial visits. will try to get the next part complete faster.

so on with the story

Giles looked back in horror as the Church continued to burn. He had just gotten Buffy and Angel out and could see Cordelia and Jessie, along with Willow, had almost made it to his car.

But Faith and the boy where nowhere to be seen.

Just then another burst of gun fire from the building rang in the air.

“And the evening had started out so well,” Giles said as he pushed his Slayer faster away from the burning building.


Earlier that evening.

The group stood around outside of the church, Giles having driven over in his car, bringing all of his children. As they pulled up outside of the Church, he could see Faith and Xander were already there, having arrived in their own car, after saying something about bringing tools that the boy would need.

Faith was sitting on the hood of her car as the others piled out of Giles.

“Look a Clown Car!” she called over he shoulder to Xander, who was busy suiting up.

Faith still used the standard weapons of the Slayer, stakes and swords, but he had gone the other way. He had stripped the Council's team of all their firepower before taking off to find Faith here.

He carried two silver daggers, along with a cold iron blade for any Fay they might run across, in various sheaths secured to him. Two submachine guns were hanging in shoulder rigs and a .50 calibre semiautomatic pistol rode in a holster at his hip, all with blessed rounds in the weapons.

As the Gang climbed out of Giles' Citroen, he covered them all in long coat, one with deep pockets to hold the clips for the weapons. One last minute addition were the small twin containers he hid on his back hip under the coat. While everyone could see that he had something there, the coat covered it so no one could make out exactly what they were.

“And I thought our car was bad,” Xander snorted as he walked around to look at Giles' car. Faith just grinned.

To have her friend cracking jokes again was nice. He had started to brood all the time. And she *so* didn’t want or like him to be doing that.

“Ok,” Giles said as he and his group met up with the Faith and Xander. “You all know what to do?”

“About that,” Xander said, looking anywhere but at them. “How 'bout letting me take on the Bug man?”

“We have a plan,” Buffy replied. “Jessie and Cordelia will take him out. You will be with me and Faith.”

“I know.” He looked around, then back to the building. He could feel eyes on them and knew that they were being watched. “But I feel like I should be the one to take him out.”

“Sorry,” Buffy replied. “You're with me. Get used to it.”


A short time later

Cordelia ran out of the room closely followed by Jessie.

“Glue! Glue!" the boy was calling out as he held the door closed and the worms started to seep under it.

“They're not here!” Cordial was yelling. She couldn’t find the containers anywhere; it was as if the glue had just disappeared.

Just then there was a snap, followed by a whooshing sound and Xander stepped out of the shadows, his little surprise in his hands - a micro flame thrower.

The small device could only be used for short bursts and still only held about 3-4 minutes of fuel, but it would be enough for this job.

“Get out of the way, Jessie,” Xander said calmly, walking toward the mass of worms.

“*Sorry, Brother*” Xander whispered in the old tongue. “*But now, you're free.*”

With that, he released blast after blast of fire into the mass. Soon, the walls were burning along with worms.

Dropping the now empty weapon, he turned.

“Time to play,” he told the two teens who had watched him silently, a creepy smile sliding onto his face.

He had killed his brother to free him from slavery, but that didn’t mean it was an easy thing to do.

Or that he was going to let his brother's masters get away with holding a Horseman as a slave.


Faith had just been thrown into a wall by Spike, and the master vampire stood over her.

“Looks like I'm going to get another Slayer notch on my belt,” he said, an evil leer on his face. “Hmmm, today is going to be a good day.”

The fight was not going well.

Xander had disappeared as soon as the fighting had started, leaving both Buffy and Faith to take on the main force of Vampires without him.

Faith knew that he wouldn’t run out on her. But where was he?

Just then, the main door boomed open, flame and smoke billowing in revealing a dark figure standing in the smoke. Flames and smoke trailed him as he entered the room, almost like a demon striding from the gates of Hell.

As soon as that thought ran across Faith's mind, she cut it off quickly; it just didn’t go well when you tempted Fate.

Spike could make out who it was - the kid that he had seen with the Slayers earlier.

But something was off. He was humming.

Xander took in the room with a glance.

He had killed his brother.

His last brother.

He needed to make someone hurt.

As he walked in to the room, he started to hum.

Buffy looked up from Angel as the door flew open. Drusilla hung by a rope, watching the room as her strength slowly returned.

She felt a cold settle over her, and not the nice tingly one but the scarey one. Spike's choice was coming. And soon.

“Hey, girl,” Xander called out to Faith as she lay on the floor. As if he had seen her like this a hundred times before.

“Hey, guy,” Faith returned in kind. Spike was looking a little put out as the two started to talk like he wasn’t there.

