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Whats up Doc

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Summary: Yet another 'Xanders Real Dad' Story, this one puts Xander as the offspring of a rather well known character.

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Marvel Universe > Fantastic FourTjinFR1577,279511860,96425 Dec 0711 May 11No

I'm Doomed

Victor Von Doom, King of Latveria glared at the report he had received recently.

It was only through force of will that the dictator managed to restrain his primary impulse of summoning up the dead spirit of one Richard Wilkins and forcing the being to feel pain unimaginable.

“He DARED to betray Doom in such a way.” The king growled before rising from his throne and heading towards his research center.

While he had no doubt that his own lands would have been protected from the rampaging monster his one time ally had become, Victor was actually more curious about the ones responsible for stopping him.

After all, those capable of stopping a full demon may well stand against him in his own future endeavors.

And Doom made a habit of knowing his future enemies.


“Doom?” Xander said in shock for the eighth time.

“Again, yes, Alexander.” Jessica said as her son paced back and forth in the small kitchen.

“Victor Doom, enemy of the Fantastic Four and would be ruler of the world, THAT Victor Von Doom is my father?.” Xander asked just to make absolutely sure he and his mother were talking about the same person. Looking at her desperately, Xander ran his hands through his hair as he tried to figure out exactly when his life had become a soap opera. “I… you… When… HOW did this happen?” Xander asked tiredly as he slumped
into the chair across from his mother.

Clearing her throat, Jessica took a breath. “Well Alexander when two consenting adults wish to…

Xander was lucky his horrified scream cut his mother off from any further commentary.


In a higher plane, two beings stared at the world below as they influenced chance and fate to move things further in their own chosen direction.

In that massive expanse, three words were spoken that summed up the most recent move by one of the sides.

“Well Played Sister.”


Xander sat in his car as he stared at the steering wheel blankly.

It wasn’t really his fault he was shell shocked. It wasn’t every day you find out your entire life has been a lie your father was a notorious super villain dictator and your mother was trained as an assassin.

His mother had explained everything to him, her childhood in Russia, her training in the legendary ‘Blackbird Academy’ her failing said Academy, her time with his father and her escape from his lands.

Xander remembered sitting in shock as his mother spoke, filing all the data away in neat little blocks he would be able to look back on at a later time, a time when he was not fighting the urge to run screaming from the house in blind panic.

Taking a deep breath Xander let the new knowledge settle.

It wasn’t like he was a monster himself, and if he was lucky his Evil Overlord of a father would never even know he existed.


Von Doom glared at the screen as his rage seethed and boiled within the kings psych.

Jessica had survived the attack; she had survived and fled to America with his child.

Nineteen years he had lost, nineteen years he should have had to mold his offspring into a worthy heir of the von Doom legacy.

Taking a shuddering breath to settle his emotions the king opened up the attached files concerning his child.

Three rather important files took immediate concern; the first was an observation order concerning his child in the possible theft of a rocket launcher. With a dismissive snort the would be ruler of the world sent out a command to one of his many flunkies, within twelve hours the theft would be resolved and a suitable member of the planets lowbred scum would be serving time for the crime.

For a moment he considered pinning it on one of his multiple super powered adversaries before dropping the thought.

Those sorts of plans always fell through, and this was one he wanted swept under the rug for all of history.

The second was an outstanding order from his one time ally Richard Wilkins to hamper the efforts of Alexander and his friends.

Considering his options, Von Doom grinned evilly as he sent a second order out, within hours, Detective Stein would find himself guilty of the theft of military hardware.

The third and most disturbing was the termination order from one Quentin Travers of England.

Growling darkly, the ruler made several subtle enquiries before sending a directive to the head of the legendary Order of Terraka.

Von Doom waited impatiently as the Order considered their options before dropping Travers’ original contract for the monarch’s.

Smiling again, Von Doom left the room in a flurry of movement.

He had a flight to California after all.


Hope you all enjoy this little story, I don’t know where I’m going with it but I’m get lots of mileage out of this one.

Remember feedback feeds the bunnies.

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