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Breaking Through

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Summary: When the portal is opened in L.A., Willow sends Xander and Faith to another dimension for safety. Warnings: slash, het, multiple partners. Xander/Asher, Faith/Richard, Jason/Oz/Xander, Xander/Asher/Faith

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Chapter 2

Title: Breaking Through, part 2/?
Author: jasonsnene
Rating: NC17
Pairings: Xander/Asher, Anita/all her harem, Jason/Oz, Faith/Richard? and possibly other combinations of these like Xander/Asher/Faith or Jason/Oz/Xander. Don’t know yet.
Warnings: Sex (M/M, M/M/M, M/F, M/F/M), Violence, More as I know them.
Setting: Crossover with Anita Blake verse
Disclaimer: Not mine. They belong to lots of other people, namely Joss Whedon and Laurell K. Hamilton. I’m just having a wee bit o’ fun with them.
Beta: mistress_tien

Summary: When Angel and Company open the gate in L.A., Willow sends Xander and Faith to safety in another dimension. Here, the slayer doesn’t exist except in the form of Anita Blake, the Vampire Executioner. The Sunnydaler’s are in for a big surprise at the changes in this new world. And who they encounter there.

Breaking Through part 2/?

Faith watched the woman stalk from the Jeep to the small house. She moved like a hunter, a predator, like a sister Slayer. That thought brought Faith up short and she eyed the woman, Anita she’d said her name was, much more carefully. Anita was short, shorter than Faith who considered herself relatively short at 5’5”. She had curly dark hair and wore no makeup. Her clothes were casual, a t-shirt, dark jeans and well used Nikes.

It wasn’t her appearance that gave her the aura of power though. It was something else. Something beyond the slew of weapons Faith knew she concealed on her person. The gun was almost a part of her and she’d drawn it when getting out of the car at the cemetery without hesitation, like a person who was very used to using it. Faith figured she should be concerned about that but then, as long as they stayed on Anita’s good side, it couldn’t hurt to be around someone who knew weapons and wasn’t afraid to use them.

Anita was nearly at the door when the rest of the occupants of the vehicle started moving. Richard, still nude from his shift from wolf to man at the cemetery, didn’t seem like he wanted to follow Anita inside. Faith realized there was some definite history between those two and it didn’t seem like good history. She watched him slide slowly from the Jeep, unfolding his large body. He reminded her of Riley in a way. Buffy’s ex, the clean cut Iowa boy, with his All-American good looks, couldn’t hold a candle to this guy.

Richard was gorgeous. There were no two ways to put it. Faith eyed him up and down several times before forcing her gaze away. From the top of his honey brown hair to the tips of his rather large feet, Richard was someone Faith would love to get her hands on. Hell she’d like to get a hell of a lot more than her hands on him. That wasn’t likely to happen though considering the stiff way he and Anita were around each other. Faith knew she’d be wise to avoid a tangle with the wolf. Of course, Faith laughed to herself, she wasn’t exactly known for being wise.

Faith jumped from the Jeep and stretched. Time to check on Xander. He was still huddled in the back with Oz and although he hadn’t said anything, Faith knew that he wasn’t quite right. Every since he’d regained consciousness at the cemetery, he’d seemed off. At first Faith chalked it up to the shift of dimensions. She was a little shaken up by it and had slayer strength to back her up. Xander was all human and Faith worried that it had taken more out of him than he was letting on.

She moved to the back of the Jeep and popped the latch, opening the back gate. Xander was leaning back against the side of the vehicle, his eye closed. He was very pale. Faith switched her gaze to Oz, who looked as concerned as she did. She gently laid her hand on Xander’s arm and gave him a little nudge. His eye flew open and he immediately checked to make sure his patch hadn’t shifted.

“You’re covered, Xan. Let’s get inside and see what’s going on around here.” Xander nodded and grabbed the packs. Faith looked back at Oz, who didn’t seem to be bothered by his nudity. She figured if he wasn’t worried about it, she shouldn’t be either.

Faith saw the vampire slide from the Jeep once they were all out. He was obviously watching Anita’s back, making sure the new folks were well covered. Her eyes jumped back to Xander though when he wobbled getting out of the Jeep. Damn. Something really was wrong with him and she had no way of contacting Willow to find out what the hell she could do to make it better. It wasn’t like Faith had experience with inter-dimensional travel.

Faith moved to one side of Xander and Oz took the other. He resisted their help at first but then laid his arms across their shoulders and let them guide him into the house. Faith knew how much he hated to appear weak, especially since he’d lost his eye so violently, but sometimes you just needed some help.

Making sure to keep her stake within easy reach, just in case, Faith started moving them towards the door. Asher kept his distance but Faith knew it really didn’t matter. She’d seen him move and he was fast. Faith added vampire powers to the growing list of things she needed to make sure she was up on in this new dimension. If they were different here she needed to know. Her stake first ask questions later policy might not be such a good idea here.

