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Breaking Through

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Summary: When the portal is opened in L.A., Willow sends Xander and Faith to another dimension for safety. Warnings: slash, het, multiple partners. Xander/Asher, Faith/Richard, Jason/Oz/Xander, Xander/Asher/Faith

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Anita Blake > GeneraljasonsneneFR2138,4182395,31128 Dec 073 Jan 08No

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Chapter One

Title: Breaking Through
Author: jasonsnene
Rating: NC17
Warnings: slash, het, multiple partner, violence
Pairing: Xander/Asher, Anita/all her harem, Jason/Oz, Faith/Richard? and possibly other combinations of these like Xander/Asher/Faith or Jason/Oz/Xander. Don’t know yet.
Setting: Crossover with Anita Blake verse
Disclaimer: Not mine. They belong to lots of other people, namely Joss Whedon and Laurell K. Hamilton. I’m just having a wee bit o’ fun with them.
Beta: mistress_tien

Summary: When Angel and Company open the gate in L.A., Willow sends Xander and Faith to safety in another dimension. Here, the slayer doesn’t exist except in the form of Anita Blake, the Vampire Executioner. The Sunnydaler’s are in for a big surprise at the changes in this new world. And who they encounter there.

A/N: First time posting at this site. *is nervous*

Part 1:

Faith sighed as the hot water from the shower beat down on her stiff shoulders. After standing under the spray for several more moments, she turned off the water and stepped out onto the scratchy bath mat the hotel provided. With a grumble, she snatched an equally scratchy bath towel from the rack and stepped into the room while wrapping it tightly around her still steaming skin.

Immediately her skin was tingling from more than the hot water. She dropped into a defensive stance automatically, searching the room quickly for danger. Moving cautiously towards the chairs where she’d last seen Xander, Faith called out to him. “Xan? Where are you man?”

No answer. She was starting to get worried. This mission was supposed to be simple. Go to St. Louis and pick up yet another young potential who was now imbued with the life force of the Slayer. They liked to go in teams though, and since everyone else was off on their own missions, Faith had volunteered to go with Xander on this one.

At first he wasn’t happy to have her along but after several hours on the road they finally began talking and Faith liked to think that they had smoothed out the rough edges and may just be on the road to friendship. She wasn’t going to hold her breath though. She knew what she’d done to him was beyond wrong.

As she slowly made her way through the room, using the caution that Giles had finally convinced her would serve her well in her duties, she rounded the bed and saw Xander laying on the floor. His eyes were wide open and pure white.

Faith rushed to his side, feeling for a pulse in his neck and was surprised to find it strong and steady. Then he spoke and she nearly jumped out of her skin. “Faith, grab the bags, we’ve got to go.”

Then he stood up and his eyes faded back to their normal brown. When she didn’t move, he pulled her to her feet and grabbed the oversized backpacks they all used to travel these days. When he had them both secured in his hand, he pulled Faith close to his side and whispered, “We’re ready, Willow.”

Before Faith could protest, she felt the world around her folding and shifting and then the world went dark. When she came back to awareness, her first thought was to find Xander. Then she realized that she was laying on something warm and her eyes blinked open to see Xander’s flowered shirt under her cheek.

Pushing herself up, Faith took a quick look around and nearly snarled to find them in a cemetery. Great, just what they needed. Another fucking cemetery. Turning her attention back to Xander, Faith tapped him gently on the cheek, and then with more force when he didn’t respond.

“Xander. Wake up. You’ve got to tell me what the hell’s going on here.” He started to flinch under her hand and Faith backed away for a moment. His eyes slowly blinked open and he looked up at her for a moment before smiling that dopey smile that told her he was okay. “You’re naked.”

Faith laughed and laid back down over him for a moment, giving him a quick squeeze before she pulled away and looked for their packs. “Yeah, well, it’s nothing you aint seen before.”

Xander grinned again. “Then there’s that.” Faith laughed and pulled their packs closer. She dug through and pulled out her favorite jeans and t-shirt before slipping them on. Next came her “shit kicking” boots, as she liked to call them. When she was completely dressed, she hopped up and looked around again.

