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Have Yourself a Scooby Little Christmas.....

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Summary: Anita learns that her relationship problems may not be the worst around or even unique and family can pop up anywhere. Add in a slightly off slayer named Kefira, what a holiday! A holiday fic-a-thon for WitheringTree. Full summary inside.

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Home Sweet Home

Have Yourself a Scooby Little Christmas and a Bulletproof New Year




Chapter Six:  Home Sweet Home







My arrival in the United States has been less than stellar except for one or two bright spots. The first being young Kate's prize fighting debut against Sgt. Storr and Miss Holett's political wrangling of men and women twice her age. She is quite the dynamo when she wants to be.


Unlike most of her political family Lana prefers to stay out of the spotlight and work behind the scenes.  Her father once joked about her penchant for networking. Watching her now I realize she will indeed be one the powers behind the throne of the new council. On top of this, she is a slayer and one of the more deadly of the new breed. Heaven help us should she ever go dark as her Bostonian counter part once did. We would not survive unless we bent before her will of steel.


She'll be a hard one to manage for Mr. Harris, although he does have a particular talent for dealing with strong-willed women. How I wish he were around to help manage Ms. Granger in her younger years. Thank Merlin she wasn't called.






"Alexander, this is outrageous! We should not be in these cells, that hulking lout started this.  Especially after making such disgusting and prejudicial remarks about Kate and Ms.Blake." I grouched as Kate sat behind me on a questionably looking cot. Suddenly I was very glad the little one had a slayer's metabolism, there was no telling what horrors had lain on that cot. I was about to tell her to sit in a nearby chair when Miss Howlett strolled in followed by a rather rotund man wearing a dress blue uniform, a mousey looking woman in a pinstriped skirt suit, and a very cowed looking Sgt. Storr. (det. or sgt. ?)


"Mr. Harris, Professor Prince," Lana began, "let me introduce Police Commissioner Bradley Thorn and Mayor Allison Mitchell and of course we all know Sgt. Storr."


I was surprised at how genuine and sweet she sounded, making introductions as if we were standing in a glass salon about to have high tea. Lana's eyes were the only giveaway to her true feelings on the matter and those two dunderheads wouldn't know what to look for if they could see them. There was venom behind those chocolate orbs.


I gave the commissioner and mayor a curt nod, while Alexander shook their hands.  Alexander flinched slightly after touching the mayor, I'd have to ask him about that later.  With a small gesture from the mayor Storr unlocked the cell, allowing Kate and myself our deserved freedom.



"I hope this won't cause your associates to look on our city poorly, Mr. Prince. Your research facilities have done wonders for the Cleveland and Los Angeles economies, I wouldn't want you to reconsider your move to our fair city." The mayor simpered.


"Professor." I corrected.


"Excuse me?" She said.


"My title is Professor Prince and as for my associates reconsidering your 'delightful' city perhaps you should genuflect before Mr. Harris, as it is his decision on whether or not this city or its surrounding areas are fit for future business dealings.  I am merely an educator, it is my job to attend to the students' further academic success." Having said that I picked up Kate and swept out of the room.






I hate politics. I'm good at it, but I hate being political.  Mr. Giles and Mr. Snape say I have a talent for it, and I do, but I hate being fake. And to me that's all politics is, who can be the most ungenuine. Don't get get me wrong, power in the right hands can do wonderfull things but what's that figure of speech again? "With great power comes great responsibility." (Sidenote:  If anyone reading this ever tells Xander or Andrew I quoted Spiderman I'll tell Kefira to set their bed on fire.)  To date I've only met a total of five men who could carry it off.  My Grandfather, My Dad, Giles, Severus and Xander. After all it takes a lot of mettle to deal with slayes. But I'm getting off track let's talk about today. Today was crazy an I really wanted to punch something bad, but that's not why Giles chose me for the St. Louis school.  I'm political and Vampire Council members are nothing if not political.


I have never wanted to be away from a place or people as much as I wanted out of RPIT Headquarters. First that bigot Storr picks on Severus, then he calls in the Executioner thinking she'll toe his line and get rid of Severus for him, and when that doesn't work he turns on one of his own.  Truthfully I only got to speak with Ms. Blake for a moment but I liked her vibe. She sort of felt like a slayer but colder. Her magic was definitely colder.


"Ms. Blake, I'm sorry you got caught up in this crazyness today.  Drama seems to follow our little family at times." I said as the others passed me on the way to the paking lot.  I was being sincere probably for the first time in about an hour.


"Don't worry about it kid, my family is the same way. Drama is our middle name." She smiked at me and for a second I could have sworn she was Xander.


"Thank you for being gracious Ms. Blake and letting me handle the situation. We're new to the city and don't want to get off on the wrong foot with anyone.  And for being so nice to Kate she really doesn't get close to many people since her parents died."


I'm thinking something similar must have happened to Ms. Blake because just for a moment she had this lost look in her eyes.