They reached the house and Xander tensed when they saw all the people inside. Actually, with the amount of tingling she was getting from her Slayer senses, Faith figured they weren’t just people at all. They were in a house full of lycanthropes. Lovely.

Oz kept moving though so Faith and Xander followed. Xander leaned back against the wall and Faith stood by his side. They both watched Anita as a group of half dressed lycans sniffed and rubbed against her. Asher moved to their side.

“Those are her leopards. They are a touchy feely group and while it sometimes bothers Anita, as their leader, she allows it.” Asher didn’t add any more information and Faith didn’t ask. But she did add to her list of questions an item for how a woman who seemed to be human could be the leader of a pack of leopards. This dimension was very strange.

The leopards had finally rubbed and sniffed their way happily over Anita and almost as one, they turned their gaze to the newcomers. Faith and Xander both tensed as they were eyed up and down. Finally one of the leopards broke away and approached them.

He was beautiful. Not handsome, not good looking, this man was beautiful. His hair was the first thing you noticed. It was very long, swaying around his hips in a dark auburn wave. Once you were able to tear your eyes away from his hair, you noticed his eyes. They were purple. No, not purple, lavender. A pastel so striking that you couldn’t look away from him.

As he moved closer, Faith noticed how small he was. They were about the same size, Faith realized, so he was very small for a man. But his broad shoulders and muscular body were all man and he moved with the fluid grace of a cat. He was only wearing cut off jeans and Faith admired the view.

He stuck out his hand when he reached them and Xander immediately took it. Faith watched him out of the corner of her eye and tried not to laugh. Xander seemed to be as struck by his appearance as she was. His voice when he spoke was soft. “Hi, I’m Nathaniel.”

Xander continued to shake his hand, longer than was necessary or polite. “I’m Xander. This is Faith.” Nathaniel untangled his hand from Xander’s and stuck it out to her. She shook it quickly and gave him a small smile. Faith figured he was used to people’s reaction to him as he didn’t seem particularly surprised or embarrassed.

The other leopards had scattered around and were lounging on the furniture. Richard reappeared a few minutes later and Faith realized that she hadn’t even noticed he wasn’t in the room. Of course, he was dressed now and that meant he kept clothes here which told Faith a lot more about his relationship with Anita. With a sigh, Faith put him firmly in the “hands off” column.

Nathaniel was offering to make them something to eat and Xander eagerly agreed. He was still leaning against the wall. “Nathaniel? Can you point me to the nearest bathroom?”

He pointed in the right direction and Faith looped her arm around Xander again. He eyed her with confusion and she gave him the look that said ‘shut up and come on’ so he followed without protest. Once they were in the room, Faith shut the door and locked it. Then she turned on the water in both the sink and the shower.

Xander closed the lid on the toilet and sank down onto it. Faith leaned down close to him, her mouth nearly on his ear. “We need to be very quiet. I’m not sure that they won’t be able to hear us anyway so say as little as you can, okay?”

He nodded. She pressed her mouth close again. “How are you feeling?” Faith felt his jerk of surprise so she leaned in again. “Xander, I’ve known you for years. I know something’s wrong. You never let me push you behind me in a fight and you never doze off like you did in the Jeep. Tell me what’s wrong.”

She pulled back and their eyes met. He shrugged and she knew that he wasn’t in pain or he would have told her. Leaning close again, “Do you think it was the trip?” He turned his head and pressed his mouth close to her ear. “I think it was the trip and the magic. I’m really weak.”

Faith nodded and pulled away. Their gazes locked. “Tell me if you get worse okay?” He nodded and pulled her closer. “What the hell kind of place is this?” It was her turn to shrug this time. “We’ll ask Oz if we get a chance. I want to know what the hell he’s doing here. Willow obviously knew he was here, it’s too big of a coincidence otherwise.” Xander agreed. His best friend had obviously not told him everything, not that it was anything unusual, but every time it hurt him to find out she was keeping things from him.

Faith turned the water back off and they left the bathroom. All eyes shifted to them when they came back into the room but Faith just ignored them and crossed the room to the doorway Nathaniel had disappeared through. Xander followed and they were in the kitchen.

Nathaniel had pulled his hair back in a clip and was wearing an apron that would make Donna Reed proud. He seemed very comfortable though, both in the apron and in the kitchen and from the smells wafting over from the stove, he was very good at cooking. Xander was eyeing the large table that took up length of the room. Faith plopped down in a chair and he joined her.

Before long, Nathaniel had a steaming plate of pasta piled in front of them. It was thick and creamy with vegetables and chicken swimming in sauce. Faith didn’t wait, she just dug in and Xander did the same. Anita and Richard came in and Nathaniel fixed them plates as well. Asher stood in the doorway, watching them eat with an almost envious expression on his face. Faith and Xander both recognized the look as one Spike had given them frequently.

