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Shadows Whisper Back

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Summary: Willow's Mother's been keeping things from her . . .

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterEenaAngelFR181430,16997046,0546 Jan 033 Jan 06No

Shadows Whisper Back

Title: Shadows Whisper Back

Author: eena_angel2001

Email: or

Rating: Overall R

Content: Warning, there is some mention of rape in this fic.

Disclaimer: J.K. Rowling owns Harry Potter and Joss Whedon gets all
the credit for BTVS.

Category: BTVS/HP crossover

Pairing: Willow/Harry (cause I want to try it).

Spoilers: Season Two for BTVS and Goblet of Fire for HP.

Summary: Willow's mother has been keeping things from her . . .

Notes: AU, for sure. In BTVS, every up to the end of Season Two
holds, except:

1) No Oz/Willow relationship in this fic.

2) Willow and her friends are fifteen.

Notes: Sorry that it took so long to get this out. I've been plagued
with finals at school, but they're all over. Now I have ample time
for fics and hope to get much work done on this one. Thanks to all
the people who reviewed.

Okay, someone pointed out that with the changed ages, then
the Angel and Buffy relationship would be kind of gross (her sleeping
with him when she was like 14 or 15?). So, I'm going to change
that. Angel did not lose his soul that way, he lost it another way.
We'll say through something about the Judge and Druscilla. I'm
working on it currently, but Buffy and Angel did not have sex.

Part One

"How could she do this?"

Willow Rosenburg flinched at the sound of her mother's voice, biting
her lip as she strained to hear her father's reply. Ira Rosenburg
was saying something back to his wife, but it was muffled as he was
in the kitchen. She wished her father would come out into the living
room so she could hear what he was saying.

Willow craned her neck, eyes peeking through the railing of the
staircase to where her mother was pacing. Whatever her father said,
Sheila was in extreme disagreement with it.

"I tried so hard," Sheila cried, tears flooding down her cheeks. "I
tried so hard to keep all of that from her, but she found it anyway!
Oh God Ira, what are we going to do? My poor baby!"

Willow had never seen her mother so upset. Hell, she had never seen
her mother show this much interest in her before. But once Ira and
Sheila had heard what happened, they came rushing back into town.
Her and her friends fed her the same story they fed the cops, that
they were attacked by a gang on PCP. Cops bought it, her parents

Sheila had gone into hysterics the moment she laid eyes on Willow in
that hospital bed. She had immediately grabbed her daughter,
demanding to know why she had done it. But Willow was confused.
Done what?

Her parents had her released from the hospital and essentially caged
her up in their house. She was allowed no visitors at all, period.
She wasn't allowed phone calls or emails, which was a real pain right
now considering how Buffy had up and disappeared. Willow had tried
to convey to her parents her need to check up on Buffy, but they
would not be moved. Willow was not allowed out of her room.

The redhead leaned her head against the railing, looking down as her
father finally joined her mother in the living room. It was hard to
tell that Willow was Ira's daughter. The redhead followed after her
mother completely. Right down to the pale skin, red hair, and fairy
like features. The only confusion came from Willow's bright green
eyes. Her mother had hazel eyes, her father had brown eyes. She
didn't know where she got her eyes from, but her mother assured her
it was from her grandmother. But then Sheila would get a nervous
look to her face and change the subject. Her mother did that a lot
when Willow asked questions.

"How did she get her hands on it?" Sheila wailed below, avoiding
Ira's outstretched arms and continued her pacing. "How did she
manage to find out about it? We were so careful about it Ira! We
hid all signs of it, kept far away from her so that it couldn't be
awakened by our presence. We did everything we could, but still she
got her hands on it! God Ira, what are we going to do?"

What was this "it" that scared Sheila so much? Willow frowned,
watching her frantic mother carefully. Her father was attempting to
calm her, but it wasn't working. Sheila was a figdeting mess.

"Sheila," Ira started off in a soothing tone. "You have to calm down
now. We aren't going to get anyway in this frame of mind-"

"We don't have time to be calm!" Sheila retorted, turning an enraged
face to her husband. "You think I haven't tried, but it doesn't
matter any more Ira! Do you know what I found today? Do you? It
came with the mail!"

Ira paled at that, nervously watching Sheila stomp over to the coffee
table. Willow got to her knees on the top step, watching in
curiosity as her mother shoved an envelope her father's way.

"This isn't happening," Ira croaked out, staring at the envelope in
his hand like it was some sort of time bomb. "They can't do this,
they don't know about her-"

"They found out when she did that damn curse!" Sheila spat. Willow
felt her heart leap up her throat at those words. The curse? How
did her mother know about the curse? Her mother didn't even know
about Sunnydale and vampires and the Hellmouth. Or did she? Willow
was getting very confused.

