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Back to Your Heart

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Summary: Sometimes the hardest thing the toughest girl on the block has to do is take back the one person who hurt her the most...

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Smallville > Faith-CenteredPhoenixRaeFR1323,389122,12925 Dec 0726 Dec 07No

II. Quit Playing Games

Disclaimer:  None of these characters are mine, except for the original characters that might crop up now and again.  Also I stake no claim on the song lyric used.  I just happen to be a big sap who listens to these kinds of music on and off.

Summary:  Sometimes the hardest thing the toughest girl on the block has to do is take back the one person who hurt her the most...

PhoenixRae's Notes: I succumbed to the lure of making this more than just a one-shot fic.  Also if you've read my Faith FFA one-shot collections, it's safe to say that this story happens post Saving Faith.  I wanted to write a fic revolving around that one-shot story of mine, but for the life of me I couldn't find my muse to write a pre-Saving Faith fic, but thank goodness and an idea for a post Saving Faith occurred and here's the result.  Feedbacks are most welcome as usual.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

II.  Quit Playing Games

I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL kind of game he was playing at with me, but blurting all those bullshit about wanting to give his damn love to me and crap like that...da fuck?  I don't have time for that.

        "Whoa, whoa, whoa!"  Dawn stood up from where she was peacefully sitting on the armchair in the cushy living room of the new Summers household that offered solace to those who escaped Sunnydale.  "Faith, what is wrong with you?" she demanded.

        "Nothing.  Just...nothing," I waved her off and walked back out of the living room and headed for my bedroom upstairs.

        "It's obviously not nothing when you're so pissed off!" Dawn followed me out of the living room and up the stairs to my room.  She stopped on the other side of my bedroom door, her arms akimbo and she had that I'm-serious-I-want-to-talk look on her pert sweet girl next door face.  "So?" she demanded.

        I swear I had something smart to say back to her, but at the moment I felt drained off all the fight I had in  me and instead I just shut the door on Dawn Summers' smug face.  Of course that only earned me quite an earful of shrieking and yelling and countless rapping on my door.  But the youngest Summers sister was smart enough to not barge in on my private domain in this whacked up household.  We implemented a closed-door policy, meaning once a person's bedroom door's shut they mean for whomever was hovering about outside to bug off.

        Dawn didn't let up for at least a good five minutes.  When she realized I wasn't going to budge, she left me alone in a huff.  I was just breathing out a great big sigh when another rap at my door nearly sent my blood pressure to overdrive.  I stormed to my door and pulled it open with whatever super Slayer force I have in me (I cringed when I heard the hinges snap; I wouldn't hear the end of it from Xander when I ask him to fix my door again) and was ready to give Dawn a good talking to, but I was stunned to find someone taller with broader shoulders and short, spiky blond hair and a pair of amazing crystal blue eyes that matched a breathtaking megawatt killer grin.

        "What the hell are you doing here?" Were the words that flew out of my mouth as soon as I locked gazes with none other than the man I walked out on at the open air cafe.

        "Sorry Faith.  I told him you wouldn't be in the mood to be receptive to unexpected visitors, but he's a stubborn as you and just waltzed right up here," said Dawn who tiptoed over Oliver's shoulder.

        "Thanks Dawn."  My beef wasn't with Dawn even though she was close to annoying me just moments ago.  My beef was with this man who had the gall to follow me back home and...and... "Why are you here?" I demanded.

        Oliver seemed to just hover there, a large hulking imposing figure blocking my doorway.  He was dressed casually in jeans and a crisp white t-shirt under a dark blue sports jacket.  His hands were tucked in the front pockets of his jeans and he now added a pair of dark aviator glasses to his attire (he wasn't wearing the dark glasses while were sitting outside the cafe earlier).  I thought he wouldn't answer me back and I was getting ready to repeat myself for the third time.

        Thank goodness he saved me the hassle.

