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Whats up Doc

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Summary: Yet another 'Xanders Real Dad' Story, this one puts Xander as the offspring of a rather well known character.

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Marvel Universe > Fantastic FourTjinFR1577,279511860,98525 Dec 0711 May 11No


Victor Von Doom stepped off the airplane that had transported him to the small town of Sunnydale. It had taken some ‘Creative’ work to get here without the FBI, CIA, NSA, S.H.I.E.L.D. or some other annoyance finding out his destination and swarming the small town with secret agents and as many of those annoying ‘Super heroes’ as they could get here in time.

Not that Von Doom was afraid of them, they could send everyone they wanted to against Von Doom for all he cared, and they all would all fall to his power.

His son, however, was not so protected, and Von Doom would tread carefully until the sole heir of Latveria was safely back in his rightful homeland.

Turning, Von Doom glared at the setting sun as a cold chill crept up the dictator’s spine. Taking a moment, Von Doom let his power seep out as he searched for the cause of the unsettling feeling.

It took him more then a few moments before the armored king glared at the small town. “A Hellmouth, Von Doom’s son was raised on a Hellmouth!” He growled before increasing his pace towards his son’s residence.

Von Doom could not allow this transgression to go unpunished.


Buffy crept through the graveyard with the stealth of a Slayer, not that it had done any good, after the destruction of the Mayor the underworld population seemed to have found themselves the deepest holes they could and refused to surface.

“Great, after all the excitement today, I really wanted to burn off some of this energy.” Buffy complained as she made it to the main road and turned towards her home.

This was her preferred patrol route as it allowed her to check in on both Willow and Xander before she turned in for the night. She was almost to Willow’s house when she came across three vampires accosting a man in a costume.

Moving towards them as quietly as she could, Buffy finally caught the ongoing conversation.

“Yeah right, as if any king would just walk around some nowhere little burg like this without any bodyguards.” The leader said mockingly as the man seemed to simply stare.

“As if Von Doom is incapable of protecting himself from pathetic filth like you,” The man said haughtily from behind the mask.

With a snarl, the vampires charged trying to force the man to the ground by sheer force of numbers.

Moving forward, Buffy stopped as the man launched a counterattack on the trio.

Simply shoving the first to arrive, Buffy blinked as the undead creature flew back with more force then she could have managed.


Von Doom ignored the new arrival to the battle as the short intruder simply gaped at the fight. As his first opponent flew away, Victor reached out and gripped the closest enemy by the face and simply allowed a surge of power to pulse down his arm and into his target. With a muffled scream, the corpse disappeared in a flash of light as the vampire disintegrated.

Turning, Von Doom ran directly into the punch from his third aggressor as the vampire launched a powerful roundhouse at the Dictator. Not that it fazed him in the least, if his armor was capable of taking a direct impact from that ‘Thing’ Ben Grimm had been transformed into, he doubted the miserable strength of an undead would affect him.

Reaching out, Von Doom launched a fireball at the recently risen opponent who had first felt the wrath of Von Doom’s might and grinned as it burst into dust.

The only vampire to have actually hit him was currently staring at his mangled hand in shock as his knuckles smoked from contact with the metal shell.

Gripping the corpse around the neck, Von Doom lifted the vampire into the air to stare him in the eye. “The very idea that such as you could harm Doom is insulting. Have I not already banished your species from Doom’s lands and only ceased my purge of your kind at the behest of those worms at the Council.” The dictator raged before throwing the corpse away in disdain. “Doubt not my sincerity in this matter, filth, should any of your kind cross the path of Doom again I will expunge your race from the face of this planet.” Victor Von Doom swore before moving towards his destination.

Had he been alone, Victor held no doubt he would have destroyed the vampire without a second thought.

Only the fact his audience was one of the young people that had assisted his son in the destruction of the scum Wilkins and the stake held firmly in the short female’s hand kept him from wiping them all out.

He had an image to maintain after all.


Buffy shoved the stake into the vampire as she stared after the man that had destroyed the trio of vampires with the calm assuredness of someone that knew going into the fight that the Sunnydale undead had been outmatched.

“Who was that masked man?” Buffy whispered before taking off in a sprint towards Giles’ house.

She really hoped she didn’t have to fight that guy.


Victor Von Doom reached the address that his child had been held at for the entirety of his young life. Disregarding subtlety, he simply launched a massive kick at the mass produced door of the house.

Stepping past the broken door, Victor was greeted by a sharp pairing knife as it flashed from the kitchen towards his unprotected eye.

Lifting his hand, Von Doom and intercepted the blade inches from his mask, glancing past the knife, Victor blinked as the small form of Jessica Romina launched herself into a flying kick connecting with the back of the knife, jerking his head to the side Victor felt the blade scrape across the side of his helmet.

Shoving the slight woman back, Von Doom launched a bolt of lightning towards his one time lover and smirked as she dropped beneath the blast effortlessly.

“It’s good to see you again Jessica.” The dictator said softly. “I’ve missed you too.”
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