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The Right Thing

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Father of Mine". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A sequel to Lily, which can be found in the Giles/pairings section, Rupert wonders if he did the right thing.

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Harry Potter > Giles-CenteredNicolaFR71640083,69827 Jul 0327 Jul 03Yes
Title: The Right Thing

Author name: Nicola

Email Address of Author:

Warnings: no spoilers really for anything yet, except maybe the first few pages of book one. Sequel will be post book five, post season six, though.

Pairings: none, slight mention of Lily/Giles.

Summary: a sequel to Lily, which can be found in the Giles/Pairings section, Rupert wonders if he did the right thing.

Disclaimer: Not mine. Not mine. Not mine. In case you didn't get it the first three time, I claim no ownership of any recognizable characters, places, events, etc. They belong to JK Rowling and Joss Whedon.

Rating: G

Warning: this is a sequel. it will make no sense if you haven't read Lily

A/N: I didn't plan on writing a sequel to Lily, but after a few people reviewed and asked for one, they stirred up the plot bunnies.

A/N2- The sequel to this, Harry Potter and the Paternity Puzzle, is now up in the Giles-General section. br />


He'd done the right thing.

Hadn't he?

He couldn't possibly take care of an infant.

So he had given the child to Hagrid, when the half-giant had come to 'rescue' the boy, not mentioning anything about the infant's paternity. Sirius, who had showed up mere minutes after he had, gave the groundskeeper his motorcycle, and apparated away.

Rupert stood staring at the smoldering mess that had been Lily and James' house.

Lily would have wanted the child to grow up thinking James was his father.


Or she would have contacted him, told him that he had a son.

A son.

He, Rupert Giles, watcher trainee, had a child?

It couldn't be possible.

Yet every part of him was screaming for him to hunt down Hagrid and take his child back. The child that the ghost of Lily had led him to.

Every ghost had a purpose. A reason that they didn't cross over. Hers was making sure that her child was safe. The second that that was accomplished, with the simple words: "He's yours," she had disappeared.


She had owled him that afternoon, telling him to meet her in the woods behind Godric's Hollow. He could only assume she was going to tell him. That maybe, she had wanted him in this child's life.

Or that she had known.

Had his sweet red haired angel known that she would be betrayed?

He would never know.

Nor would he know what she had wanted from him.

How much she had wanted him to be involved in her, no, their child's life.

More than this.

Stupid inner voice.

Hagrid had said that the boy was to live with his relatives. He could only assume that the half-giant had meant Petunia, and her horrid husband. They had met, once or twice, when he came to pick up Lily for outings during the holidays.

He could hardly justify leaving his child with that horrible woman.

But that brought him back to his original conclusion.

He couldn't possibly care for a baby by himself.

And who would help him?

Certainly not his father. His grandmother would, if she had the time, but she was the head of the Watcher's Council, and much too old to help raise a child. Who else did that leave?

Ethan was the only one of his good friends who hadn't turned to the Dark Lord.

Ethan, helping to care for an infant. Yeah, right. He was better off asking his father.

The boy was better off living with Petunia. hadn't Lily said that her sister had had a child too? Maybe the boys would be playmates.

Well, he could dream.

He knew that he was condemning the child to a horrible existence, at least until he turned 11.

But what could he offer the child. A watcher's pay was barely enough to sustain one person, much less two, and they would have to move around a lot. And what if he was activated?

Few knew that it was not only the slayer that was chosen, but the watcher too.

It would be impossible to train a slayer with a small child underfoot.

And the child would be hidden from the wizarding world, and from his fame, until he was at an age where he could deal with it.

He had done the right thing.

Well, maybe if he kept telling himself that, it might come true.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Right Thing". This story is complete.

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