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Happy Holidays

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Summary: **Spoilers for OotP** Formerly titled Merry Christmas, this one shot has turned into a series. Two people at Hogwarts form an unlikely relationship.

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterNicolaFR1526,120082,32128 Jul 0331 Jul 03No

Merry Christmas

Title: Merry Christmas

Author name: Nicola

Email Address of Author:

Warnings: season five of Buffy, book five of Harry Potter. Buffy died and stayed dead, and Dawn's real daddy popped out of the wood work. the Joyce/Snape thing will be explained later in the series.

Pairings: Dawn/Harry

Summary: Two lonely people at Hogwarts during Christmas find one another.

Disclaimer: NOT MINE. I repeat. This is not mine. JK Rowling and Joss Whedon own all. I don't. Got it? good

Rating: PG13, for snoggage.

This story is to be the first in a series of quickies. Most of them will be centered around holidays, or pseudo-holidays (last day of school, first day of school, etc.) Hope ya like.

Christmas time.

There was snow on the ground, and falling lightly from the sky. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was decorated to the nines, with holly wreathes, mistletoe, and wreathes hung everywhere.

And Dawn Summers sat in the Gryffindor girls' dormitory alone.

She was the only Gryffindor witch still at Hogwarts, the only female student in the entire school, for the next week and a half. Everyone else had a place to go for the Holidays.

Not Dawnie.

With Voldemort back, and getting stronger, parents wanted to spend as much time as they could with their children. Which meant that Hogwarts was deserted. Even most of the teachers had gone home, to visit with parents, siblings, etc.

But not her father.

Severus Snape had no living family, besides his daughter, and since she was at Hogwarts already, why bother to go anywhere else? Well, that's what he had said until he had been called away on 'urgent business'.

Urgent business, her adorable Summers ass. She knew he was spy for Dumbledore, anyone who spied on the wonder-trio when they had whispered meetings around the common-room fireplace knew that. Okay, so just her. Everyone else was in complete awe of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley, and would never dare to interrupt the heroes of Gryffindor.

She wished people were in awe of her.

Or at least semi-nice to her.

Instead, she had to be placed in the house her father hated and tortured the most. The house he hadn't gone an easier on since his daughter had been placed in it. Almost everyone in Gryffindor house, was either afraid of Dawn, or suspicious that she was nothing but a spy for Slytherin. Then there were those that just didn't like her because of her paternal parent.

But back to her father.

So he was off risking his life to save the wizarding world, and she was stuck alone at Hogwarts, on Christmas Eve.

She pulled on a black peasant skirt and threw a Gryffindor colored shirt on, a gold peasant shirt with deep red trim. She had charmed a picture of a lion onto it, that moved around and silently roared.

It irritated not only her father and his pet Slytherins, but most of the school, that Dawn Summers-Snape only wore robes when she had to, i.e. during classes. The rest of the time she wore muggle clothes.

Dawn walked slowly down the girls dormitory stairs, through the Gryffindor Common Room, and out into the corridor, waving hello to the Fat Lady on her way out.

She walked into the Great Hall and sat at the small table that had been placed in the middle of the huge room.

Only two other students had stayed for the Holidays; a Hogwarts record, she had been told.

Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter.

Snape's perfect little prefect and Dumbledore's golden boy.

One, her father had encouraged her to date, even after she had become a Gryffindor. The other, her father had ordered her to stay away from at all costs.

Draco Malfoy was, how did the Brits say it, oh, yeah, too much of a bloody stuck up prat for her. Harry on the other hand....

Was way out of her league.

The Golden Boy of Gryffindor. All the girls went after him.

Why would he want to go after "Snaperella", as Ron had dubbed her?

Why yes, she did have a huge crush on the Boy Who Lived, however did you notice?

She suddenly noticed that there were only five chairs at the table.

Out of a school of hundreds, only five people; students, teachers, staff, etc.; were at Christmas dinner. It was a sign of the times.

Professor McGonagall came in, and set on Dawn's left. Next came Harry, who miraculously sat next to Dawn. Professor Dumbledore sat next to Harry, leaving Draco to sit in between him and McGonagall.

Draco looked absolutely horrified at this, and sat down with a scowl on his face.

The table was merrily decorated, and Dawn snapped a few wizard crackers, shrieking with glee when she discovered how much cooler they were than their muggle counterpart.

