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Summary: Spike has an unwanted mystical experience, as he was the original target Xander decides to help him deal with it.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredLianwaFR151011,19276126,1891 Jan 082 Aug 08No

Chapter 1 - Here kitty kitty

Standard Disclaimer:I do not own please do not sue.

Xander woke up with a dry mouth, a horrible headache, and a sinking feeling in his stomache. ‘Urgh, what did I drink last night to have a hangover like this? I remember arguing with Buffy and Willow that I didn’t want to take Spike home with me. Now that I have an apartment I want to keep vampires OUT not invite them in, and besides, if I wanted a pet I’d get a cat. I came home, tied him up, and went back to bed. Hey! I didn’t drink last night what the hell happened?’

Xander looked at the clock as he absentmindedly shoved the protesting cat of his chest and saw it was half past way too damn early in the morning. He started to sleepily take stock of his surroundings. ‘Alright, I’m not injured but Spike’s not in the recliner and there’s a pissed off cat on my bed. Where the hell did that come from?’

“Spike are you in here?”


“I’ll get to you in a minute cat I have to find the neutered vampire first.”

‘He’s not in the bathroom, not hiding under or behind anything, not in the kitchen, the door’s still locked. How did that cat get in here anyways…’

“Well cat I don’t know how you got in here, did Spike let you in and sneak out, no I already saw that the door’s still locked. Come to think of it you look a lot like Spike. Same color eyes, same color hair, same pissed off look when I say something stupid.”


“Aw crap. This is stupid but then again the hellmouth is fairly close by. Spike is that you?”


“Dammit Willow, she probably messed up another spell or aimed one at me and it hit you instead. I’ll give her a call after breakfast and see if I can get her to reverse it.


“Are you a vampire cat or a cat cat? Blood or Tuna for breakfast?” babbled Xander.

Spike thought for a minute then jumped up on Xander’s kitchen countertop and pawed the cabinet.

“Tuna for you, cereal for me.”

----30 minutes later----

“I don’t care if you were supposed to go shopping with Buffy today Willow!”, yelled Xander into the phone.

“You just admitted you tried to turn me into a cat last night and now I’ve got a Spike cat in my apartment! Come over and fix it or I won’t be making those bookcases for Giles today because I’ll be cat sitting!”

Xander slammed the phone down on her complaining voice and ran his fingers through his hair.

“She wasn’t even sorry she tried to turn me into a cat. She was just upset it didn’t work and trying to figure out why it hit you instead.”

“I swear sometimes I wonder why I even stick around. They’re treating me like a handyman, not that I get paid for fixing things they break, and acting like I’m useless at everything else.”

Xander didn’t even notice that Spike had jumped into his lap and he was automatically petting him.

“If I could afford it I’d leave town and set up shop somewhere else for a while and just come pack to help with the occasional apocalypse.”


“Don’t’ worry Spike, I’ll get Willow to fix you first. I wouldn’t want to be stuck as a cat so I won’t leave you until we get this fixed. Worst comes to worst you can come with me.’

“Hopefully she’ll have you fixed by the end of the day. We start work at a new site tomorrow.”

---Scene Break---

Willow showed up an hour later and let herself into Xander’s apartment without bothering to knock first.

“This better not take long Xander. I’ve got plans today.”

“You wouldn’t be here right now if you hadn’t tried to turn me into a cat Willow. What were you thinking? You know magic goes screwy around me.”

“I was thinking you like cats and might want to see things from there perspective/ Seemed like a good idea at the time.”

“And you couldn’t be bothered to ASK me before changing my species!”

“It was late so I figured you’d be sleeping. Oooh is this the Spike kitty? He’s so cute!”



“I think he just said he’s not cute he’s evil.”


“Okay so he’s an evil cat. I’ll just make him a nonevil cat.”

“No Willow just make him a vampire again.”

Willow starts pouting at Xander, “But I don’t like vampires, cats are much nicer, even the big ones in the zoo,” she whined.

“Dammit Willow just fix him already!”

She huffs,”There’s no reason to shout, I brought my kit with me so I’ll have him all better in a jiffy.”

“Sit in the middle of the floor Spike”


Spike got up and slowly walks to where Willow pointed. He doesn’t like magic and hates being involved in a spell – even if it is to fix a problem caused by another spell.

“Xander since you were the original target of the spell you need to stand next to him but not touching.”

Xander winces at the reminder he was the original target and joins Spike in the center of the room.

20 minutes, 4 candles, a little scented oil, and some stinky herbs in a bowl later and Willow’s chanting a counterspell. Her voice rises until she yells one last word, the candels flare and the herbs ignite into a cloud of smoke that was much larger than it should be.

When the smoke gets to be too much to stand Xander moves to open a window and then starts to head to the door only to hear it slam open as Willow rushes out.

“That should do it. Bye Xander, Bye Spike, see you at research tonight.”

Xander coughs a few times and waits for the smoke to clear. ‘Good thing I disabled the smoke alarm before she got here or it’d be going crazy by now.’

He walked back to the center of the room to check on Spike. There in the middle of the floor the smoke had cleared to show…Spike the Cat.

“Well crap.”
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