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Where am I?

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Summary: Post S5, where will the portal spit Buffy out this time? AU, mid S3 Farscape, possibly some AU for BtVS, haven't decided yet :)

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Television > FarscapeShezziFR1577,42603113,92225 Dec 0724 Nov 09No


A/N: OK, because this is AU, you're probably going to get a bit confused...but don't worry, I'm working on a flashback chapter that will explain most of it :) I don't own anything, which totally sucks :)

Sineya stared around the room, not knowing how to react. Her instincts screamed that the beings surrounding her weren’t human, but at the same time, they weren’t demons, either. She felt Buffy fighting for control, and relinquished it happily enough, since this was a situation she didn’t know how to deal with.

Buffy forced Sineya back into the place she normally lived, deep inside, where she, Buffy, could tap into her darkness without letting it take her over. She glanced around the room, curious.

There was a man and a woman staring at her, confusion and concern written on their faces. Her eyes darted around the rest of the room, noting the exits from habit, then settled on a form slumped against the wall. “Did…did I…did I hurt her?” she asked, shakily.

“She’ll be fine, she’s very resilient,” the man spoke up. The woman spoke then, and Buffy whirled to stare at her, her hands coming up in a defensive posture. Her language was like nothing she had ever heard before, liquid, almost musical, notes, interspersed with odd clicking noises and glottal stops.

Now that she really looked at the two of them, Buffy had to admit that she admired what she saw. They were both very fit, with well-defined muscles showing wherever you could see their skin. They both wore loose fitting exercise pants, which clung to them, wet with sweat, and while the man wore a black t-shirt, the woman had a tight fitting, mid-riff baring tank top on. They both had dark hair, the man’s gently spiked, while the woman had hers pulled back almost severely from her face and braided. “She isn’t human, but she’s not a demon either. What is she?”

“You asked that about Jool, too,” replied John, confused. “Aeryn is a Sebacean, I’m human, Jool is an Interon. What are you?”

“I’m human, why wouldn’t I be human?” Buffy straightened slowly to look him up and down. She took in more of her surroundings, too. The walls were a strange colour, bronze with some black, and looked oddly textured.

“My name’s John,” the man’s soft voice interrupted her train of thought. “What’s your name?”

“Buffy…I’m Buffy…Where am I?” she asked then, confused.

“You’re onboard our ship, Moya,” John told her, still speaking softly, as though to a frightened animal.

A small, yellow, bug-like robot rolled towards her, extending what looked like a syringe. “What is that?” she demanded, stepping back and focussing all her attention on the DRD.

“You’re from Earth?” asked John, motioning for the DRD to stop where it was for now.

“California, to be exact. You?” she asked, unsure of his accent.

“Cape Canaveral most recently,” John told her, shrugging slightly.

“You didn’t answer my question, what is that?” she pointed at the DRD with her toe, indicating the translator microbes.

“Those are translator microbes, they colonise at the base of your brain and translate almost any language you hear. Will you let the DRD administer them? If you don’t, communicating is going to be hard, everyone will be able to understand you, but only Aeryn and I can speak to you, and her English isn’t very good.” Buffy looked hard at the DRD, then shrugged.

“You can try,” she said, shrugging carelessly, as though she didn’t think it would work.

“It’s a permanent thing, once they’re there, they can’t be removed,” John warned her, and she nodded again. The DRD rolled forward, and she crouched, reaching her hand out towards it. It injected the microbes into her palm, and John noticed how she didn’t even flinch at what he knew was a pretty nasty sting. Then again, considering the wounds covering her body, he doubted she could feel it.

“Can you understand me?” Asked Aeryn, but the girl just stared at her, uncomprehending. Suddenly, her back arched, and she fell onto the mat, apparently having a seizure. It was over almost as quickly as it started, and she lay panting.

“I was afraid of that,” she muttered sulkily.

“Why would you think that the microbes would cause that?” asked John, confused.

“Sineya doesn’t like things in our body that shouldn’t be there,” replied Buffy, shrugging.

“Sineya?” John was confused.

“I thought she said her name was Buffy,” commented Aeryn in Sebacean.

“What did she say?” asked, Buffy, trying to push herself up off the floor.

“She said she thought you said your name was Buffy,” replied John, as confused as Aeryn.

“You already met Sineya. She’s not big on the communication thing, mostly just the ‘kill, crush, destroy’ thing, at least as far as demons are concerned. She doesn’t come out and play often, mostly I just tap into her power.” Buffy just shrugged, uncertain how much she could or should explain.

“Before, when your eyes were black and you threw Jool…that was Sineya?” John said as much as asked. Buffy nodded tiredly, giving up on standing for the moment. Aeryn knelt beside her, reaching out hesitantly.

“I won’t hurt you, unless you hurt me first,” Buffy tried to reassure her.

“I won’t hurt you,” Aeryn replied slowly in accented English.

“What happened to you?” asked John, looking her up and down. Her bruises seemed to be healing before his eyes, and, as he watched, a nasty gash knitted itself closed, leaving a long scar down one of her legs. When she shook her head, her expression uncertain, he prodded, “You asked if you saved the world, again?” Buffy stared at him for a moment, then her face slowly filled with horror as she remembered what had happened to bring her here.

“Oh…oh goddess, did it close, did the portal close?” John nodded slowly, and her head fell back, tears forming at the corners of her eyes. “Thank the goddess,” Buffy murmured, causing Aeryn and John to exchange questioning glances.

Just then, they heard footsteps in the corridor, and Zhaan, Stark and Chiana the room carefully. They paused, taking in the scene. “Frell,” whispered Chiana, seeing the state Buffy was in, then spotted Jool. She ran over to her, and crouched next to her.

“Hey, princess, what happened to you?” she shook Jool’s shoulder gently, and the young Interon came to herself suddenly, with a startled scream that had the whole group clapping their hands over their ears. Zhaan moved slowly, one hand over her distended belly, with Stark hovering protectively in the background.

“That…creature attacked me!” shrieked Jool, pointing accusingly at Buffy, who was on her feet in a defensive posture faster than anything any of them had ever seen.

“It’s all right, Buffy. No one is going to hurt you.” John spoke slowly, calmly, and Buffy relaxed slightly. Buffy stared around, taking in the appearance of the newcomers.

The girl who went to Jool had grey skin, lightly tinged with blue, white hair, black eyes and was wearing an outfit that Buffy was fairly sure would have made Faith blush. Except for the outfit, she could have been the complete opposite of Jool, who had bright red hair, orange skin and gold eyes. The other two were obviously a couple, the man, who looked basically human except for the metal mask covering half his face hovering around the clearly pregnant, bald, blue woman.
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