“So, want to tell me where the fuck we are?”

Xander paled and stood beside her. “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore, Toto.”


The wolf stood in the midst of his pack, feeling his bond strengthen as their pack became empowered by their Ulfric, the pack leader. Suddenly his senses were jarred by something else and he turned away, his body unnaturally stiff. The wolves around him sensed something as well. They moved away and soon a circle formed around him. His eyes turned white and his head fell back to the sky. With a howl, he took off.

His Ulfric roared out an order, but the lone wolf didn’t pause. Ulfric sent out a pull of his magic, forcing his young wolf back under his control but his efforts were slapped away by the other magic and the young one kept running, oblivious to his leader.

Snarling his displeasure, the Ulfric ordered his pack to stay and completed his change. His guards shifted as well and the three of them took off after their rogue, determined to break the magical pull that tore him away from his pack, his family.


Xander gathered his pack and handed Faith hers before he found the words to speak. “Something bad went down in L.A. Some sort of major portal was opened. Lots of creepy crawlies and big bads got through. Willow sent us somewhere safe until they got the situation stabilized.”

Faith smacked his arm and Xander let out a yelp of pain. “What do you mean, ‘sent us somewhere safe’? What the fuck, Xan? We’re supposed to fight the big bads not run away from them! You do that creepy white-eyed thing and tell her to get us the fuck back to the fight where we belong.”

“First of all, oww! Watch the slayer strength. Human here and I do break! Second of all, don’t you think I tried to argue with her? She didn’t exactly ask. She just told me she was getting us the hell out of there but that we’d be safe here until she could get us back. Thirdly, oww! My arm still hurts, damn it!” Xander rubbed where she had smacked him and glared at her.

Faith wasn’t really concerned. “So what are we supposed to do now?”

Xander looked around and was less than pleased to find them in a cemetery. “Well, I say we get the heck out of here because in no dimension can this be a good place to hang around and chat.”

They started to walk towards the gated entrance when Faith stopped and dropped her pack. She pulled out a blade and shoved Xander behind her. Xander grabbed his own weapon and turned to watch Faith’s back. Whatever was coming their way, she would face. But nothing was sneaking up behind them on his watch.

Faith held her knife with the grace of someone who was deeply familiar with the weapon and as the shadows began moving and dissolving into a form she adjusted her stance and prepared to attack. She wasn’t prepared to find a half-man, half-wolf sliding to a stop in front of her.



“This you’ve got to see.”

Xander turned slowly around and his knife dropped to the ground. “Oz?” He stepped around Faith and approached, seeing the familiar wolf shape that he’d spent so many nights watching over in high school. “What the hell are you doing here?”

Oz looked over his shoulder and whined and Faith stepped forward again, blocking them from whatever was coming next. She wasn’t prepared to see the three huge wolves storming out of the trees. Xander pulled Oz to him, noticing the still white eyes. Willow must have sent Oz here as well.

Suddenly Oz’ eyes regained their color and he slowly collapsed to the ground. Xander tried to guide the fall and the wolves now surrounding them snarled viciously. This was really not going to end well.

“Xander? Could really use your help here. Don’t think I can take all three of ‘em.”

Xander stood, gathering his dropped weapon quickly. “Where’s a tranq gun when you need one, right?”

She snickered as the wolves growled and circled closer. “Which one you want?”

“Uh, the one that won’t kill me?”

Faith laughed. “Watch out for Oz. They’ll try to take him so we’re going to have to keep him between us. And for Gods sake Xander, don’t drop your weapon again.”

“Yes, oh wise one.”


In a cemetery across town, Anita was finishing her last job of the night and the corpse she’d raised was settled back into its grave. When the ground stopped rumbling, she stepped back and opened her senses. Something was definitely going on. She searched the mental link, seeking first her vampire, who answered her call with a whispered, “Ma petite?”

Anita told Jean Claude what she was sensing and Jean Claude communicated with his vampires, assuring himself that all were safe and accounted for. Next they sought out Richard, the third member of their triumvirate, and Anita shivered when the link opened and she felt the wolf’s rage.

