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12 Hellmouth Days of Christmas

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Summary: Answering the 12 days of Christmas Challenge

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings > Ficlet Collections - Other(Past Donor)kayleyFR7121,408014,18726 Dec 0726 Dec 07Yes

First Day of Christmas - Oz/Bill & Ted

Disclaimer: No characters used in this fic belong to me, they are the creations of many talent creators and the actors who portray them.

Author's note: Although this is in response to the 12 Days of Christmas challenge, the actual 100 word drabbles are not necessarily Christmas themed. I have tried to make each day fit the tune of the song... some I don't quite succeed on. Also, this is just a silly bit of fun, which is kinda hard in 100 words.


"On the First day of Christmas the Hellmouth Gave to Me a Werewolf in a Time Machine!"

Oz watched as sparks began to appear followed by something that looked like a phone booth. “Maybe it was the Tardis,” he thought with a wry grin but when the door opened two teens walked out that looked nothing like The Doctor or his companion.

“Dude! That was excellent!” one said as the two slapped high fives.

“Totally,” the other replied before looking around. “Bill, I don’t think we’re in San Dimas anymore.”


Seeing Oz, the two quickly approached him before asking Oz what the year was; and the two could only express one thing when they heard.

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