Draco muttered something about 6th year mudbloods acting like four year olds, but Harry smiled.

"I felt exactly the same way my first Christmas here."


"Yeah. It's almost magical, the feeling you get here around Christmas."

"I don't know if you noticed Potter, but it IS magical. Remember, wizarding school?" Draco drawled.

"Mr. Malfoy, I would ask that you be polite to the other students, at least while you are in my presence."

"Yes, Sir." Draco scowled.

Dinner was amazing, as always at Hogwarts.

After the meal, Dawn went out for a walk around the snowy grounds, Draco went back to the dungeons, and Harry climbed the stairs to Gryffindor tower.

He was curled up on one of the couches in the Gryffindor common room, enjoying the peace and quiet. He stared into the fire, thinking about his life.

It sucked.

A lot.

Since he had become 'The Boy Who Lived' again, instead of 'The Boy Who Lied', everyone had been worshipping him. Not that he minded being worshipped, mind you, it was just...

He wanted to be just a normal teen, and do normal teen things.

'Like have crushes on girls?'

Stupid inner voice. But it was true. He was 16, and all the witches were flocking to him, except the one he wanted.

Hell, even Cho was flirting with him again.

But, typical glutton for punishment that he was, he had managed to develop the biggest crush in the world on the one person that made the least sense.

Harry Potter was head over heels for Dawn Summers-Snape. The muggle transfer student who had just started this year. And the daughter of the potions professor.

He adored her quirky little eccentricities, and the way she lived her life to the fullest. She made no attempt to fit in, wearing muggle clothes much of the time, sometimes even without wearing her robes too, as she had done today at supper. He loved the way she spoke her mind, how once she had befriended someone, she stuck up for them, no matter what. She had made friends with many Ravenclaws, the only house that didn't despise her out of principle. She was kind, loyal, brave, the epitome of a true Gryffindor.

But she was Snape's daughter.

He heard screaming coming from the grounds. Without thinking, he grabbed his broom from his trunk, opened his window, and zoomed toward the source of the screaming.

Dawn was backing away from a thestral, screaming her head off and holding her knee gingerly.


She limped towards him.

"Stop screaming, its okay, it won't hurt you."

"But it's gross, and icky, and..." she shuddered.

He stepped close to her, and wrapped his arm around her, in what he hoped was a comforting fashion.

"Come on, lets go back to the school." he led her, his arm still wrapped around her

"But what was that thing?"

"A thestral. A horse, sort of. Most people can't see them."

"But you can?"


"And I can? Why?"

"You can only see them if you've seen someone die."

"So you...?"

"I'm surprised you haven't heard already. When Voldemort came back, he stole me and a friend from the school. He killed my friend."

They reached the door.

It was opened by the Headmaster.

"Everything all right?"

"Yes Headmaster. Dawn here just had a scare with some thestrals."

"Ah. I don't think your knee is bad enough to need to see Madame Pomfrey Miss Summers. I know how you do not like magical healing very much. Clean it up and you should be fine."

"Thank you Headmaster. I had forgotten all about my knee"

"What happened?" Harry asked, as they walked up the stair to the Gryffindor dormitories.

"I tripped, and skinned my knee on a rock."


"You're probably wondering who I saw die, right?"

"Well, yeah."

"My sister." she said quietly.

Harry told the Fat Lady the password, and the door to the Gryffindor common room sprung open.

Harry and Dawn both gasped.

The room was decorated merrily in red, gold, and green. It was very festive and merry.

A large banner hung over the fireplace. It read:

Have a very Harry Christmas.

Harry pulled the door shut behind them and sighed.


"Yes Mister Harry?"

The offending house help popped out from behind a door, carrying a tray.

"The headmaster said you might need these." He placed the tray on a table near one of the couches. It held muggle first-aid supplies: Band-Aids, neosporin, a small pan of water, soap, a wash cloth, a towel, etc.

Harry helped Dawn to the couch. He knelt down by her knee and started to lift her skirt. He ignored her protestations with a wave of her hand.

"Let me help. You were saying about your sister?" He dipped the washcloth in the water and began to gently clean her knee. The scrape was deep, and probably quite painful. He wondered why she didn't just let Madame Pomfrey heal it for her.

"My sister was a slayer."

"A what?"