Both Anita and Jean Claude leapt to action, Anita by throwing her necromancing gear back into the all purpose duffle she now carried and running towards her Jeep. She could sense Richard’s fury but when he was in his wolf form, she couldn’t speak to him so she didn’t know exactly what was going on. But Richard rarely lost control of his temper or his beast so for both to happen something must be seriously wrong.

She could feel her vampire lover communicating with another as well and knew that he was sending backup to Richard as well. Whatever was causing their wolf to rage would soon be facing the strongest triumvirate the world had ever seen.


Xander eyed the wolves carefully, waiting for one of them to strike. Remembering something Oz had once told him, Xander decided to try his tried and true method of defense. He started to babble.

“Look wolf boys, well, I guess you’d be wolf men or something but really Oz here is harmless, really. I don’t know why you’re after him but he’s just here for us and if you’ll just let us have him we’ll be on our way. You know, it would really help if you guys were color coded or something so us mere mortals would know how powerful you were. I mean, Oz told me once that the stronger you are the more control you have right? So if you were like, white wolves or something, that could mean you’re super strong and then you would understand that we aren’t here to hurt you or anything that we just want our Oz shaped friend so we can go back to where we came from. But no. You all have to be whatever color so no one can tell if you’re just going to rip our throats out or if you can actually understand a word we’re saying because that would just be too easy and nothing for ole Xander is ever easy now is it? I mean, just once, could a guy land in a cemetery and not be attacked by something? Well, at least I landed this time with a naked woman, which I can tell you has never happened before but was kind of unique and could potentially be enjoyable. But not really in a cemetery cause that’s just too creepy for even me although there was that one time with Anya after patrol and that’s totally off topic so I’m just going to not finish that thought but will you please just back off and let us go?” Xander took a deep breath, keeping his eyes trained on the wolves surrounding them.

“Damn, Xan. That was impressive even for you.”

From below them, Oz spoke up. “I’ve never heard a Xander babble last that long.”

When Oz spoke the wolves growled again. Oz moved to stand and Xander helped pull him up. “That was some mojo.” At the answering growl, Oz dropped back to his knees and lowered his eyes to the ground. “Xander and Faith, you guys need to step back for a minute. I’ll be okay. I know these guys.”

Faith hesitated but finally moved back, keeping her weapon up and ready should things turn ugly. Xander followed her lead and they both kept their eyes on the strange wolves. Faith felt the magic change around her and suddenly one of the wolves wasn’t a wolf anymore but a very tall, very gorgeous, very naked man.

She looked down at Oz, noticing for the first time that he was naked too. The strange man knelt in front of Oz while the other two wolves moved to flank them, never taking their eyes from Xander and Faith.

After a few whispered words to Oz, the strange man stood, pulling Oz to his feet. “Who are you and how do you know my wolf?”

Xander and Faith looked at each other, neither knowing how to reply. Finally, Faith spoke up. “Your wolf? Since when? Listen, we’ve known Oz for years and just dropped in to say Hi. Things got kind of bad at home and we needed a place to go for a while. We thought here would work. We’re not trying to make any trouble for anybody.”

He was obviously not pleased with her answer. “I want to know how you called my wolf. Which one of you has the magic?”

Xander and Faith stood silent, neither sure how to answer the wolf’s question. “Ulfric?” Oz spoke up and the man’s gaze shifted back to him. “It wasn’t them. It was someone from home, a witch we all know. She knew they needed help and sent me to them. She doesn’t know I’m in a pack now. They didn’t know either. Please Ulfric, they’re my friends.”

Before they could continue they heard the squealing of tires and Faith pushed Xander behind her again until she could determine the new threat. A small woman leapt from the vehicle and had a gun pulled and aimed at them before she’d taken a step. She glanced at the Ulfric, eyes carefully avoiding his nakedness as she spoke. “Richard? What’s going on?”

They all heard his sigh, and the wolves beside Oz and the man growled softly. “I’m trying to figure that out, Anita. Not really sure who these two are but one of my wolves pushed off my call to come to them.”