        "You just upped and left without saying goodbye," he smirked, throwing back the words I said to him at the cafe about him leaving without telling me.  The nerve of him.  "The server was shocked and thought you weren't happy with her service, so I had to stay behind and placate her, asking her to just make our order to go before I left and left her with a nice hefty tip," he explained then produced two plain white plastic bags containing two large white Styrofoam containers that emitted quite a scrumptious scent of succulent food.

        Damn.  I almost forgot that Oliver had great taste in food and his orders were always scrumptious; makes any person's mouth water whether they're hungry or not.

        Snatching one of the plastic bags he was dangling in front of me, I gave him a forced smile and a quick, "Thanks, now leave," before slamming the door on his face.

        Now it would've been a very good dramatic ending to a somewhat strained meeting, but Oliver ruined the picturesque moment by sticking his foot between the door and the frame and he also anticipated my move and braced his hands against my door to stop it from closing.

        "Damn," I muttered and took a step back when my door swung open.

        "Now that was just rude, Faith," Oliver tsked and without waiting for an invite he stepped in to my bedroom and closed the door at a dumfounded Dawn.

        My mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water.  I instantly stopped that when I realized I looked ridiculous and instead concentrated on glaring a hole through Oliver Queen's handsome face.

        "You weren't invited into my room," I reminded him.

        "I know.  I invited myself."

        "And why did you do that?"

        "Because you are cheating me off a lunch date that you promised you'll have with me."

        I cocked an eyebrow at his nonchalant attitude and the way he was going on like what he just told me at the cafe earlier wasn't some big shocker that I must absorb before I explode.

        "Look here Queen, I have no time to deal with your crap right now.  That bullshit you spewed at the cafe proved that you weren't up for a serious conversation that's why I left.  And right now I could have you arrested for trespassing since you weren't invited in here anyway," I threatened.

        Oliver turned those thin, kissable red lips of his to a pout and I swear my knees buckled at the mere sight of him doing that.  Wasn't that just the thing that landed me in hot waters with him when I first started hanging out with him and his league of rogue superheroes?

        Oliver took a step forward and on instinct I took a step back.  Oliver wasn't a dumb guy.  Hell, he runs a megabillion dollar company, and I sure as hell am certain he uses his noggin' as much as his muscles.  And I've seen his rippling biceps and abs during our countless sparring workouts while I ran with his Justice League.

        He took another step forward and on instinct I took another step back.  His pout soon turned to an amused smirk and he continued advancing towards me until I felt my butt pressed against the side of the computer table on the far corner of my bedroom.  I wasn't much of a computer tech geek, but after running with Oliver and his ragtag Justice League, I was exposed to the environment -- and it also helped me keep track of Oliver's whereabouts by simply surfing on the Net to read about his escapades without alerting everyone else in the household that I was keeping track of him -- or of someone for that matter.

        "Dammit, Oliver," I hissed when the corner of the computer table jabbed my behind.  "Stop this."

        "Stop what?" he grinned while looming over me, his face mere inches away from mine.

        Given his over six feet frame, he easily towered over my five foot four height and I had to pull my head almost all the way to the back to meet his gaze.

        "This nonsense," I put my hands up and pressed it against his chest, pushing him away from me but not really putting much force into it unless I want to send him flying across the room.  I could've done that to him, but he wasn't really a threat to me -- yet.  And Oliver knew I could handle him just fine and send him out of this house with more than just one broken bone.

        "What nonsense?"

        "Oliver Queen --"


        Oliver and I both jumped when my bedroom door hit the wall hard.  It came off its hinges and landed with a thud on the wooden floor before it fell facedown across the doorway.

        "Fuck, Xander's really going to kill me now," I mumbled under my breath and pushed Oliver away from me.  "Buffy, what the hell, man?" I demanded walking up to where my door lay, my hands on my hips and a really not impressed look on my face.

