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Where am I?

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Summary: Post S5, where will the portal spit Buffy out this time? AU, mid S3 Farscape, possibly some AU for BtVS, haven't decided yet :)

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Television > FarscapeShezziFR1577,42603113,92225 Dec 0724 Nov 09No

Chapter Four

A/N: Next chapter with promised backstory! Please read and review! love xx Shezzi

John watched Zhaan waddle around her lab, collecting equipment and medicines, a small smile on his lips. Not so long ago, they nearly lost her, when she gave her most of her life force to restore Aeryn. They almost hadn't made it to the planet in time, and had feared, even when they got her into the soil, that they had been too late. Both John and Aeryn had been immensely surprised, when they returned to Moya, to discover Zhaan was pregnant.

He remembered the moments that had followed, which had involved Aeryn circling Zhaan like she was some kind of zoo display, peering at her from all angles before suddenly grabbing her in a huge hug. He had been more with the stuttering and stammering, but he had gotten over it and given her a hug of his own pretty frelling fast.

Apparently, after they had been forced to split, taking off on Talyn, Zhaan and Stark had, of course, been involved, and with the budding cycle so recently interrupted, she had been...extremely fertile. And that had been about as much as John had wanted to know on that topic, thank you very much.

Zhaan concentrated on the young girl who was laid out on her exam table. She had removed the remaining shreds of the girl's clothing, covering her with a golden blanket instead. She looked at though she had been through a war, or maybe been tortured for an extended period of time. In addition to all of her recent wounds, which were healing faster than anything Zhaan had ever seen, short of one or two species that self-healed almost instantaneously, she had more scars than Zhaan had seen on anyone outside of the prison mines. She shook her head, no child, and this was definitely a child, she was even younger than Crichton, should ever look like this.

She ran the scanner the length of the girl's body, frowning at what it showed: she had internal injuries that, while they were healing themselves, were still severe and would probably keep her unconscious for some time.

“How is she, Zhaan?” asked Aeryn, concerned.

“She'll be all right, but she's going to be unconscious for a while. See here?” she indicated several of the girl's injuries. “And here,” she pointed to the scan of the girl's head, which looked red and inflamed. “She's healing faster than almost anything I've ever seen, but this is still going to take time. I will prepare some salves that should help.” She turned back to her apothacary, gathering various herbs and ungents together to prepare her medicines.

“All right, then, we'll leave you to it,” declared Chiana, leading the unresisting Jool out the door. John watched them go, remembering how, when he had left, the girl had been inseperable from D'Argo...but, he had found out, she hadn't been able to give up life on Moya, she was too afraid of staying in one place in case 'The Establishment' found her, so when D'Argo and Jothee had left, she had stayed behind. Apparently D'Argo and Jothee had settled down on farming planet, just like D'Argo had wanted. He planned to teach his son how to really be a Luxan, as well as a Sebacean. Really, from what John had seen, all the boy knew how to be was a slave.

Aeryn stood beside John, fiddling with his fingers and looking down at the girl on the exam table. She was tiny, smaller than anyone Aeryn had ever seen among the ranks of the soldiers, but she exuded power, Aeryn could almost taste it in the air. She also had more scars than Aeryn had seen on anyone except the oldest soldiers, and then only the ones who fought in the special forces ground devisions. She watched as the bruises visibly faded, and as gashes closed, relatively slowly, leaving shiny new scars in their wake. John raised Aeryn's hand to his mouth, gently kissing her fingertips, and she smiled softly at him.

“This could all be some kind of elaborate trap,” she pointed out, sighing.

“Do you really think so?” he asked, raising an eyebrow at her. Zhaan, meanwhile, was carefully drawing some blood for analysis.

“I'm not sure. But, John, can anyone on your planet heal themselves like that?” she pointed to the rapidly diminishing bruises.

“No, but then most people from my planet don't come out of swirling portals looking like they've been through a war, or share their bodies with other beings like she apparently does.”

“Exactly, John, which means that she may not even be from your world, and this whole thing may be a trap.”

“Then how would she know about California? It's not like I go around spilling my guts about Earth to everyone I meet, because I don't want to risk anyone else finding it.” Aeryn frowned slightly, then shrugged.

“I don't know, John. We'll figure it out, though.” He nodded his agreement, and they turned back to watch Zhaan treat the girl, while Stark hung around in the background, watching her carefully.
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