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The New Obsession

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Summary: Spike becomes obsessed by a Rat Bastard and chases his green-eyed infatuation across the globe. Rating may change as story progresses. WIP

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The New Obsession

The New Obsession

By: Tazzy (

Rating: at the outside, NC-17 and definate slash overtones.

Summary: Spike becomes obsessed by a Rat Bastard and chases his green-eyed infatuation across the globe.

Crossover: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and X-Files

for more information on the X-Files here's the official web site:

Spoilers: For Buffy, up past "Lover's Walk" and for X-Files, after Krycek looses his arm.

Author’s Notes: My mom’s to blame for this. When I told her that the one list I belonged to had sent out a first line challenge (Come hell or high water, I’m gonna make you love me…) she remarked that it sounded like something Spike would say to Alex Krycek and this story was born. Also, it's been at least three years since I saw any of the X-Files episodes so I'm gonna gloss over what Krycek's been through.

Dislclaimer: I don’t own these pretty boys but if I did, Spike never would have gotten chipped and Alex wouldn’t have lost his arm.

“Come hell or high water, I’m gonna make ya love me, pet.”

The words were whispered on the night air as Spike stared after the sleek motorcycle as it vanished down the dark city street. He had been out, grabbing a bite to eat before rejoining Drusilla at their current residence when he had watched the motorcycle stop at the red light, its engine rumbling like a content tiger. The man crouched on the back of the metal and chrome beast a handsome man with tousled hair, sensual lips and dangerous green eyes while his worn jeans only accented his taut arse. The worn leather jacket only finished the predatory look of the man, and Spike was frozen as he stared at this sensual creature that had appeared out of the night like one of the Wild Hunt.

Before Spike could break free from the spell the man had cast on him, the light changed and the motorcycle had roared off into the night, leaving the stunned vampire with a raging hard-on and an instant obsession for a human that wasn’t a Slayer.

“Wonder how long I’ll have ta chase ya, pretty, ‘fore I catch ya?” mused Spike as he pulled out a rumpled notebook and pen, jotting down the license plate number he had managed to catch off of the motorcycle before he grinned in the direction of the vanished motorcycle. “But, I do so love the chase.”


Alexander Krycek.

Sometimes known as John Arntzen.

He could be either a Russian by birth or an American. A trained and highly skilled assassin that worked for a mysterious group of men known as the Consortium who had their little fingers in every major government around the world and even a few minor ones. Yet he had also graduated from Quantico and had worked in the FBI for a while, partnered with one Agent Fox “Spooky” Mulder who had been reassigned to the reopened ‘X-Files’ soon after Krycek’s double cover had been exposed.

Spike grinned as he poured over the files that the Grovnetic demon had gotten for him at a price and a favor promised for later. His green-eyed obsession was turning into an interesting surprise with plenty of deadly little treats buried behind that predatory gaze.

“Spike.” The soft child-like voice broke through his musings and he looked up from the table as Drusilla swayed into the room, her long skirts flaring around her legs as she moved. A frown marred her usually beautiful face and with a slight pout, she wormed her way between Spike and the table. Not in the mood for her antics, Spike shoved her to one side and went back to studying the files as he tried to figure out where Krycek was going to be next.

“Spike, you’ve been ignoring Princess for this *rat*,” she hissed, swiping the files off the table and scattering them across the floor. “Miss Edith told me that the rat is taking you away from Princess and Princess doesn’t like that. You’re *mine*!”

Praying to every deity he could think of for patience, Spike crouched down and started gathering up the spilled files, calmly ignoring the angry vampiress who had been the center of his universe for the last century. He couldn’t say when it had happened, but sometime after he returned from Sunnydale and tortured her for a month, convincing her to take him back, he discovered that his universe did not revolve around his insane girl any longer. “Dru, I suggest ya hold your tongue before I remove it.”

Strong hands shoved him back onto the floor and he grunted in surprise as Dru threw herself on top of him. Straddling Spike’s hips, she pinned his arms above his head and started trailing stinging bites down his neck. “Doesn’t the Prince want to play with Princess? Make the red flow and the stars dance.”

“Drusilla!” growled Spike, his face rippling to his demon aspect as he threw her across the room and causing her to crash into the far wall before she crumpled to the floor. Rolling to his feet, he stormed over and grabbed her hair, forcing her to meet his blazing eyes. “I’m not in the mood ta mess with ya right now. So go find Miss Bloody Edith and play with her.”

Screaming, Drusilla launched herself at Spike, her demon face to the fore and her fingers curved into claws. Spike managed to catch her wrists before her nails gorged his face and wrestled her back against the wall. “No! Spikey is *mine*!” she shrieked, struggling against the hands that held her. “Daddy said so!”

All emotion drained from Spike’s face as his human mask emerged. Calmly, he gazed at the raving vampiress with cold blue eyes before releasing her wrists and walking back to the table. He had taken two steps before he spun and backhanded Drusilla, sending her crashing to the floor in a sobbing heap, the stake clattering from her limp fingers as she cradled her cheek. He gathered up the scattered files and left the room, stopping to catch the arm of a minion in the hall.

“She’s a bit upset right now, mate,” Spike stated, nodding his head back at the open door. “She found out that I’m leaving by myself, but I want the rest of you to take care of her.” The minion nodded and Spike continued to his rooms to pack.

He had a plane to catch.

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