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The Power of the Dream

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Summary: A BtVs/Sailor Moon x-over. Willow finds out the hard way that resurrecting someone can be tricky after she accidentally resurrects four certain Negaverse Generals (Jedite, Neflyte, Zoicite and Malachite) while trying to bring back Buffy.

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Anime > Sailor MoonRaeAngelFR1822,591041,79924 Dec 075 Jan 08No


Disclaimer:Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Wheldon and Sailor Moon belongs to Naoko Takeuchi/Kodansha, TOEI Animation and DiC Entertainment. The story title doesn’t belong to me either. It’s from the song The Power of the Dream by Celine Dion. Please don’t sue me. I have nothing and this is for entertainment purposes only.

Timeline:During season six, BtVS and post-season two, SM

Pairing(s):Buffy/Spike, Dawn/Rini (friendship), Dawn/Jedite, Dawn/Neflyte (friendship), Willow/Tara, Willow/Neflyte (friendship), Xander/Anya, Serena/Darien, Molly/Neflyte, Rini/Helios, Zoicite/Malachite

Author’s Note: This is the first time I’m writing a Sailor Moon fic so please don’t flame me. I recently saw the Dark Moon Circus season very recently and I got this idea after watching all of the episodes from the classic season in addition to the Dark Moon Circus season. Anyway, there's a few things that I like to say before I get on with the story

-- Zoicite is a woman in this fic. I'm sorry to those of you who love the Japanese anime but I grew up with the English version and I have a hard time imagining Zoicite as a man. That was a decision I made before I started writing this story.

-- I'm using the English spelling of three of the General's names (I'm using the Japanese spelling of Zoicite's name because I like it better than the English spelling). Again, that was a decision I made before I started writing this story so please don't flame me for that.

-- There will be a visit from a character from the "Angel" universe in this story. He/she will be revealed later in the story.

Well, enjoy and remember no flames. I will ignore them and I have no patience for them.

Summary:Resurrection can be a very tricky thing as Willow finds out the hard way after she accidentally resurrects four certain Negaverse Generals (Jedite, Neflyte, Zoicite and Malachite) in addition to Buffy. As the Generals and the Slayer struggle to readjust to life, Dawn is plagued by a series of dreams involving a certain Priest from the land of Elysion (Helios) and she finds out that an online pen pal (Rini) is also having dreams of the same thing. Things get even stranger when every demon, vampire and other supernatural being in Sunnydale submit themselves to a mysterious queen. A queen who has been sealed in a mirror for a thousand years. Comparing these events with Dawn’s dreams, the Scoobies and the newly resurrected Generals uncover a plan that if successful could cover the world in darkness. Determined to stop the upcoming darkness that’s threatening to destroy everything, the Slayer; the Scoobies and their allies team up with another group of heroes (the Sailor Scouts) in effort to stop this evil force known as the Dark Moon Circus.

The Power of the Dream

By RaeAngel

A thousand years ago, a kingdom known as the Moon Kingdom was ruled over a gentle ruler named Queen Serenity. She had two twin daughters Serena and Aurora whom Serenity always nicknamed “Dawn”. Both girls looked different from one other except for the eyes which were blue. Serena had blonde hair while Dawn had brown hair but both were loved very much by their mother. They were raised to follow in their mother’s footsteps to rule the Moon Kingdom should one of them become Queen. As girls would, Princess Serena and Princess Dawn both fell in love with men from Earth. While Serena fell in love with Prince Darien of Earth, Dawn fell in love with one of the Prince’s bodyguards and a General named Jedite. But as both girls were just beginning to start new lives with their beloveds, an evil queen who goes by the name of Beryl entered the universe in a bid to conquer it and the heart of Prince Darien. Queen Beryl was also after Princess Dawn who processed an unlimited power that if used for evil could cover all of the universe in darkness.

To prevent Princess Dawn from falling into Queen Beryl’s hands, Queen Serenity, the Generals and the Sailor Scouts used all of their powers to turn Princess Dawn into a ball of very powerful energy that Queen Serenity called “The Key”. Once the ritual was completed, the Generals sent the Key to Earth where Queen Beryl would never find it. Unfortunately, a few days later; the Moon Kingdom was destroyed by the Negaverse and the Generals who helped Serenity create the Key were brainwashed into betraying their prince and the Queen to fight for Queen Beryl. The Negaverse was stopped but at a terrible price. Princess Serena and Prince Darien were killed in the battle along with the Sailor Scouts. Queen Serenity used the last of her strength to send her daughter and the children of the Moon to a new future on Earth. As she died; she wished them all luck in their new future and prayed for the return of her other daughter who had been turned into a ball of energy so that she could live.

A thousand years later, the Negaverse returned but so did the Sailor Scouts and the first Moon Princess also known as Sailor Moon. After months of fighting, Queen Beryl was defeated once again only this time for good. At the same time, the Key, that Queen Serenity created years before, returned into human form using the blood of the Slayer known as Buffy Summers to keep it from falling into the hands of a Hellgod known as Glorifcus. The Key in human form was named Dawn Summers and her memories were created to make her believe that she was always the sister of the Slayer until she discovered the truth of her true self six months after her creation but she does not know of her true origins or of being the Second Moon Princess but that is another story to be told later. Eventually, she was discovered to being the Key by Glorifcus and was kidnapped. Glorifcus was stopped by the Slayer but at a terrible price. Dawn had her blood shed by a demon that was killed by the Slayer and that resulted in a portal opening. To stop it from destroying the world, the Slayer jumped into the portal saving the world but resulted in her death.

But the time of Buffy Summers is not over. The time will soon come when the courage of the Slayer and the redemption of four Generals would change the course of the future of the Sailor Scouts and their Princess …

Well, that's it for now. A new story just before Christmas. Will update soon!!! Remember no flames!!! I will ignore them and I don't have the patience for them!! Merry Christmas!!!!
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