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Where am I?

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Summary: Post S5, where will the portal spit Buffy out this time? AU, mid S3 Farscape, possibly some AU for BtVS, haven't decided yet :)

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Television > FarscapeShezziFR1577,42603113,92225 Dec 0724 Nov 09No

Chapter One

I don’t own anything except way too many rabid plot bunnies…but aren’t they fun! Merry Christmas, everyone! lovexx Shezzi!

“Live, Dawnie. Live, for me. Have a wonderful life, and know that I love you.” With those final words, Buffy shoved her sister away from her and dove off the edge of the platform into the swirling portal.

On Moya, John and Aeryn were circling each other carefully, each looking for an opening. Since they had returned from Talyn and discovered the other John had died on Dambadah, stopping Furlough from giving the Scarrans wormhole technology, they had fallen back into most of their old routines on Moya, with a few noticeable exceptions. They shared a bunk, and had moved into one of the larger rooms on Tier Seventeen, where they also would not disturb anyone else.

Aeryn rushed John then, a flurry of strikes and blocks, almost faster than the eye could follow. She eventually took him down onto the mat, where he started kissing her, softly at first, then more passionately. They broke apart suddenly when a pulsating blue light appeared at the ceiling, swirling and flaring.

“What the frell?” Cried Aeryn, staring. “Pilot, what’s going on down here?” she called, slapping her comms.

“I am uncertain, Officer Sun. There are very unusual energy readings, like nothing Moya has ever encountered before. I suggest that you and Commander Crichton withdraw…” at that point, the light flared brilliantly, then went out. Something hit the floor with a thump, Aeryn and John both jumping backwards slightly, drawing their pulse pistols. A body lay on the training mats, a bloody, bruised and broken looking body. They both stared in shock for an instant, before starting forwards, intending to check for life signs, when it jumped to its feet.

It was a girl, a young woman, with tangled blond hair pulled messily back from her face, and with more blood on her than any person should be able to lose without dying. Her eyes darted around the room, checking for exits before focusing on Aeryn and John. “Is…is this hell?” She asked, softly.

“No, this isn’t hell,” replied John, softly.

“Is this heaven?”

“No, I don’t think so,” John replied, confused. The girl started shaking, staring around the room.

“Is it closed? Did I do it, did I save the world again?” With those mumbled words, she crumbled onto the mats, passing out.

“What the frell?” demanded Aeryn for the second time in as many minutes.

“Did she just say save the world…again?” asked John, looking very confused.

“Whatever she said, she needs medical attention. Jool, we need you down here. And Pilot, I’m not sure, but I think we may need some translator microbes, too,” called Aeryn.

“What’s happened, Aeryn? Did you break Crichton?” asked Jule, trying not to snicker.

“Totally not the time for jokes, Princess!” yelled Crichton, even as he knelt by the girl and checked for a pulse. She was breathing, which in itself surprised him. Her body was one big bruise, marred by cuts and old scars.

“How is she still alive?” asked Aeryn, kneeling beside her. “I’ve never seen anyone with injuries this extensive live, let alone stand and speak!” She brushed the hair back from the girl’s face, examining the extensive bruising that spread there.

“I don’t know. Why did you ask Pilot for translator microbes?”

“She was speaking English, John,” Aeryn stared straight at him.

“I’m still no good at picking up what language you guys are actually speaking. The translator microbes make it really hard.”

Aeryn nodded her understanding. When you basically heard everyone around you apparently speaking your own language, it could be hard to differentiate. John hadn’t even been aware, until she asked him to teach her to speak English, they those who grew up with translator microbes could actually differentiate between the languages they heard.

“Wait a minute, English? You mean she’s from Earth?” demanded John, suddenly realising the true significance of what she had said.

Just then, a DRD rolled in the door, armed with a dose of translator microbes, followed closely by Jool, who was carrying several diagnostic tools. Seeing the girl lying on the floor, she stopped and stared.

“Hezmana!” she swore softly, staring. Jool knelt beside her, carefully running the diagnostic tool down her body. The girl jerked then, and woke, eyes focussing immediately on Jool, her pupils expanding, almost swallowing the colour in her eyes. She snarled, animal-like, and lashed out, throwing Jool across the room, where she slammed into the wall.

“Demon!” hissed the girl furiously. She stalked towards Jool, but stopped, as though confused. “Not a demon. What, then?” She turned her almost completely black eyes towards John, and he shivered at the completely blank expression on her face.


OK, I could use suggestions…I have some ideas, but I can’t decide which one to go with, so suggestions would be welcomed! Constructive criticism would also be welcomed! Thanks! Love xx Shezzi
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