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Whats up Doc

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Summary: Yet another 'Xanders Real Dad' Story, this one puts Xander as the offspring of a rather well known character.

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Marvel Universe > Fantastic FourTjinFR1577,279511860,98925 Dec 0711 May 11No

My dad the...

Yet another ‘Xander’s Real Father’ story.


Xan Doom


Xander happily walked into the house, the town was safe, the Mayor was kibble, Snyder was gone and Sunnydale High was a smoldering pile of rubble and he had just partied with his friends for the last several hours.

The fact that he had actually graduated and was ready to go on his ‘roadtrip’ was just icing on the cake.

Two steps into the house, Xander froze before stepping back outside and double checking the address. “This is the right house.” He muttered to himself before walking back inside.

It was like some mirror image world, the floor was clean the shelves dusted, the furniture straightened. All in all a peaceful suburban home, nothing like the house he had left eight hours earlier.

The most amazing difference was the missing scent of alcohol that had permeated the Harris household for as long as he could remember.

“Mom,” Xander yelled before taking a step back as Jessica Harris stepped out of the kitchen.

Had he seen her on the street Xander doubted he would have recognized her. Her back was straight, her eyes were clear, her makeup was subdued and she was smiling.

Wracking his memory, Xander tried to remember the last time he had seen her truly smiling. His thoughts where completely derailed when his mother stepped out of the kitchen and hugged him tightly. Stiffening for a moment Xander finally returned the hug awkwardly before stepping back. “Okay, who are you and what have you done with my mom.”

Straightening to her full five foot nine inches, Xander’s mom lifted her chin defiantly. “I am Jessica Vastal Romina, and I killed her.” The woman said as a hint of Russian accent drifted into her speech.

Taking a step back, Xander shifted into a defensive stance. “What?”

Looking at her son, Jessica nodded as her training started to reintegrate itself after being suppressed for so long under the influence of alcohol. “Very impressive, I see you have a warrior’s talent. Not surprising considering your bloodline.” Jessica said before getting back to the topic that concerned her son the most. “Jessica Harris no longer exists, that name, and the personality behind it, are of no further use to me.”

Blinking, Xander tried to run the words through his mind before shaking his head in confusion. “Wait… What?”

Smiling at his confusion, Jessica motioned him towards the kitchen. “Come, sit, there is much we need to talk about.”

Walking carefully into the kitchen, Xander sat at the small table and again wondered at the change this room had also undergone, dishes washed, counters cleaned.

Sitting across from her son, Jessica gave the boy a moment to calm himself before she started her story. “When I came to this country years ago with a child already growing within me, the world was a different place, Darker, colder. America and Russia where fighting a war in every dark alley in both this country and my own.” The Russian immigrant said before looking at her hands. “The propaganda campaigns here were far more subtle then in Russia, far more devious. Had anyone known I was Russian I would have been arrested and tried as a spy. I would have spent the last nineteen years in a prison while you were raised by others. I could not allow that to happen, I was not completely without resources, thankfully. A student of the Academy is rarely without options, even a failure such as myself. I changed my name, hid my accent and ran away to someplace where there is no cause for the agents and spies of either country to look for me.”

“Sunnydale.” Xander supplied as his mother nodded.

Looking back up at her son, Jessica continued. “There is… was something evil in this place, I remember my actions, my words, everything, but I can not see what my intentions where, or the reasons behind them.”

Looking at her, Xander could see the pain in her eyes.

“I wanted to protect you so much, Alexander. From my country, from your father… I never meant to abandon you as I did, then this morning I… woke up.” Jessica explained as she forced the tears away. “If I wanted to leave you I would have stayed with your father…”

Xander perked up at that as it was the second time this had been brought up. “Wait my father, how is Tony…”

“Anthony Harris is NOT your father.” Jessica said fiercely before calming herself. “After failing the Academy I was recruited into another service for my country, for my people. An alliance through birth between my Country and another, the alliance would have given the Russian people an edge over America and her U.N. puppets. Of all the candidates, I was the only one capable of carrying to term.”

“Wait, so I’m the son of you and some king?” Xander asked in disbelief as his mother sighed.

“Not some King Alexander, You are the child of myself and his Royal Highness Victor Von Doom, King of Latveria.”

In the small town of Sunnydale screams are commonplace, this was fortunate as no one wondered at the long drawn out scream of horror coming from the Harris House.


(A/N) Wrote this out again as a hope to get the Muse working on my other fics, Hope you all enjoy it and have a blessed new year.

NOTICE: Xanders mom’s name came from a short lived series concerning the next generation of marvel characters, she supposedly died from an assassination attack while pregnant… anyone that knows the series please send me an E-mail and let me know.

BTW: I do not own BtVS or Marvel.

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