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Under the Mistletoe

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Slayer's Covenant". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Pogue and Dawn found themselves trapped in a somewhat sticky situation...

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Movies > CovenantPhoenixRaeFR131445031,62127 Dec 0727 Dec 07Yes
Disclaimer:  The Covenant belongs to Sony Pictures/J.S. Cardone/Remy Harlin & Buffy the Vampire Slayer is all Joss Whedon's.  I am just borrowing their lovely characters here.

Summary:  Pogue and Dawn found themselves trapped in a somewhat sticky situation...

FFA Pairing:  Dawn Summers / Pogue (The Covenant)

PhoenixRae's Notes:  This is a somewhat accompanying one-shot fic to my chaptered crossover fic, Buffy's Covenant. It might or might not find its way in to the main fic, but for sure this scene will be mentioned in future chapters of the fic.

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Under the Mistletoe
by PhoenixRae

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DAWN KNEW THE MOMENT she and Pogue Parry ended up under the blasted mistletoe that they had to kiss.  It was only fair for them to do so since everybody who ended up standing under the blasted holiday ornament had to kiss.  But somehow kissing each other would be a really bad idea.  Some inert sense told them to just peck each other on the cheek and be done with it, while another part wanted their lips to touch.

        "I can feel someone glaring a hole at the back of my skull," Dawn hissed as she continued to hold Pogue's gaze.

        "You're not the only one," Pogue chuckled.

        "Now the question is, should we or shouldn't we?"  She cocked an eyebrow and waited for him to decide.

        "OK, if I say we should, then I have a bad feeling I'd be filleted by one of my friends," he admitted.

        Dawn cocked an eyebrow.  "Who?"

        "I just can't tell which one right now," he fibbed.

        "Liar," she accused.  He knew which one of his friends was giving him the evil look just as she knew who amongst her friends was giving her the evil look.  "Do you really want to kiss me?" she asked after a second.

        "What?" Pogue looked flabbergasted.

        "C'mon Pogue, it's a simple enough question," she chided.

        Pogue looked ill at ease at the moment.  Surely he wasn't really that interested in locking lips with her, although Dawn had secretly dreamt of being able to taste his lips ever since she first laid eyes on him when they arrived at the new Slayer Central household over a week ago.

        "I think that's one question I'm going to have to pass," he answered carefully.

        "Oh, well, smart man I say then."  Dawn tried to hide her disappointment, but she knew it would be for both their sakes that they don't kiss at all.  The green-eyed monsters present this evening; they don't want to press their luck too much.  "Well, Merry Christmas, Pogue!" she said brightly and stood on tiptoes and gave him a chaste kiss on his cheek.

        "Uuh...yeah, same to you," was all that Pogue managed to say and stared after the perky brunette as she whirled away from him and joined the others.

The End

You have reached the end of "Under the Mistletoe". This story is complete.

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