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All Things New

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Summary: A beautiful blonde woman is found beaten and raped. AU for BTVS, second or third season SVU

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Television > Law and Order: SVUShezziFR1867,20636123,93631 Dec 0725 Jun 09No

Chapter One

A/N I don't own anything, nothing recognisable anyway, although I am the owner of more plot bunnies than anyone should have the right to :)

OK, this is AU, so I'll give you the basics:
1. Angel did not lose his soul; no clause, no nothing. it's what makes this story work, so go with it, or, if you don't like it, don't read it :)
2. If Angel doesn't lose his soul, we need another form of angst for season2, so: there has never been a vampire/slayer couple before, so who is to say what happens when they start bumping uglies?
3. Season 3 plays out mostly the same, except for the B/A bits obviously, except at the end: the mayor is even stronger than expected and causes a huge massacre; Buffy's mum, Giles, and Xander are among the dead, and Willow is in a wheelchair for life.

Ummm yeah thats about it...heres the story, hope you like it! please leave reviews with your opinions and suggestions! love xx Shezzi

Elliot entered the alleyway, ducking under the yellow crime scene tape. He rounded the corner, coming up behind Olivia, who had beaten him here. The twilight lit the scene dimly, and flashlights were now in use.

Elliot stopped, touching Olivia gently on the shoulder as he took in the scene. The victim lay in a pool of her own blood, almost completely naked, covered in bruises, with many shallow cuts visible, covered in clotted blood.

“Where’s the ME?” he asked, not seeing her.

“She’s on her way. No ID on the body, but she appears to be in her early twenties, in good health, apart from the obvious.” They were interrupted at this point by the arrival of the ME. She sighed sadly at the scene, and crouched next to the victim’s head, carefully reaching out and touching her face. She frowned, and reached for the girl’s neck.

“She’s alive! Get a gurney in here!” she shouted, causing instant panic in the group. The detectives were pushed aside as the ME’s assistants pushed through with a gurney. They lifted her onto it and rushed her back to their vehicle, Dr Warner running beside, calling orders. They loaded her into the back of the vehicle, and they pulled out, a patrol car leading the way, lights and sirens blaring, Elliot and Olivia jumping into Elliot's car and driving after them.

“Who pronounced her?” demanded Elliot, horrified at the turn of events.

“I don’t know. But you saw the scene, that must not all have been her blood, there’s no way she could have survived if it was. She was in bad shape, Elliot, I can understand someone pronouncing her, particularly if she had a weak or hard to find pulse.”

“Yeah, me too, but Warner is gonna be out for blood.” They turned sharply, on the tail of the ambulance as they pulled into the hospital. They watched as the girl was rushed into the ER, Warner asking that they bag all her clothes, collect samples and run a rape kit as soon as possible. They were forced to stand back, pushed out of the way, as medical personal flocked around them.

“I’m gonna call Munch, get him and Finn down to the scene to take over.” Olivia nodded absently in agreement, and Elliot left. Melinda Warner walked across the waiting room to her friend, nodding in greeting.

“How is she?” Olivia asked, concerned.

“To be honest, I don’t know how she’s still alive, but she’s a fighter. They’re examining her now, doing their best to collect evidence as they go, but there are no guarantees. They are, quite naturally, more concerned with keeping her alive.”

Olivia nodded, her expression grave. “What are her chances?” she asked, looking Melinda in the eye. The ME just shrugged, shaking her head.

“Probably not very good; she was cut up pretty badly. That blood at the scene? A significant amount of it looks to have been hers, just going off her current blood pressure, which is virtually non-existent.” Melinda’s expression was mystified. “I got us some polaroids of her face, we can work on an ID. I have to go, got another case to work on. Keep me posted?” Olivia nodded, and Melinda left.

Olivia studied the photos, noticing with surprise that her face was basically untouched. She was beautiful, with fine features and slightly curly blond hair. Olivia touched the face sadly, knowing how unlikely it was that this beautiful young woman would ever go home to her family, whoever they were.

Elliot walked up beside Olivia, having seen Melinda on the way out, and studied the photos over her shoulder. “Perp left her face intact,” he commented, his hands clenching angrily.

“Hopefully that will make it easier to ID her,” she commented. “I’ll go talk to the captain, see how he wants to go about it.”

Elliot nodded his agreement, and Olivia headed out.


Olivia entered the squad room, and quickly crossed to Cragen’s office. “Come in,” he called when she knocked, and she quickly entered. “Olivia, what have you got for me?”

“The victim is a young female, currently in serious condition at Mercy Hospital. She was left virtually naked in a pool of blood, no ID,” she handed him the photos.

He quickly leafed through them, before passing them back. “Start running her against missing persons, and get one of these out to the press, get someone to come forward and claim her,” he ordered.

Olivia nodded, exiting the office.

Two Hours Later, Elsewhere in New York

The dark-haired man raised his head, looking one way, then the other, forcing himself not to panic. He would find her; he had to. She was everything, all that was left; they were all either of them had left. Suddenly, his eye was caught by a TV screen in a store window.

He ran over, not caring when he bumped aside people to reach the window. He touched the window above her face, forcing the tears down. “Buffy, what did they do to you?” he whispered.

Seeing a number displayed on the screen, he ran for a payphone. “Special Victims Unit, Detective Benson speaking,” answered a female voice.

“Umm, hi.” Angel’s voice shook, and he gripped the phone tightly, before reminding himself not to break it. “I just saw the report on the news. The girl, she’s my wife; her name is Buffy Summers O’Conner.”
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