        "Whoops, reflex," was the petite blonde Slayer's vague excuse.  "And besides, I thought you needed rescuing with the way Dawn was going on and on about this...this...this...ohlalala," I swear it was priceless to see Buffy's jaw drop and her eyes bug out as soon as she laid eyes on Oliver whom I felt loomed behind me.  He seemed to have that kinda effect on women.  God I hoped B's reaction to him right now wasn't the same reaction I had when he and I first met!

        "You're Buffy Summers I'm assuming," Oliver said sounding very much amused.  I could just hear that grin in his tone when he spoke and he was trying not to laugh out loud at the big sisterly overprotective act she just pulled.  "Hi, I'm Oliver Queen," he stepped around me and on the door with his arm outstretched.

        "H-hi," Buffy stammered and clumsily clasped his hand.  "I'm--I'm charmed, er--Buffy.  I'm Buffy," she introduced herself.  "But I think you already knew that so that's kinda silly of me telling you my name again when you obviously know it already."

        This time I heard Oliver chuckle.  B could be cute at a drop of a hat, and that was one of the things I envy of her.  Her ability at cuteness whether it was called for or not.

        "I didn't mean to cause you to worry about Faith's welfare, although I'm sure you're well aware that she's a big girl and can very well protect herself against myself."

        "Oh.  Well, yeah," Buffy nodded and dropped his hand.  "I mean, I was just concerned 'coz Dawn was...well, uhm...okay, awkward," she pretty much mumbled to herself then dropped her gaze on the door that Oliver was stepping on.  "I'm going to get Xander to fix this door and explain to him that it's not your fault this time, Faith.  Okay, we're leaving now," Buffy took a step back and grabbed her sister by the arm.  "Sorry to barge in.  Let's go Dawn," she practically dragged her sister away from my bedroom doorway.

        Oliver stood there, amused at what just happened.  I, on the other hand, remained standing behind him and watched as his broad shoulders shook from his suppressed laughter.

        "I envy you your family, Faith.  No wonder you're willing to trade the League for them," he said and slowly pivoted around to face me once again.

        I hadn't really considered B and company family, but I think to someone like Oliver Queen it would seem that they are as good as a family I could get for myself.  Not that we weren't one little family when I was helping the Justice League out.  But with Buffy, Giles, Dawn, Willow, Xander and the rest of the gang it just felt different.  Justice League was dealing with aliens and the Scoobies deals with the supernaturals.

        "Yeah, well, you have a nice cozy family with AC, Victor and Bart," I shrugged.

        "Yeah, I do," he agreed.  "And the guys misses you, by the way.  Especially Bart.  I think he hasn't gotten over his crush on you," he winked.

        "Oh please.  Tell Bart to focus his attention elsewhere.  I'm way outta his league!" I scoffed.  Bart's a really nice kid, but he was young and impulsive, hence why he was called Impulse.  "I can recommend Dawn to be his new crush-target," I added.

        Oliver seemed to consider my suggestion.

        "Hmm...a feisty brunette from what I recall you telling us about Buffy and her sister.  I'll have to get Bart down here and meet her in person then and we'll see if his crush will transfer from you to her."

        "Whoa, whoa, whoa!  What do you mean get Bart down here?  There's no 33.1 crap happening here in Cleveland.  And if there is I'd know about it."

        Oliver cocked an eyebrow.  "Are you sure?"

        "Damn right I'm sure!" I insisted.  If what he thought were anomalies happening here in good ol' Cleveland had something to do with Lex Luthor's 33.1 division, he had another think coming.

        "Well, if you say so," he shrugged.  "But I'm still getting my team down here to investigate just in case."

        "What?"  I know I looked aghast.  How could I not when I just heard the announcement that Oliver Queen and company would be camping in my backyard for a while?

        "I guess I'll be seeing you around, Faith," he winked and walked out of my bedroom, leaving me standing there trying not to lose my marbles at this whacked up turn of events in my life.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Back to Your Heart" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Dec 07.

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