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Apocalypse Now......And later

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Summary: Response for the Holiday Fic-A-Thon Challenge # 3104 Dean and Sam find out that they too need to learn the plural form of Apocalypse.

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Theme: HumorMichelleWinchesterFR1832,580032,8521 Jan 081 Jan 08Yes

Chapter 2 Apocalypse in LA

Chapter 2

"Are you sure she's coming?" Connor asked Spike, looking extremely doubtful.

"I told you I'd get her here didn't I?" Spike grumbled, sounding irritated.

Connor rolled his eyes. " Whatever. Let's just hope there's a here for her to get to by the time she shows up. You should have called her when I first mentioned it."

"Sod off Pup! We wouldn't have had to call her in the first place if your old man and his merry band of wankers hadn't left our twig and berries blowing in the breeze!"

"Huh?" Conner asked, not knowing what the hell the British vampire had just said.

"Bloody hell!" Spike raged in frustrated anger. "Let's just go and fight the good fight and all that rubbish until the girl comes to save sodding day!"


After a reluctant Dean's few seconds hesitation, the four had taken a plane. The plane had refused to land in LA, so they had to land an hour away.

"Yep. We got apocalypse." Dawn announced when they were in view of the burning LA skyline.

"Just follow the fire and carnage, then go to wherever everyone is screaming and running away from." Buffy advised, watching the victims fleeing warily in case a demon or something jumped out at them.

Dean drove the rental car very carefully through the traffic of hundreds of running people, and cars driving away from the center of town.
The streets were littered not only with debris from burning buildings, but also with burning or trampled bodies.
As they reached their destination, they saw not only the thick black smoke from the fire in the sky, but eerie reddish black clouds with streaks of purple, blue, and green bolts of lightening slicing through the fiery air.

Dean, Sam, and Dawn took out the rifles and pistols they had gotten at a Sporting Goods store. And Buffy got out her magically enhanced battle axes she had smuggled on the plane with the help of Dean's fake badges.

There were about thirty or forty multi-colored demons of various sizes and breeds between them and the head demon, who not only was the biggest, but was the ugliest. It was about eight feet tall, orange, and had huge ram shaped purple horns. It was also holding an oblong shaped thing that the energy was coming from to make the clouds and lightning, which was spreading to nearly the whole downtown area by now.

While the Winchesters and Dawn shot cover fire and taking down several demons, Buffy fought through the demons that bullets couldn't penetrate.

When she reached the demons surrounding the center, Buffy came in time to kill a reddish brown hulk of a demon who had Spike by the throat.

"About bloody time you showed up! If I had to breath, I would have choked to death!" Spike grumbled, rubbing his sore throat.

"One could only hope." Buffy grinned, before decapitating a demon behind Spike. "And your welcome. It's nice to see you too."

Buffy was brought out of her sarcasm by gun shots, and a body falling behind her.

Buffy blew a thank you kiss to Dean, who winked back, then returned to the fight.

Spike rolled his eyes, then rejoined the fight as well.

As Buffy, Spike and Connor advanced in hand to hand combat, Dean, Sam, and Dawn advanced, covering them.

Dean then shot the oblong orb the giant orange and purple demon was holding above it's head, shattering it instantly.

The moment it exploded, the multi-colored lightening and reddish black clouds dissipated, leaving only the ink black smoke from the raging burning buildings.

Before the demon's furious roar could reach it's crescendo, Buffy buried one of the axes deep into it's chest. The she grabbed one of the horns and flipped it faced down, burrowing it in deeper. Buffy then straddled the demons back before it could get up, then took hold of both curved horns in her hands, then twisted it's head as hard as she could. She dropped it after the loud snap.

"That's my girl." Dean grinned, coming up and taking her into his arms.

Dawn rolled her eyes at their display of affection, then grabbed Sam's free hand with hers to bring him closer for a display of her own.

As they made their way back to the rental car, Dawn glimpsed men in white suits through the fire and smoke. Before Dawn could wonder why they were walking so calm, or wonder how their suits remained so amazingly white, they were gone.

And before Dawn could tell anyone about them, Dawn and the others reached the now burnt and mangled rental, the men were forgotten.

"It's a good thing I got this with a fake credit card." Dean said, shaking his head as he picked up a black unrecognizable piece of the car. "Because I'm pretty sure the insurance doesn't cover apocalyptic damage."

"Tell me about it! We had a hell of a time with the insurance agency about our house." Buffy grinned.
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