"I knew that Summers girl would cause problems," Sheila muttered
darkly. "We should have moved Willow away from this town the minute
the Slayer showed up. You and I both knew it would only be a matter
of time until Willow would draw the Chosen One to her. We should
have acted-"

"And gone where?" Ira demanded of his wife, shutting her up. "We
have no where else to go. This damn place was the only shield we had
for Willow. If we go anywhere else, they'd find us in a heartbeat."

"They found us anyway!" Sheila shrieked, waving the now open
envelope. "They're coming for our daughter Ira. What are we going
to do?"

Coming for her? Willow was becoming increasingly confused and
worried. Were her parents on the run or something, because that was
what this was all sounding like to her.

"Maybe we should give Dumbledore's proposition a chance," Ira offered
feebly. Sheila turned on him with blazing eyes.

"How could you even think that?" she shrilled. "Bring her into that
world. No one knows about her, but they'll put the pieces together
Ira. They'll know she isn't yours-"

Isn't his?! Willow gripped the railing, trying to make sense of her
mother's revelation. How could she not be Ira's? He was her father!

"They'll know," Sheila continued. "And they'll never be able to let
it go. What kind of life could she have there? With them all
knowing about him? They'll think she's the same. We'll be lucky if
they don't demand her execution on sight!"

Execution? This wasn't sounding to good for Willow.

"Dumbledore would never let that happen," Ira stated firmly. "He's a
good man, an honest man. We can trust him, if he thinks this is best-

"He won't be able to protect her from everyone," Sheila interrupted.

"But he will keep her safe from You-Know-Who," Ira countered. "And
with what she did last week, there's no way we can keep her hidden.
He knows now Sheila, he must have felt her when she did it. Lord
knows you did. He'll never back down from this, his own flesh and

"She's nothing like him!" Sheila shrieked in panic. "She's mine,
mine and yours. She only knows us, only knows what we taught her-"

"And nothing we have taught her could keep her safe from him," Ira
broke in gently. "I think that we should really give this some
thought. Dumbledore, he's strong, he could keep him away."

Sheila broke down after that, falling to the floor in despair.
Willow watched numbly as her father, or the man she thought was her
father, knelt down next to her. They embraced, holding each other as
they cried. Willow held only herself, rocking back and forth on the
top step while she waited for them to continue.

Eventually Sheila quieted, relaxing in her husband's arms.

"We have no choice do we?" she whispered. Willow strained to hear
her parents' soft spoken words.

"We don't," Ira agreed. "We have to do what will keep her safe.
That's all we can do now."

Sheila nodded, wiping her tears on the back of her hands.

"I guess we better send a reply then."


Xander Harris had never been so worried in his life. Buffy, one of
his best friends was missing. His other best and closest friend,
Willow, had been quarantineed by her parents. He had no clue on how
either of them was doing, and it was driving him insane.
Giles was no help, always with Buffy's Mom as they tried to track
down the runaway Slayer. The Watcher had no time to stop and
reassure Xander about anything. Oz, well, he was useful with the
patrol they picked up for Buffy, but not much else. He hadn't been
in the group for that long, unsure of how to make things better.

Cordelia was his only salvation. His girlfriend was working overtime
to try and help him deal. Of course, Cordelia's idea of helping him
was making out. That plan did have merits, but it failed to address
the issues at hand.

But then again, Xander was a fifteen year old boy. Smoochies would
not be taken idly. So he indulged himself in his girlfriend to keep
his mind off things.

Which was what he had been doing that late June night. His parents
had long ago fallen asleep, so that left just him and Cordelia. They
had ended up in his room, on his bed, and kissing. And he had been
enjoying himself until-


"What the hell?" Cordelia demanded, pulling away from him. Xander
pouted at the sudden loss of smoochies, but recovered when he saw
what was at his window.

Willow, clawing frantically to get in. He rushed over, opening the
latch and pulling her in.

"Willow?" Cordelia cried in alarm, dragging the redhead down next to
her. "What's wrong?"

Willow had been crying, was crying, horribly. She sniffled,
gratefully excepting the tissues Xander offered her. The dark-haired
teen watched his friend in trepidation.

"What happened?" he asked softly after she had calmed a bit. "Did
Sheila and Ira let you out?"

She gave a bitter laugh at that.

"No," she answered, shaking her head. "I snuck out. I had to see
you guys. They're-"

She broke off into a fresh batch of sobs. Xander gathered her up in
his arms, looking at Cordelia in confusion. His girlfriend shot him
a concerned look, stroking Willow's hair in a soothing fashion.

"What did they do Willow?" Cordelia asked softly. They barely heard
her reply, so muffled was it by Xander's chest. But when he had
deciphered it, Xander felt a new fear clutch at his heart.

"They're sending me away."

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