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In trouble...again

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Summary: Amanda runs into a different kind of immortal

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Highlander > Spike-Centered > Pairing: Other(Past Donor)ThesalyFR2142,2240111,59921 Dec 071 Mar 08No

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the shows or characters, I'm just borrowing them for a little bit of fun.

Amanda was bored out of her mind, she needed a challenge. Whether it was a conquest or job, she just needed some sort of action. Even a fight at this point was welcomed. It was getting late and she was starting to get sleepy, she decided to stop for the night at the next town.

As she passed the sign, Sunnydale, that sounded somewhat familiar. When she saw the first motel, she figured, it’s a small town, anywhere was good right now. This was going to be her third night that she would be driving, she didn’t think she could last much longer, she was exhausted. She pulled over and went inside, too hot, she was praying for some air-conditioning. “Yes, hello, I’m just passing through and I need a room for the night,” she said as she started to pull out a hundred dollar bill.

The attendant gave her a look, “Ma’am, it doesn’t cost that much to rent the room for the night.” She smiled and left it on the counter, “I just want to make sure I’m not disturbed at all, not even for the continental breakfast.”

He takes the hundred and hands her a key, “It’s the last one on the ground floor to your right. No one goes in there, but I’m not sure if that’s what you want, people disappear from there.” She nodded her head, “I’m sure that I’ll be fine, I doubt that you’ll be hearing from me in the morning anyway.”

As she was walking to the room after she had taken some of her things out of the car, she heard a noise in the near-by brush. She shrugged it off, she wasn’t afraid of much and what she was afraid of, she didn’t feel right now. There were no other immortals close enough to hurt her at this point. She took a deep breath and opened the door, praying for the air-conditioning. She walked in and walked to the thermostat, it lightly hummed to life. “Oh thank you,” she started taking off her clothing and readied herself for a nice long shower.

Spike had been around town for about an hour before he caught a whiff of something, different. A car had pulled up at his favorite feeding spot; he was in the mood for something other than the norm here in Sunnydale. When they have the tasty morsel stay in his room, well, they were expecting him.

“Welcome to the bottom of the food chain pet,” he flicks his cigarette across the street; and walks towards the motel to get a better look at his main course.
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