"A vampire slayer. One girl in all the muggle world, chosen to fight vampires, demons, etc. She saved the world a bunch of times, she was amazing. My savior. But last year, something new, something that even she had never heard of, showed up. A hell-goddess. Looking for me."


"Dunno. Ouch!"

"Sorry." Harry knew she was leaving something out, but that was okay. He didn't tell everyone everything. Even Ron and Hermione didn't know about what the prophecy Dumbledore had heard said.

He tried to clean the wound more gently, trying no to hurt her. He finished cleaning the scrape and began to apply the Neosporin.

"She needed a blood sacrifice, to go back to her own world. Lucky me, I got the job. Once my blood was flowing, the only way to stop the portal to her world, and every other world, from opening was to stop the flow of blood. She jumped, she died, so I wouldn't have to."

"Seems we have more in common than I thought."

She looked at him questioningly.

"Family members sacrificing themselves for us. I'm sure you've heard my story over and over, with your father being who he is."

"Actually, I had to look you up in Great Wizards of the Twentieth Century, I wondered who you were, this guy that had my dad scowling every time he heard the name. Dumbledore hinted for me to look at the book."

Harry laughed. He put a large Band-Aid on her knee, and smoothed her skirt over it.

Dobby appeared suddenly, and took the tray away.

Harry got up, and sat beside Dawn on the couch.

Dawn stood up quickly. "You were raised muggle, right?"


"You wanna watch a movie? I have a tv set and dvd player rigged up in the girls dorm."

"That'd be cool, but it wouldn't work. There's a barrier, keeps boys from going into the girls dorms."

Dawn smirked evilly.

"Come on." she grabbed his hand and dragged him out of the common room, and down the hall.

"Where are we going?"

"Secret passage. My dad had it made, so I can go straight to his rooms from my dorm, if I need him. I figure that they didn't put any enchantments on it, since he's able to come in and out."

Harry shuddered at the thought of Snape going in and out of Hermione's dorm room.

He followed her through an endless maze of dungeons, before they stopped in front of a door.

Harry gulped. "Wait. We have to go through his rooms?"

"Well, yeah."

"If Snape catches me..."

"You're dead. Me too, actually. I am, and I quote, 'Forbidden to get anywhere near that abominal Potter boy.'"

Harry laughed at Dawn's impersonation of Snape. The accent was almost dead on, and the snarl was pretty close.

"He's gone out being all double agent guy, won't be back for at least a week, if not more. We're safe."

Still, Harry's heart pounded as Dawn said the password, pushed the door open, and motioned him to follow her.

They walked through the sitting room, decorated in green and silver, of course, over to the fire place. On one side it was a picture of a snake, on the other, a picture of a lion.

"The snake sends him to the Slytherin common room. The lion goes to my room." She grabbed his hand and tapped the lion.

He felt a sensation much like a port-key, then he was in a room that greatly resembled his own, but with a feminine touch, posters of male models, wizard and muggle, makeup tables, etc. Dawn pulled him over to the corner, where there was bed set away from the others. The wall was decorated with muggle pictures, some with her in them, some of smiling people a few years older than her. There were many pictures of her with a blonde, he assumed that it was her sister. Across from the bed, was a tv.

"So what do you want to watch?" She sat down on the bed and gestured for him to sit next to her. "How about Ten Things I Hate About You?"

Harry agreed, not wanting to admit that he had not seen many muggle movies, only a few, when Mrs. Figg had been busy, Dudley had wanted to see the latest flick, and the Dursleys had been afraid that he would trash the house he they left him behind.

Dawn was glad she had seen the movie so many times, because she barely watched any of it, much happier to just sit with Harry, concentrating on the arm that had snaked around her shoulder.

Harry had to admit that he really didn't see much of the movie, not that he really cared, it seemed much more of a girl movie, something he had heard Hermione refer to as a "Chick Flick" before. He had spent most of the time sneaking glances at Dawn. Fairly early into the movie, he had moved, as if to get more comfortable, and put his arm around her. She had snuggled closer to him as the movie progressed, so now, as the credit rolled, they were quite close.

She turned to face him, and her face was inches from his.

Impulsively, he leaned in and kissed her. She kissed him back, and soon they were snogging as if their lives depended on it.

Suddenly Christmas alone at Hogwarts didn't seem bad at all.
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