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Summary: just a short little ideal, about Xander and the nature of magic

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > GeneralThewanderFR71462141,88222 Dec 0722 Dec 07Yes

It’s a constant of the universe.

Sure, some places have more than others. In some places, that amount is so small you couldn’t really find it. But wherever there is life, there is magic. Demons, witches, monsters and humans - everyone uses it. Some are born with the power, but some have it thrust into their lives.

Xander was just that sort of person.

He knew about magic. Xander knew about the magic of movies, the magic of the perfect day. But until Buffy entered his life, real magic - the kind that shakes your very core - was an unknown to him.

But he still had magic.

Just not the magic that moved mountains.

But it was powerful.


Xander sat in class and looked around the room.

In his class were people that knew how and magic cast it every day. There was Willow, a witch and his best friend. Amy, another witch, sat across from them, watching everything and everyone. Over there was Jonathan, a warlock of some kind. Then there was Ms, Calendar, a techno pagan, whatever the hell that meant. But she knew magic.

Over in the library, there was Giles, a Watcher and caster of spells. A man with a dark past tied with even darker magics.

And last of all, there was Buffy, so touched by magic that it had changed her very soul.

As he watched her, he saw she was frowning again. Angel was being an ass to her again, Xander just knew it. Willow was frowning as well, as she watched the tiny blonde. Her friend was sad, and Willow didn’t like that.

It had become a constant in their lives. No one seemed to stay happy for long.

Xander took it all in. Then he smiled one of his lopsided smiles.

"So, Buff, what’s with the frown?" he asked, just loud enough that his voice wouldn’t be heard by everyone in class, but loud enough for his Willow to hear as well. "Just find out about a shoe sale that ended last week?"

Buffy smiled again, her smile lighting up the room. At least, that was how it seemed to Xander.

"You goof. You know you don’t talk about shoe sales with me," Buffy said, smiling again, remembering the time he had gone with her to the shoe store.

He had complained more in that short time than any of the times a Vampire had almost gotten him, and it was only five hours there! It wasn’t like she had REALLY been shopping.

"I might take you back shopping with me again!"

"God, forbid," Xander said with a shudder, which caused both his friends to smile at him.


It can move mountains, or it can bring a smile to some friend’s face.


The End

You have reached the end of "Magic". This story is complete.

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