Now that they were in the light, Faith got a better look at the vampire and noticed the scars on his face that he tried so carefully to hide with his hair. Faith remembered this character from the Batman movie, Xander probably knew the name of the guy, but Asher made her think of him. One side of his face was perfect, the other side was badly scarred.

Faith looked away and focused on her food again. Scars didn’t really bother her. She had several of her own. You didn’t fight on the Hellmouth for years and come out unscathed. Xander had the most visible damage among their group, but they all had injuries that never quite healed, some of them couldn’t be seen, but they were still there.

When her plate was clean, Faith took it over to the sink and rinsed it. Xander followed, his own plate as cleared as hers. He looked better, the food seeming to have given him more energy. Faith was relieved. She didn’t know what she’d do if she had to take care of him and figure out how to make their way through all this. There were lots of good things about Xander, but probably the best was his way of making friends and fitting into groups.

Faith knew that given time, Xander would find out much more information that she’d ever be able to. He just had that way about him. People trusted him, and with good reason. Faith realized that he was one of the few people she really trusted. She knew that if she stepped out of line, Xander wouldn’t be afraid to let her know. He’d stood up to them all at one time or another.

Car doors slammed outside and Faith saw Anita’s hand automatically move to her gun. Faith reached for her stake and at her movement, Xander slid his knife free of its sheath. Richard noticed the movements. “It’s Jamil and Shang-Da.” Anita’s hand slipped from the gun and Faith and Xander followed her lead.

Two men entered the house and moved straight to Richard. It didn’t take Faith long to figure out that these were the two wolves from the cemetery. They both exuded the same power that came from Richard, although to a slightly lesser degree. Faith eyed them both, wondering to herself just how she could become Anita and be surrounded by this many gorgeous men. The woman had to have done something right to be this lucky. Not that she seemed to notice.

Richard introduced Faith and Xander to the newcomers. Jamil was tall, his skin a light cocoa color. His hair was long and tied into cornrows that drifted all the way down his back. Shang-Da was nearly as tall, his skin the light olive of someone of Asian decent. His hair was nearly military short and his eyes were very cold.

They took positions near the door and Faith figured that they were Richard’s guards. Something else she needed to add to her growing list of questions. The lycanthropes here were a lot different from the one’s back home. They seemed a lot more in control and a lot more organized. Faith wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not. A lone lycanthrope may be dangerous but there was only one to take down if it got out of control. A pack of lycanthropes would be nearly impossible to stop.

Oz came into the kitchen and settled into the seat by Xander. He was wearing a pair of cutoffs now like Nathaniel and Faith laughed to herself that it seemed to be the uniform of choice. Then again, if you were a lycan and shifted in your clothes, you probably needed a lot of old clothes that you didn’t mind getting destroyed.

Anita finally broke the silence in the room. “So, you guys ready to tell us where you’re from?”

Xander and Faith looked at each other and shrugged. Xander spoke. “Look, we’re just here for a while to let some things back home settle. We’re hoping to spend a little time catching up with Oz but beyond that, we’ll stay out of your hair. No problems from us, okay?”

Anita frowned. “What kind of trouble are you two in?”

This time Faith answered. “We’re really not in any trouble. No one is after us or anything. There was just some stuff going down and we figured we didn’t need to be around for it.”

Richard turned to Oz and stared. Oz knew what he wanted. “They wouldn’t lie, Ulfric. You could tell if they were. But I know them and if they were in trouble, they’d tell me.”

Faith realized that Oz was letting her know not to lie. It was a good tip and she’d thank him for it later when she was pumping him for every bit of information about this world she could get.

Anita stood. “Alright, it’s late and I’m tired. Let’s all crash and we’ll figure out more tomorrow. Nathaniel, you’ll make sure everybody has what they need?” He nodded and Anita left the room.

Richard, Jamil and Shang-Da went out the door and Faith heard a car start, then leave. Asher left silently as well. Nathaniel straightened up the kitchen, shooing Xander away when he offered to help. Oz followed them when they left and Nathaniel led the three of them to a bedroom with a big bed. Nathaniel looked over at them. “You guys don’t mind sharing do you?”

Xander shook his head, knowing that Faith would let him make that call. “That’s fine, Nathaniel. Thanks for dinner and everything. It was great.”

“Okay, night guys, see you in the morning.” He went quickly towards the back room and the three Sunnydaler’s closed the door and eyed each other.

Oz spoke first. “Well, fancy meeting you two here. The shit must have really hit the fan.”

Faith and Xander looked grim. It was true. The shit really had hit the fan. But for once they weren’t there to help dodge it.
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