“You know, I could say a lot of things about you being on the ground in front of him like that,” Xander commented, “but that would just bring back bad cheerleader issues.”

“And then I would have to de-nut you,” Faith replied smirking. “You know that?”

“Can't have that happen now, could we? Some lucky lady might want them to stay right there.”

“Oi!” Spike snapped at them. “Evil monster working here, you know.”

“Oh, sorry.” Xander said. “Do go on.”

As Spike snarled at the Slayer, Xander broke in.

“Just to let you know - if you hurt her, you're going to die,” Xander said in a light, happy voice. “Screaming in pain.”

The voice brought Spike to a stop again. It wasn’t that it was threatening, or even out of the norm for a human voice.

It was just the voice had a certainty to it. A belief that what it said was the absolute truth. And was happy about it.

Spike turned to look at he boy again, a smirk forming on his face.

“And how do you plan on stopping me, whelp?”

Xander just shook his head, looking around the room. The others had stopped fighting, as well.

A presence had built up within the room. The female assassin stood off to one side, a pistol she held aimed at him. A few demons stood around, and the rest were vampires. Buffy had just gotten Angel out the door, and into the arms of Jessie. Cordelia, along with Giles, was pulling Willow away.

Only Faith, along with himself, remained in the room.

“You know, I just love a plan that comes together,” Xander said, smirking down at Faith, whose eyes were widening as she saw him going for his guns.

Just as he reached them, the fake cop started to shoot, but it was already too late.

Xander had squatted down and spun, coming up with a machine pistol in each hand.

Spike dove out of the way as the firearms went off. While he knew that bullets wouldn’t kill him or his kind, they did tend to sting a little, and damage your clothes. And his leather jacket meant a lot to him. It was taken from a powerful enemy.

As he crawled across the floor, he started to hear something. The sound of vampires being dusted! Glancing up, he saw that every time the boy hit one of his followers, they would dust.

“That’s impossible.”

Across the room, Giles closed the main door. He felt a loss, that he was leaving the boy to die along with the a Slayer, but he needed to get his kids away.

As the guns started to fire, he took one last look and the sight drove the wind out of him.

With each flash of gun fire, he could see an image momentarily superimposed over the boy. A tall hulking figure that was looking around the room smiling. Feeding off of the violence death present.

The signs were all there.

Its power was being channeled through his weapons. Soon, he wouldn’t even need those - just his touch would be lethal.

Giles knew then what he would have to do. There was no other choice.

Faith was on her feet as soon as she could move, standing back to back with her friend. It still shocked her a little that Xander's guns were dusting the vampires, but if anyone could find a way to do something like that, her Xander could.

A movement caught at the corner of her eye. The female assassin was moving again this time she was aiming her pistol at Xander, who was busy firing at some vampires that were trying to get out.

She was trying to hurt her Xander, and that *so* wasn’t going to happen. Faith reached behind her, grabbing at a dagger Xander had strapped to his thigh and pulling it from it sheath. Her arm shot out with an underhanded throw and she watched the knife fly at the woman.

As the blade hit the woman, Faith thought she might have added a little too much oomph. But then, she was trying to kill her... friend. Maybe her love.

The dagger hit the woman in the throat, driving her back. But that wasn’t all it did. The blade sank into the woman 'til the guard was flush with her neck. And as that happened, the long blade exited, cutting through her spinal cord.

It was at that moment that Faith realized that she had killed a human. She had killed plenty of demons before, but this was the first time it was a human.

She had thought it might mean something. But it hadn’t.

This woman was going to kill someone she cared about and then go on to kill more people.

Just like all the other things she had killed in the past. But now she wasn’t going to kill anyone anymore.

In the front of the church, Spike moved again.

He stood near his love. This couldn’t be happening. He had won! Angel was to die, and his Dru was coming back. He had a slayer to feed on!

And then this boy came in and took his world away.

He was the Big Bad! He took away from others! No one took from him! Not anymore!

Across from him, Dru pulled herself up. She smiled at violence. Then her eyes locked on to his.

He could almost hear her talking to him. He must choose, here and now. To live or die. To be a wolf or dog.

He remembered his un-life - being a puppet for Angel and Darla, a toy for them. It wasn’t until he freed himself of them that he felt alive again.


And that was that. He would die a wolf and not as a lap dog. He would let no one control him again.

With a snarl, he charged the boy who was turning to face him.

As Xander completed his turn, he saw Spike charging across the room.

The master vampire had made it almost all the way to him, leaping the final feet. He was snarling, rage and hate filling his yellow eyes.

He heard a bang, and then nothing.

The bleached blonde vampire's last thought was, No one controls Spike!


The End?

You have reached the end of "Friends forever" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Aug 08.

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