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Apocalypse Now......And later

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Summary: Response for the Holiday Fic-A-Thon Challenge # 3104 Dean and Sam find out that they too need to learn the plural form of Apocalypse.

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Theme: HumorMichelleWinchesterFR1832,580032,8521 Jan 081 Jan 08Yes

Chapter 1 Shape-shifter in Smallville

This story is a present for CHOSENFIRE, who wanted a crossover of Smallville, Charmed, and Harry Potter. I hope you like it Chosenfire! And I even got it done on time, despite the earlier problems! :)

Or I WOULD have if my stupid computer wouldn't have stopped me from getting online! :( It's in time for me (who lives in the mid-west, but it's not in time where ever the site is located.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this story, though I wish I did. Especially the hot guys!

Not really much for Smallville as I haven't watched it since they stopped rerunning it on Sundays. So I couldn't write much about the gut Jensen played in the series (Though it really makes me want to watch that Season!).

There isn't any spoilers for Angel or Charmed either. But the is slight 'Hallows' spoiler on reference to a Harry Potter character.

Chapter 1

" I am soo glad to be leaving this town" Dean said in relief as he got into his beloved 1967 black Chevy Impala. "So much weird shit in this town and it had nothing to do with demons. And what kind of name is Smallville anyway? More like Weirdville."

"Well, for all we knew, it could have been another Hellmouth. So we HAD to check it out" Buffy shrugged as she got into the front passenger seat.

"Your just pissed because everyone freaks out when they see you." Dawn smirked at Dean's glare.

"I wish those damn shape-shifters would stop stealing my face!" Dean growled.

"It's because it's so handsome." Buffy purred, leaning to kiss his frown.

"Oh please! Then why are most of the girls either screaming or fainting when they see you?" Dawn asked, smirking again.

"Because of the thing that had my face is dead, that's why." Dean grumbled when Buffy pulled away.

"And apparently it was causing some trouble with some of the people in the town." Buffy said, turning to look at her sister and Dean's brother Sam in the back seat.

"We don't know if it was a shape-shifter Dean." Sam spoke up from the seat behind his older brother. "It could be a coincidence that someone looked like you."

"In a town like this, and our luck, how could it NOT be a shape-shifter." Dean said, stubbornly. "Besides, Mom didn't have any relatives, and neither did Dad. So how ELSE could there be someone who looks almost exactly like me?" Dean asked, starting the ignition.

Not able to think of anything, Sam changed the subject.

"So. Where are we going to now?"

"Back to California. To Los Angelas." Buffy answered. "Spike called. Angel's out of the country and he needs us to get there as soon as possible."

"Another Apocalypse?" Dawn whined.

As the only time the bleach blond British souled vampire called was when Buffy was needed to help stop the world from ending.

"What do you mean ANOTHER apocalypse?" Sam asked, raising his eyebrows. "I thought when we stopped the world from ending in Jersey, it was your first time."

"No Sweetie. That was OUR first time stopping an apocalypse. As in with you and Dean." Dawn said, putting a soothing arm around her boyfriend. "But the fact that it wasn't MY first time, doesn't make it any less special."

"How many exactly have you actually stopped?" Dean asked Buffy, looking startled.

"I lost count after seven." Buffy shrugged, as if it were no big deal, then looked back at Dawn again. "How many would you say Dawnie?"

"Before or after we destroyed Sunnydale and sunk it into a giant sinkhole."

"You destroyed your whole town!" Dean asked incredulously.

"Only a little" Buffy said innocently.

"Dawn said you sunk into a sinkhole!" Sam said in a 'Are you freaking kidding me!' tone.

"All we did was close the Hellmouth." Buffy said defensively. "How did we know closing it would collapse the town."

At the twin looks of horror on the brothers' faces, Dawn squeezed Sam's shoulder.

"Don't worry. The town people had already evacuated. Things were so wonky supernaturally that even they couldn't keep their blinders on anymore."

Both brothers looked relieved at that. Neither brother would feel right knowing that their girlfriends had been responsible for a whole town's death.

"I still can't believe all those people could live their whole lives on a Hellmouth and NOT know about all the freaky shit that went on!" Dean shook his head. "With all the things you told me about, I;d of thought they would have hightailed it years before they did!"

"They should of at least realized that the death rate was way too high for a town that size." Sam added, frowning also in disbelief.

"That was always a mystery to us too." Dawn said, though sounding cheerful as she snuggled against Sam.

"Especially when the Mayor turned into a giant snake and tried to eat everyone at my graduation ceremony." Buffy smirked.

"Now your just making things up! " Dean laughed, shaking his head in amusement.

Buffy and Dawn met each others gaze and shared a smile.
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