Anita’s eyes jumped to Richard’s, suddenly understanding the feelings of anger she’d felt earlier. Pulling a wolf away from its pack and out of the control of his Ulfric was not only seriously dangerous, it was nearly impossible. Then she turned her eyes to the strangers. Her eyes were cold and Xander couldn’t keep eye contact for long. She may be a small woman but he’d learned years ago that size didn’t matter and small women could sometimes pack the biggest punch.

Faith was having a staring contest with the other woman and Xander was beginning to realize just what a mess they were in. Maybe they should have stayed and fought the Hell portal. It would probably have been safer. Before he could snicker at his own thoughts, Xander saw movement out of the corner of his eye and nearly jumped out of his skin as a man flew out of the night and landed just beside him.

His squeak of fear let Faith know someone else had joined the party and she stepped around keeping them all in front of her and Xander behind her. “Listen, I don’t know who you people are, but we’re just here to see Oz. You’re starting to freak me out a bit and you really don’t want to see what happens when I get freaked out.”

Oz started to step towards them but one look from Richard stopped him in his tracks. Anita turned to the new arrival. “Asher, thanks for coming so quickly.”

Xander snuck another peak at the man who’d just flown in and oh my god people here could fly! How could he sign up for that? Then he realized that something wasn’t quite right about the new guy. He was very pale and then he spoke.

“Anything for you, ma cherie. Jean Claude sends his love.” Asher turned his eyes back to the two humans Anita was pointing her gun at.

Xander’s experience on the hellmouth had trained him well and he realized right away that this was no ordinary man that could fly. Nope. He was a flying vampire and holy crap they were now in the cemetery with three strange werewolves, a flying vampire and a strange little woman with a big gun. He had to fight not to say that things couldn’t get worse. Xander held it in though because just when you thought that, things usually went straight to hell. Sometimes literally.

Faith seemed to realize at about the same time he did that the new guy was a vamp because she tensed up and pulled her stake from the back of her jeans. Xander had been around slayers for too long to think it strange that she kept a stake on her at all times. Hell, he usually did himself.

“Xander, I want you to very slowly grab our packs. I think we should just leave Oz to his business.” Faith stepped slowly to the side, allowing him easier access.

Keeping his eyes up and wary of the risk he was taking, Xander hastily grabbed their packs and raised his weapon again. He started walking backwards, trying to look around to make sure he didn’t trip over a headstone. Faith watched the others watching them and was very afraid that they weren’t going to get far. Not even a Slayer could outrun a bullet and with the other creatures ready to take them on as well, this wasn’t looking good.

Finally Richard took a step forward. “Wait. No one here’s going to hurt you. Oz, you know these guys?” Oz kept his eyes on the ground but nodded. “They aren’t a threat?” He shook his head.

Richard eyed them again. “Good enough for now. Anita?”

She looked at him with on brow raised. “Do you mind if we all head back to your place? Maybe we can get this all sorted out. I still have some questions I’d like to get answered.”

With a sigh, she answered. “No picking on the pard, Richard. They’re all over tonight. Keep your comments to yourself, understood?” Anita was nothing if not overprotective of her wereleopards, even though Richard couldn’t stand the sight of them and didn’t understand why she’d agreed to be their leader even though she wasn’t a shifter.

His face showed his displeasure but he nodded his agreement. Looking at the two wolves by his side, he spoke. “Go back to the others, then meet us at Anita’s.” They bounded off through the woods at top speed.

Xander waited for Faith to speak but she just stood there glaring in her usual Slayer fashion. He knew if he spoke it would be another babble fest so Xander just kept his mouth shut as well.

Faith finally turned and started walking towards the Jeep and they all turned and followed. When they reached the Jeep, she sent Xander a look that told him to stay on his guard. He nodded his understanding before tossing their packs into the back. Oz came around beside him and they both climbed in before pulling the back closed. Faith and Asher sat in the back seat and Richard was in front.

It was the longest, quietest drive of Xander’s life.
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