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A Family For All

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Fan Art

Summary: A Christmas present for Chosenfire. I hope you and everyone else likes it!

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Supernatural > Multiple Pairings
Charmed > Multiple Pairings
MichelleWinchesterFR15232,6710109,15821 Dec 075 Jan 08Yes

A Family For all

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the following - Buffy The Vampire Slayer, or any characters from BTVS; Nick from Poltergiest The Legacy; None of the 'Charmed Ones' from Charmed; Dean or Sam from Supernatural (though I seriously wish that I did because *sizzle* they are HOT!) ; Connor from Angel; Luna from Harry Potter; and of course I do not own the charmed house, or the Golden Gate Bridge. :)

Timelines are as follows: Buffy is set after Sunnydale fell.

Nick is an ex Navy Seal who takes his father's place in the Legacy sometime after his death. He has Dean's (from Supernatural) taste in muscle cars and loud music, as well as his zest for shooting the bad guys (even if bullets doesn't work as well on ghosts). When he and Buffy meet, they like each other at once.

Angel is set after the final battle in the series finale.

Harry Potter is set a couple of years after Hallows, so Willow is NOT illegally dating a minor!

Charmed is set at first between 3rd and AU 4.

Supernatural is set mainly after seaon 3.

I'll explain Xander having both eyes in a later chapter.

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