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Friends forever

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Summary: Willow makes and wish, and Faith gains a new best friend.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > GeneralThewanderFR152245,120814343,93221 Dec 071 Aug 08No

Chapter One

This story is for fun and not profit. I in no way own anything in this story but the plot.

Willow just made it to the bathroom, before the tears came. She was almost screaming with rage and frustration.

That skank had slept with Xander! HER Xander.

He was hers, even if they had never really dated. Oh sure, they had been out together – as friends. But nothing serious. And the fact that she had Oz in her life didn’t matter.

She had always wanted Xander - for him to be the center of her life.

Now she knew that she wasn’t going to happen. He had found someone else. Xander didn’t do casual. He was a lifer. Or at least there for the long run. Or for as long as the girl let him stay.

It had taken her forever to break him and Cordy up. And in the process, she almost lost her Oz. But it had been worth it. Now she had her boyfriend, her best guy-friend and best girlfriend. She would never be alone again.

Well, at least ‘til the skank showed up. While she would not have minded Buffy getting him, Faith was another story.

Her tears finally giving out, her mind took a dark turn. And as her mind got darker and darker, she started to mutter to herself.

"Damn bitch. She just flew in here. With her legs wide open." Willow was ranting loudly, not hearing the restroom door opening.

"Tried to take Buffy from me, then Xander. She’s got her own Watcher. She’s got everything. She’s even gone over to the other side, and what does everyone want to do? Bring her back."

Willow was quite for a moment.

"Xander wants her so bad. Well, he can have her."

Opening the door to the stall, Willow looked around and saw there was no one there. Walking up the sinks, she ran some cold water and started scrub her face, but what happened between Faith and Xander just wouldn’t leave her alone.

She could see them together. They would be all laughing and with the smooches. She just knew that Xander would leave for her. Leave her alone.

Looking once again into the mirror.

"I wish that skank knew what if felt like to be the one that lost him," Willow snarled into the mirror. "Hell, I wish that Xander had never moved to Sunnydale."

Willow turned and started to walk out of the restroom, only to stop when she noticed a shadow. The shadow smiled, and then from the darkness, Willow heard a grave voice call out, *Granted*.

And the universe changed.



Faith sat scowling at the teacher. Ms. Mardan.

The second grade teacher had called her mom a name, after Faith had explained why once again she didn’t have a clean dress this week.

Karen had made fun of the dress this morning and Faith, being Faith, had punched her in the nose. The bleeding had stopped so she didn’t know why she was in the office. She had been hit harder than that by her mom’s last boyfriend and Faith hadn’t cried like Karen had.

Ms. Mardan was on the phone with her mom. And she was getting louder with each word. Faith knew her mom wouldn’t come down to the school, not for this. It was still too early to get out of bed.

As she sat there, another kid was dragged in. The boy was about her age with dark hair that was a little on the long side.

Not that Faith liked boys. They were dirty, and only wanted to look up her dress. Why, she had no ideal. Why did seven years old boys do anything?

She watched as the boy’s parents filled out the paper work that would get him started at the school.

"Hey," The boy said looking at her. "My name’s Alexander."

"Faith," Faith told the boy. *New kid,* she thought, but for once she didn’t say anything. The way the boy looked at his parents reminded her of the way she felt about her mom. She loved her, but didn’t trust her.

"Faith!" Ms. Mardan said sharply. "No talking! You’re in enough trouble as is."

Faith scowled again at the teacher before turning to the wide-eyed boy who was pulling back from her.

He didn’t want to be trouble before school started and didn’t want the girl to be in trouble for just talking to him. He had just moved all the way across the country. He had been living in L.A. His dad had a job offer with the company his uncle worked at in Sunnydale, but he took this one. It was a new start, and hopefully the Harris luck wouldn’t follow them here.


Alexander’s day sucked and it wasn’t getting any better.

At first it was going fine - Alexander had made friends, with the MacManus brothers, and Donnell brothers. But within a day, he had gotten into more trouble with those boys than he had in the last seven years of his life.

And all the while the dark-haired girl was watching him.

End part one.
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