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Back to Your Heart

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Summary: Sometimes the hardest thing the toughest girl on the block has to do is take back the one person who hurt her the most...

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Smallville > Faith-CenteredPhoenixRaeFR1323,389122,12925 Dec 0726 Dec 07No

I. Reunion

Disclaimer:  None of these characters are mine, except for the original characters that might crop up now and again.  Also I stake no claim on the song lyric used.  I just happen to be a big sap who listens to these kinds of music on and off.

Summary:  Sometimes the hardest thing the toughest girl on the block has to do is take back the one person who hurt her the most...

PhoenixRae's Notes: This is a response to Challenge 3155: Minor Keys by RemingtonSmythe.  Not sure if this one will remain a one-shot fic or not.  I'm just taking a break from writing my usual longer fic ones and while browsing the Challenges page I came across this particular challenge that somehow whet my appetite.  I hope you enjoy.  Feedbacks are most welcome. :)

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I.  Reunion

I HONESTLY DON'T KNOW what the hell I'm doing here.  I remember receiving a call in the middle of the night.  The voice who spoke on the other end of the line made the hairs at the back of my neck stand in attention.

        It had been years since I last heard from him.  I thought he dropped off the face of the Earth completely when I didn't see nor hear from him after he just upped and left my life without as much as an explanation as to why he was leaving.  Up to this day I didn't know why he just took off without as much as leaving me a damn Dear Jane letter.

        I'm still pretty miffed about that.

        "Hi," he greeted sounding almost breathless as he flashed me that trademark sexy, showing all his pearly-whites megawatt smile that got me head over heels gaga over him years ago.  "Please, have a seat," he walked around and pulled the steel chair back for me and waited until I was seated.

        Prick as he might be in my opinion, Oliver Queen was still very much a gentleman.

        "Thanks."  I tried to sound neutral, and I think so far I am doing a helluva good job at it.  "So, what brings you to Cleveland?"

        Oliver made himself comfortable on the seat across from me.  We were at an outside cafe in downtown Cleveland.  I was surprised that he picked a very public spot for us to meet, but then again why wouldn't he?  It wasn't like what we had before was something.  Well, it was something -- to a point.  Our relationship was that of a working relationship; anything else that went beyond that was probably my own damn doing.  I let my guard down and started...heck, I started believing in the 'what would happen ifs' situations.

        It was pretty stupid, really.  I can't believe I allowed myself to get suckered into that kinda thinking.  I blame the people I surrounded myself with ever since we escaped from Sunnydale.  I blamed Buffy especially for allowing me to become a somewhat romantically inclined person after my relationship with Robin took a turn to look like a promising one, but turns out in the end it wasn't a match made in damn heaven and I was back to square one with men.

        Oliver took his time from answering.  He smiled that wickedly sexy smile of his at the server who handed us our menu.  He stalled for some time by studying what was on the menu and avoided looking at me at all costs.

        In the few months that I worked with Oliver when I became an unwitting part of his damn Justice League, I began to learn how the mind of the billionaire leader of renegade heroes worked.  I watched for the usual signs on his face; usually when he had something important to say his eye would twitch or his upper lip would curl while he contemplated on how best to say whatever it was he wanted to say.

        But right now his expression remained impassive.  He wasn't giving anything away, and I was starting to get this uneasy feeling that whatever his reason was for getting my ass out here to meet him for lunch had less to do with helping him trump another megalomaniac bad ass and more to do with something akin to personal.  Dare I hope that he came here just to specially see me?

        "How hungry are you, Faith?" he asked, his blue eyes still scanning the menu book as if he was in deep concentration on what to order.

        I cocked an eyebrow at his question.  "Not that hungry," was my quip reply followed by, "and you didn't answer my question."

        Oliver closed the menu book and set it down on the table.  Placing his hand palm down on top of the menu, he leaned forward and met my gaze.  "What was that?"

        "What are you doing in Cleveland?"

        "I was just in the neighbourhood," he shrugged.

        "Bullshit," I nearly spat at him.

        Oliver merely grinned.  He was used to my use of very colourful languages.

        "Well, would you believe me if I tell you that every night I dream about you ever since the day we say goodbye?"

        I cocked an eyebrow and sat back.  "We never said goodbye to each other," I reminded him.  "In fact, I don't recall any 'goodbyes' the last time we saw each other."

        I noticed him flinch, but he quickly covered it up and that silly sexy smile of his remained plastered on his boyishly handsome face.

        "OK, I think I deserved that," he conceded.

        "You think?" I echoed in disbelief.

        "Uh-hm," he nodded while still holding my gaze.  He leaned back in his seat and looked up at our server who approached our table.  Since I didn't bother looking at my menu book, Oliver took the liberty of ordering for the two of us.  Once the server walked away with our menu books and the order Oliver placed, he leaned forward in his seat once again, resting his forearms on the side of the table.

        "Faith, I know you're not ready to hear this, and I'm sorry I mucked up everything with the way I acted before, but please give me one more chance to give my love to you," he begged.

        Now that sure was a curve ball that I didn't see coming.

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PhoenixRae's Notes Part Deux:  If you notice some sentences that are bolded, those are lyrics from the song that inspired me to write this fic to begin with.  It's a song by the Backstreet Boys off their Millennium album entitled Back To Your Heart, which happens to be the title of this fic of mine.
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