"She's not hard to like, she's really sweet."


"Well, until we meet again Ms.Blake." I said and then trotted out the door. I couldn't wait to finally crawl into my bed, after all we were meeting the Master of the City and 'political thy name is prissy vampire.'







A long long time ago in a galaxy far far away.......



(Sidenote: G-Man if you're reading this you know I had to do it and you know you think it's funny.:))



Today was really weird especially after meeting the Mayor.  That chick is creepy, as in Mayor Wilkins creepy.  My flesh was crawling even before I shook her hand.  I'd rather deal with the broody blonde vampire again than shake her hand.






"Alexander, what did you feel coming from Mayor Mitchell?"


"Something is definitely off about her.  She's been dabbling in something dark. She gave a Mayor Wilkins kind of vibe, I hope we don't have to blow up another snake."


"Indeed. I do not believe a gas leak will be so readily believed here as it was in Sunnydale."


"Should I start bumping into her, Xander?"


"Not yet. She's not as dumb as she looks. We don't want to tip her off too soon."


"But she is badly dressed. Did you see that outfit?  Are you wearing a skirt or a suit? Please pick one. We should slay her for bad fashion alone."


I smiled to myself. Lana was this scary-weird combination of Cordy, Buffy and Faith. It worked for her but it was still weird. I could never tell what direction she was coming from.


"Xander, are there a lot of fuzzies in this town? I feel a lot of fuzzies." Kate said from Severus' lap in the backseat.


"Yeah, a bunch, and none of them would appreciate being called fuzzies, kiddo."


"The construction crew I hired was almost completely shifters."


"Do they know you know? Some shifters can be touchy if outed." Severus asked. 


He knew as I did that if the shifters wanted to attack us at this time we wouldn't have a chance.  Buffy and the rest of the council would be avenging us instead of backing us up. We just didn't have the numbers or the allies right now to put up much of a fight. That was one of the most dangerous things about setting up a Slay School, if the natives didn't want you there you were toast unless you had the numbers to back you up. In St. Louis the numbers were against us. The only thing we had going for us was the Master of the City, Jean Claude.  He was old enough to get what a slayer really was and young enough to want to have an alliance. The older vamps would have tried to either enslave us or destroy us. Having to depend on the whims of a vamp was not my cup of tea, but beggars couldn't be choosers until more slayers started to move in. Then we could renegotiate.


"Their boss, Micah Callahan, is a pretty obvious shifter. His eyes are catlike. He told me he'd spent too much time in his leopard form at one point and was never able to shift them back."






Xander was busy putting the final touches on some drywall when Micah Callahan dropped his shades.


"Yo Micah, dropped your shades. Whoa!" Xander said looking up at the man's kitty-cat eyes.


Micah took a deep breath. He just knew he was going to get his crew fired for this. Regs stated you had to disclose if any of your crew was an outed shifter and he'd not told Harris about himself.


"Look Harris, I'm a shifter but don't fire my crew for my screw up. I should have told you but a lot of businesses wouldn't have hired us and my men need the work." Micah said, waiting for the shoe to drop.


Xander grinned, "Dude, I don't care. The only reason I'd fire a crew is if the work was crappy and your crew does good work. So what if you and the rest of your guys are shifters.  I had you pegged a month ago, not many guys can catch a cement mixer about to fall."


Micah's eyes bulged, he thought the guy had missed that.


Xander outright laughed. "Dude, I've got one eye but I'm not blind yet. Get back to work, Callahan."


Xander left a very confused Leopard King behind until the end of the day. Micah cornered him to ask a few questions.


"What's the deal with you Harris? Why aren't shifters a big deal to you? Are you a shifter?" 


"Well to answer your questions, no deal, it would be hypocrital, and no. Well two of my three best friends in the world are women and believe me, three days out of the month nobody wants to be around them either, and the third is a werewolf named Oz. Cool guy, plays in a band called 'Dingoes ate My Baby' we were his only pack and since we couldn't run with him and be safe during the full moon we took turns babysitting him in our high school library's book cage. Wolves without a pack can really hurt themselves if they're not careful."


Micah was stunned. This was the first normal guy he'd ever talked to about shifters who truly didn't care what he was.


Xander yawned and stretched. "Well I'm headed home and if the rumors are true you'd better get home too. Your girl is one strong woman that I would never piss off."


Xander walked away to the sound of Micah laughing.






"So do you think this Micah could be an ally?" Severus asked.


"Maybe.  After everyone gets settled in and rested we'll talk about it. Tonight's going to be busy, don't forget we meet with Jean Claude. 


"Ah St. Louis, Home Sweet Home." Severus snarked.







Okay that's it for now.  My muse hit me and know that I've been thouroughly used I'm bushed.  Next chapter enter the vamps and a phone call from the Scoobs.  I’d also like to thank my wonderful beta franavu for the help with this chapter.  Happy Holidays Everyone.

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